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  1. Tarp 6x8

    Tarp 6x8

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  2. S.M.V. All Purpose Tarp 8' x 10'

    S.M.V. All Purpose Tarp 8' x 10'


    Ideal for farming, recreation, construction, transportations, and storage.


    • Reinforced Corners
    • Rust Resistant Grommets Every 3 ft.
    • Light Weight
    • Rope-Lined Edge/Heat Sealed Seams
    • Water and Mildew Resistant
    • 8 ft. x 10 ft.
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  3. Tarp 12x16

    Tarp 12x16

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  4. Tarp 5x7

    Tarp 5x7

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  5. Tool Shed Black and Silver Tarp 20X30 SB

    Tool Shed Black and Silver Tarp 20X30 SB


    If you own expensive machinery, you understand how important it is to protect it. Harmful UV rays can damage paint on vehicles, tractors, etc. With Rural King's tarps, you can forget worrying about the sun damaging your equipment. These silver tarps are treated with uv protection on both sides so that they will reflect all sunlight that they come in contact with. They are fitted with holes on each corner of the tarp so that you can easily thread rope through them and attach the tarp snugly around your equipment. This specific tarp is big too! Measuring 20x30 feet, this will fit over very large items. Want to stay cool during a camping trip or outdoor party? Throw the tarp over your tent or enclosure to keep harmful UV rays out. The tarp is double stitched so there will be no concern that the tarp will come undone, or rip. So get yourself a today and protect your expensive equipment or shade yourself from the sun.

    Product features

    • Strong 5 layer reinforced corners
    • Black and Silver Poly Tarp
    • High Density 6 oz. UV Resistant Fabric & Both sides UV treated
    • Aluminum grommets every 3 ft.
    • Double layer hem with 3/16" rope & heat sealed seams
    • Water Resistant
    • Heavy duty plastic with a high density weave
    • 20x30 feet
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  6. Tool Shed Black and Silver Tarp 16X20 SB

    Tool Shed Black and Silver Tarp 16X20 SB


    Protect your equipment, vehicles, and yard furnishings all year round with the Tool Shed Black and Silver Tarp. This large tarp measures 16 feet by 20 feet. The black side blocks sunlight and ultraviolet rays. The silver side reflects sunlight.

    Tool Shed's 16x20 black and silver tarp is strong and protective. This heavy duty 10 mil tarp is made of densely woven polyethylene fiber, with a thread count of 14 x 14 per square inch. The double stitched, heat sealed seams prevent tearing. Rust-resistant grommets are installed every 36 inches around the hem to use for securing the tarp.

    Feel secure using this tarp all year round. Both sides are treated with UV inhibitors to give this tarp the most resistance to sun fade and destruction. This Tool Shed tarp is water and mildew resistant and also resists cracking in cold weather.

    Finished sizes are 5 to 7 inches smaller than listed due to hem allowance.

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  7. Tarp 20x40

    Tarp 20x40

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  8. Tarp 30x40

    Tarp 30x40

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  9. Tarp 20x30

    Tarp 20x30

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  10. Tarp 16x20

    Tarp 16x20

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