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Hobart Airforce 250ci Light Weight Plasma Cutter with Air Compressor 500534

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Hobart Airforce 250ci Light Weight Plasma Cutter with Air Compressor 500534

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Need to cut steel? Thinking about an oxy acetylene cutting torch to do the job? Consider a plasma cutter. This simple technology uses an electrical arc and compressed air to cut steel, aluminum, and other conductive metals.

Designed to cut up to 1/4" mild steel, the AirForce™ 250ci is powered by standard household current (115 VAC). A built-in air compressor and lightweight inverter power supply make this plasma cutter the most convenient, totally portable cutting system available. The AirForce™ 250ci excels at cutting sheet metal and 1/8" mild steel, and can even sever 1/4" steel.

Compared to the complexities of an oxy fuel cutting torch system, plasma cutting is easy:

  • Cuts faster than oxy fuel
  • More precise cut, thinner kerf, less slag to clean up
  • Smaller heat-affected zone for less warping
  • No gas pressure settings or flame tuning needed
  • No preheating of metal prior to cutting
  • No pressurized gas cylinders to transport
  • No worries about running out of gas on the job
  • No expense for gas refills... ever

The AirForce™ 250ci comes ready to cut out of the box, with extra replacement tips and a convenient cable management strap for easy transportation. Just pull the trigger and cut.


  • New Inverter Design - Powerful cutting ability at half the weight of prior model (AirForce 250A). Weighs only 27 lbs.
  • Built-in Air Compressor - Internal piston-driven air compressor makes the system highly portable. No additional compressor to purchase or transport. Pressure is preset... ready to cut, right out of the box.
  • New Ergonomic Torch - The new HP-25 torch is designed for increased comfort, more efficient cooling and economical replacement cutting tips.
  • Powered by 120V, 20 amp Circuit - Runs on standard household power. No need for 230 volt hookup by utility company.
  • Post-flow Air Cooling - Cools the torch and tip after cutting, extending life of replaceable tip and electrode.
  • Fan-On-Demand - Runs only when needed reducing dust/debris pulled into unit.
  • Diagnostic Lights - LED lights indicate system status for power, temperature, and torch readiness eliminating unnecessary downtime.
  • Thermal Overload Protection - Built to withstand tough working environments. Rated for 35% duty cycle at 104° Fahrenheit. Duty cycle will increase as environmental temperature decreases.
  • Cable Management Strap - Secures torch, work cable and power cord to make transporting easy and convenient.

Comes with:

  • Built-in piston-driven air compressor
  • HP-25 torch with 16.5 ft (5 m) lead and consumables
  • 16.5 ft (5 m) heavy duty work clamp
  • 7 ft (2.1 m) power cord with 115 VAC plug
Input Power:
  • 115 VAC, 20 amp circuit, single phase


  • Sheet Metal
  • HVAC
  • Auto Body
  • Farm/Ranch
  • Plumbing


  • Rated Output at 35% Duty Cycle: 12 A at 110 VDC
  • Max. Open-Circuit Voltage: 325 V
  • Amps Input at Rated Output, 60 Hz:
    • 120 V - 20
    • kVA - 2.4
    • kW - 2.0
  • Plasma Gas Flow/Pressure: Preset with Built-in Compressor
  • Dimensions:
    • H: 10 in (254 mm)
    • W: 7 1/2 in (191 mm)
    • D: 13 in (330 mm)
  • Net Weight: 250ci w/torch: 27 lb (12.3 kg)
  • Ship weight: 30 lb (13.6 kg)
SKU 15240567
Model 500564
Weight 30.0000
Color No
Size No
Width No
In Store Only No
Price $749.99
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