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  1. Powerbuilt 4000 lb.  Triple Lift Floor Jack 620422

    Powerbuilt 4000 lb. Triple Lift Floor Jack 620422


    The one floor jack that easily lifts cars, trucks, motorcycles and ATVs. The Powerbuilt Triple Lift jack slashes the expense and hassle of purchasing, maintaining and storing multiple jacks and jack stands. It is the one jack that easily lifts almost anything with wheels, and works on vehicle transmissions and differentials too. The secret to the Triple Lift is the patented design that features both a removable lift saddle and padded lift rails. This flexible design allows the Triple Lift to adapt to multiple types of vehicle frames. A locking safety bar holds the jack in place once the vehicle is raised, which eliminates the hassle of supporting a lifted vehicle with jack stands. Lift Range: 5-1/2 in. to 17-1/2 in.


    • Lift Range: 5-1/2 in. to 17-1/2 in.
    • Lifts cars, trucks, ATVs, dirt bikes and street bikes with exposed frame rails beneath engine/gearbox
    • Locking bar secures jack in lifted position, eliminating the need for a jackstand
    • Padded rails and removable saddle for versatility
    • Welded tie-down loops for securing motorcycles
    • 4,000 lb. capacity
    • Meets or exceeds ANSI specifications
    • One year warranty
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  2. Tool Shed 440 Lb Electric Hoist EH440

    Tool Shed 440 Lb Electric Hoist EH440


    When you are in need of a tool to do all the heavy lifting for you give the Tool Shed electric hoist a try. This hoist is a perfect addition to your tool kit and is great for using around your home or workshop. Tool Shed's electric hoist features a durable, heavy-duty braided steel cable, double and single hook capabilities(33 ft cable when used in single hook mode, 16.5 ft cable when used in double hook mode), mounting brackets and pulley hooks, and an emergency stop switch for added safety. This electric hoist offers great power thanks to a 460W motor. The Tool Shed electric hoist is great for use in auto shop garages for vehicle repairs and it can also be an extra hand for lifting those heavy holiday decorations back into the attic until next season. The Tool Shed electric hoist is a customer favorite and it's not hard to see why, this hoist is a hard-working machine sure to last for years to come.

    The Tool Shed 440 lb. Electric Hoist is ideal for the workshop, garage, house, and garden!

    Product Features:

    • Ideal for workshop, garage, house, garden, etc.
    • With emergency stop switch and upper limit switch
    • Durable braided steel cable
    • Alternatively double-hook and single-hook use
    • Mounting brackets and pulley hook included


    Voltage 120V
    Motor 460W
    Single Hook Weight Capacity  220 lbs.
    Double Hook Weight Capacity  440 lbs.
    Single Hook Length 33 ft.
    Double Hook Length 16.5 ft.
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  3. Hi-Lift Jack Co. All-Cast 48 in. Jack HL-48

    Hi-Lift Jack Co. All-Cast 48 in. Jack HL-48

    From: $69.99

    The Hi-Lift Jack Company offers the only all-cast jack manufactured in the world today. Our casting jack is manufactured from high yield and tensile strength iron castings, the same durable metal that we have used for over 100 years.

    • All-Cast Construction
    • 7000lb (3175.14kg) Tested Capacity
    • 48" (122 cm)
    • Lifts, Winches, Clamps, & More
    • Most Durable Design

    Colors Available:

    • Black
    • Red
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  4. SMV Industries 15" Side Wind Tube Implement Jack 15-TS

    SMV Industries 15" Side Wind Tube Implement Jack 15-TS

    Inner & Outer Tubes

    Engineered for strength and durability with a tube overlap at extension of 3" for 10" travel jacks and 5" for 15" travel jacks.

    Standard Finish

    Zinc chromate on the inner tube and black powder coat or royal zinc finish on the outer tube. Other finish options are available.

    Welded Footplate

    4" x 7 1/2" on 2,250 lb. Jacks, and 6" x 8" on 5,000 lb. jacks

    Flange Mount

    Features single pull pin snap ring mount and flange plate on 2,250 lb. Jacks. Double pull pin bolt on mount and flange plate on 5,000 lb. jacks.

    Tube Mount

    Features 360 degree seam welded tube with four 90 degree locking positions. Unique double lock hitch pin assembly includes 5/8" plated pin. Heavy duty 2" internal mounting tube is included.

    Product Features
    • 2250 lb. load capacity
    • 1 year warranty with SMV
    • Side Wind Handle
    • 14 7/8" Retacted - 29 7/8" Extended
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  5. Tarter John Deere 3' Fire Ring JDFR3

    Tarter John Deere 3' Fire Ring JDFR3


    Product Features:

    • Perfect for fire containment and safety at campsite
    • Keeps embers hot extending fire burn time
    • 12″ tall design to accommodate more wood
    • Constructed from galvanized metal for extended life
    • Measures 3′ diameter with smooth rolled top
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  6. Pro-Lift 30 Ton Bottle Jack B-033NC

    Pro-Lift 30 Ton Bottle Jack B-033NC


    Whether you operate a busy auto shop or a large family farm you almost certainly will need a bottle jack to help with your heavy lifting. Or maybe you're a do-it-yourselfer and want to keep one around your home garage for vehicle repairs. The Pro-Lift bottle jack is sure to be a constant workhorse for you. It weighs a mere 35 lbs but has a lift capacity of a whopping 30 tons! That is outstanding! Another great feature of a bottle jack is its ability to garnish more lift per stroke than a typical jack due to its increased leverage. The Pro-Lift bottle jack features a patented design and an adjustable saddle allowing you to set the ideal position for the lift. It is constructed of durable steel for added load security and peace of mind that when in use it won't budge. It features adjustable screws to reach the intended work height and the stress areas have been heat treated offering extended life of the jack. The Pro-Lift bottle jack also offers a convenient carrying handle and meets the latest ANSI/PALD standards.

    • Steel lifting saddle engineered to hold load securely
    • Extension screw adjusts to accommodate desired work height
    • Built-in bypass system protects against ram over-travel
    • Heat treated critical stress areas ensure long life performance
    • Carrying handle for user convenience
    • Designed to meet the latest ANSI/PALD Standards
    • Idea for auto, truck service, farm and shop use
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  7. Hi-Lift Jack Co. Off-Road Kit ORK

    Hi-Lift Jack Co. Off-Road Kit ORK


    Use the Off-Road Kit to turn your Hi-Lift Jack into an even more versatile tool. This kit keeps all of the needed parts for winching at arms reach.

    Off-Road Kit Includes:

    • 1 - Winch Tensioner
    • 1 - Custom Nose Attachment
    • 1 - 8ft. Tree Saver Strap
    • 1 - Pair/Hi-Lift Gloves
    • Hardware & Gear Bag
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  8. Hi-Lift Jack Co. 36 in. All-Cast Jack HL-364

    Hi-Lift Jack Co. 36 in. All-Cast Jack HL-364


    Hi-Lift Cast and Steel Jacks have four stamped high-strength steel parts in combination with the cast parts. The top winch connector clamp is supplied standard with all Hi Lift jacks and each jack is fitted with a safety shear bolt which prevents the jack from being used on loads greater than 7000 pounds.

    • Color: Black
    • Top winch-connector clamp standard on all jacks
    • Powder coated finish with zinc-plated hardware
    • Safe use information including rated load details and operating instructions
    • Two piece handle and socket is durable and reliable

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  9. Detail K2 C15000 NW 15,000 lb. Hydraulic Winch w/ Balance Valve 15NWSHY-CAD

    Detail K2 C15000 NW 15,000 lb. Hydraulic Winch w/ Balance Valve 15NWSHY-CAD


    Compact, tough. A hydraulic winch for industrial and commercial applications. The special heat treated planetary gearing system combined with a highly efficient and powerful hydraulic motor ensures maximum performance over the full load range. Complete with internal brake to ensure maximum control and load holding.

    Standard Accessories:

    • 0.5 inch x 82 ft Steel Cable
    • Balance Valve
    • 1/2 Hook
    • Tensioner included

    Outstanding Features:

    • Patented Heavy Duty Gearing
    • Integral, Automatic Failsafe Brake
    • Spring Engaged Manual Freespool
    • Rugged and Compact for Long Life
    • Meets the requirements of EN 14492.1
    Rated Line Pull   15,000 lbs (6810 kg)
    Max Line Pull 17,500 lbs (7954 kg)  
    Motor Hydraulic Dis 160 mL/r   
    Gearing 17.2:1
    Drum Size (Dia x L)   5" x 10.6" L
    Cable (Dia x L) 0.5" x 82' L
    Dimensions 28.2" x 11.1" x 12"
    Weight 176 lb
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  10. Hi-Lift Jack Co. First Responder 48 in. Extrication Jack FR-485

    Hi-Lift Jack Co. First Responder 48 in. Extrication Jack FR-485


    The tool of choice for Extrication, Heavy Rescue, Forcible Entry, RIT/RIC, procedures as well as Stabilization and Shoring. Firefighter-designed, the First Responder Jack is constructed of steel, cast iron, and high-strength aluminum, and available in 36", 48", and 60" sizes. It offers up to 4660 lb. of leveraging, lifting, and winching options.

    No other rescue tool is as easy to use, dependable, visible, and versatile -- giving it unlimited potential at a fraction of the cost of other expensive rescue tools. The First Responder Jack offers the same spreading and ramming options used in extrication as the expensive hydraulic tools at a fraction of the cost. It requires no fuel or power, which makes it ideal for remote access with limited resources, and USAR applications in all types of disasters. From being first on-scene at a rural accident to deploying RIT for a firefighter down during a structure fire, or searching for victims at the largest of incidents, there is no tool in the fires service that offers more versatility than the First Responder Jack.

    Jack Features:

    • Removable top clamp-clevis attachment is rated to the full capacity of the jack for winching, clamping and spreading.
    • Durable powder-coated bright yellow main components with fire red actuating pieces.
    • Safe Use Information including rated load details and operating instructions.
    • Aggressive 36 sq. inch base provides a safe and effective platform, while offering a wide array of rescue options that encompass; cribbing, chains, straps, and has a 360 degree pinnable rotation platform.
    • Luminescent features for use in IDLH and low light atmospheres.


    Size 48" 122 cm
    Min. Lift Height  6.75" 17.14 cm
    Max. Light Height  38.63" 98.12 cm
    Overall Height 50.75" 128.91 cm   
    Width 5" 12.7 cm
    Depth 9.63" 24.46 cm
    Rated Load (RL) 4660 lbs 2113 kg
    Tested Load (TL) 7000 lbs 3175 kg
    Winching Capacity  7000 lbs 3175 kg
    Clamping Capacity     7000 lbs     3175 kg
    Weight 30.2 lbs 13.70 kg
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