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Adhesives - Caulkings

Adhesives - Caulkings

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  1. Sand  Silica

    Sand Silica

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  2. Caulk Clear 100% Silicone Red Devil

    Caulk Clear 100% Silicone Red Devil


    100% Silicone Sealant is a superior quality, multi-purpose formula that provides long-lasting, weather-resistant seals. It offers excellent adhesion, flexibility and durability and can be used on a variety of surfaces indoors or outdoors.

    Adheres To:

    Aluminum, Ceramic Tile, Glass, Porcelain, Fiberglass, Vinyl, Plastic

    Use On: 

    Window and Door Frames, Skylights, Aluminum Siding, Trim, Gutters, Vents, Pipes, Air Conditioners


    • Forms a Water-Resistant Seal
    • Maximum Flexibility
    • Excellent Adhesion To Many Surfaces
    • Not Paintable
    • Solvent Clean Up
    • Interior/Exterior Use
    • Will Not Crack, Shrink or Peel
    • 50 Year Limited Warranty

    Product Details: 9 fl. oz. (266 ml)
    Color: Clear
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  3. Sashco Through the Roof Clear Waterproof Sealant SA14010

    Sashco Through the Roof Clear Waterproof Sealant SA14010

    Regular Price: $5.99

    Special Price: $4.99

    Through the Roof! is a clear roof repair sealant that provides a flexible, watertight seal to immediately stop leaks. It can be applied in standing water and freezing temperatures. Through the Roof! is ideal for any rooftop fixture and sticks to almost any surface.

    Product Features:

    • Stops and prevents roof leaks
    • Expands and contracts with temperature changes
    • Won't dry hard or crack
    • Lasts 20 times longer than asphalt
    • Excellent UV resistance
    • Meets FHA requirements and ASTM C794
    • Application Range: Surface temp of 0° to 120°F (-18° to 49°C)
    • Service Range: -25° to 180°F (-34° to 82°C)
    • Fully cured in 1-2 weeks
    • Paintable after 1 week

    Can be used to repair or seal:

    • Galvanized metal and aluminum flashing
    • PVC and ABS vent pipe
    • Skylights
    • Gutters and downspouts
    • Ductwork and vents
    • Chimneys, brick, block, mortar
    • Shingles, shakes, tiles
    • Asphalt roof cement, acrylic roof coatings
    • Cement, slate, and other roof tiles
    • And much, much more!

    Product Storage and Cleanup:

    • Clean tools and unwanted surface spills with mineral spirits
    • Clean hands with citrus-based hand cleaners
    • To store, wrap nozzle tightly with plastic wrap and a rubber band
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  4. Flex Seal Black FSR20 Liquid Rubber Sealant & Coating 14 oz

    Flex Seal Black FSR20 Liquid Rubber Sealant & Coating 14 oz


    it! Ideal for gutters, roofs, pipes, driveways, window trim, fountains, flower pots and more. You've seen the commercial with the bottom of a boat cut out and replaced with a screen door coated with Flex Seal. Consumer Reports tested and confirmed it!

    Make a watertight, flexible rubberized coating in seconds with the shake of a can and the push of a button. Flex Seal seals, coats, and protects almost anything.

    Flex Seal gets deep into cracks and holes and creates a seal to lock out moisture and air that lasts for years. Use on any surface, Flex Seal is paintable. Even works on a wet surface!

    So many applications, you'll want to keep a can in the garage, car RV and boat.

    • Variable pressure nozzle allows for light or heavy application.
    • Dries to the touch in several hours,
    • completely cures overnight.
    • 20 ounce can
    • 14oz net weight
    • Made in USA

    UPS Ground or Freight only.

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  5. Tool Shed Super Glue - 4 Pack SG4PK

    Tool Shed Super Glue - 4 Pack SG4PK


    This is a single-component cyanoacrylate monomer in the liquid state capable of extremely rapid polymerization between adherent surfaces, resulting in extremely strong and structural bonds at room temperature. This instant adhesive will, with only normal surface preparation, bond all materials commonly used in the engineering industry, except polyethylene, polypropylene, Teflon, and very porous surfaces which require special treatment.

    Product Features:

    • Bonds rubber, metal, glass, plastics, ceramics, and wood almost instantly!
    • Super strong cyanoacrylate adhesive
    • Applicator tops
    • Hardens in 3 seconds
    • Tubes are .07 oz (2g) each
    • 4 Pack



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  6. Sand  Natural Fine Play

    Sand Natural Fine Play

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  7. Gorilla Glue Epoxy 4200102

    Gorilla Glue Epoxy 4200102


    Gorilla takes epoxy to a new level, the Gorilla tough level. Easy to dispense, and use, Gorilla Epoxy brings a strong, long-lasting bond for household and automotive repairs, alike. The two-part, gap-filling formula easily bonds steel, aluminum, wood, ceramic, tile and much more.

    • Gorilla Strong - inredible performance for the toughest jobs
    • Dries Crystal Clear - ideal for clean, easy finishing
    • 5-Minute Set - plenty of repositioning time for the perfect fit
    • Gap Filling - fills voids and bonds uneven and vertical surfaces
    • Superior Water Resistant - withstands moderate exposure to water
    • Easy-To-Use Syringe - separate barrels of resin and hardener keep epoxy from hardening, plus syringe dispenses evenly and includes a cap for multiple uses
    • Solvent Resistant - will not break down from exposure to common solvents
    • Low VOC and Non-Toxic Once Cured - safe for everyday handling


    Color Clear
    Set Time 5 minutes
    Clamp Time 30 minutes
    Full Cure 24 hours
    Bond Strength 3300 PSI
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  8. Flex Seal Brite White FSR20 Liquid Rubber Sealant & Coating 14 oz

    Flex Seal Brite White FSR20 Liquid Rubber Sealant & Coating 14 oz


    The easy way to coat, seal and protect - just spray it on. Watertight liquid rubber sealant seeps into cracks and holes to seal out air and moisture. Excellent for gutters, skylights, hoses, window sills, PVC pipes and much more. Flex Seal Brite/Bright/White.


    • Spray-on sealant
    • Seeps into cracks and holes to seal out air and moisture
    • Long-lasting, paintable and flexible
    • 20 ounce Can 14oz net.weight
    • Made in USA

    This product cannot go expedited shipping, must go UPS Ground or Freight.

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  9. Thompsons WaterSeal Clear Multi-Surface Waterproofer Aerosol

    Thompsons WaterSeal Clear Multi-Surface Waterproofer Aerosol


    For multi-surface waterproofing of small projects, Thompson's® WaterSeal® Clear Multi-Surface Waterproofer is also available in a convenient aerosol.

    Key Features

    • Prevents water damage.
    • Beads & waterproofs.
    • Allows wood to gray naturally.
    • Exceeds all federal waterproofing standards for wood, concrete and brick:
      • Wood: exceeds industry standard ASTM D-4446 for waterproofing wood.
      • Concrete: exceeds federal specification TT-C-555B for resistance to wind-driven rain.
      • Brick: exceeds federal specification SS-W-110C for water repellency on brick.
    • Use on: terra cotta planters, birdhouses, mailbox posts, small exterior surfaces.
    • Use when mildew/biological factors are not a problem.
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  10. Shoe GOO 3.7oz Clear

    Shoe GOO 3.7oz Clear


    Shoe Goo 110012 3.7 oz. Shoe Goo Features: 

    • For athletic shoe repair at home overnight 
    • Ideal for worn soles 
    • 3.7 oz 
    • Shoe repair and protective coating
    • Use for a variety of shoe repairs & as a coating
    • Repairs shoe and leather items
    • Seal rubber boots, galoshes, and waders
    • Repair damaged heels or secure loose insoles
    • Coat & protect shoes from premature wear
    • Coat skateboards for extra traction
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