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Pumps - Accessories

Pumps - Accessories

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  1. Delavan 1.0GPM 40PSI Demand Pump 2200-201

    Delavan 1.0GPM 40PSI Demand Pump 2200-201



    Motor Type: 12 VDC permanent magnet, thermally protected, splashproof

    2200-1: 18 AWG, 9” long
    2200-2/2200-3: 18 AWG, 4.5” long with 2-pin connector

    Duty Cycle: Intermittent

    Materials of Construction

    Motor Housing: Nylon 6/6

    Pump Housing: Polypropylene

    Valves: Viton

    Diaphragm: Santoprene

    Fasteners: Stainless steel and zinc plated



    Type: 2 chamber positive displacement diaphragm pump, self priming, capable of being run dry

    Max Recommended Temperature: 110°F (43°C)

    Priming Capabilities:
    4 feet (1.2 m) suction lift

    Max Pressure: 40 PSI (2.8 bar)

    Pressure Demand Switch:
    Shut-Off: 40 ±5 PSI (2.8 ±0.3 bar) factory setting
    Turn-On: 25 ±5 PSI (1.7 ±0.3 bar)
    factory setting

    Inlet/Outlet Ports: 3⁄8” hose barb

    Weight: 1.25 lbs (.57 kg)

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  2. Fimco High Flo 1.0 Gpm Sprayer Pump 5275086

    Fimco High Flo 1.0 Gpm Sprayer Pump 5275086

    • 12 volt diaphragm pump
    • 1.0 GPM
    • 35 PSI Max Pressure
    • 4 Amp Draw
    • Ready for Roundup
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  3. PlumbStar 18" Sump/Sewage Basin Cover PSU1018

    PlumbStar 18" Sump/Sewage Basin Cover PSU1018


    Product Features:

    • Fits 18" diameter basin
    • Made from rugged structural polyethylene
    • Made in the USA


    • Discharge grommets 1-1/2" and 2"
    • Vent grommets 2" and 3"
    • Power cord grommet
    • 4" inlet hub
    • Roll of gasket tape
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A pump moves fluids, such as gases, slurries, and liquids. Pumps work in many different ways, such as manually, via electricity, wind power, and engines. These pumps are used for different reasons.

They are used to pump water from wells, filtering ponds, and aquariums, in vehicles, such as water pumps, and pumps for moving gas and oil through your vehicle. They are also used for getting water out of basements, and many more reasons.

Rural King has many different types and brands of pumps and accessories available. The Pacer Pumps S Series 2" U-Curve 5.5 Honda GX Engine Drive Pump is a self-priming centrifugal pump that is lightweight and chemically resistant for general service on water, salt water, waste water, and mild acids. You can choose a Briggs & Stratton, LCT and Honda, and they can be bought as electric, gas, or hydraulic powered.

If you need a sump pump, we offer the Wayne cast iron submersible sump pump with tether float switch. Demand Pumps are also available, as well as pedestal sump pumps and many more. No matter what type of pump you need you can find it at your local store or online.