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Home Improvement

Home Improvement

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  1. Kidde Talking Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm KN-COSM-B

    Kidde Talking Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm KN-COSM-B

    • Employs both smoke and carbon monoxide sensors.
    • Stand-alone battery operated alarm is easy to install throughout the home, as no wiring is needed.
    • Features a hush button to silence the alarm for non-emergency situations like a smoky dinner.
    • Voice alarm eliminates confusion and clearly warns of smoke/CO danger or low battery.
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  2. SecureIt Tactical Straight 6 Gun Safe Conversion Kit SEC-ST6-01

    SecureIt Tactical Straight 6 Gun Safe Conversion Kit SEC-ST6-01


    Convert any traditional safe, locking cabinet, or secured area to store 6 modern sporting rifles and/or classic long guns at a fixed level on their barrel, rail, or magwell with military precision. With the Straight 6, the upper saddle mounts directly to the back of your safe or cabinet.

    Product Features:

    • 1 Straight Saddle - adjusts vertically to support long guns at the same level of their barrel, rail, or magwell (17.75" w x 4.75" D)
    • 3 Base Units- interlocking base supports the stock of any long gun within a tiered channel. Each 6" W x 10" D base supports the butt stock of any 2 firearms
    • Made in the USA
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  3. Monkey Bars Storage 4 Pair Cross Country Ski Rack MB-13

    Monkey Bars Storage 4 Pair Cross Country Ski Rack MB-13


    The Monkey Bars Storage 4 Cross Country Ski Rack MB-13 by Monkey Bars is perfect for families. This wall mounted ski rack holds 4 pairs of cross country skis and poles securely and makes organizing skis simple and efficient. The Cross Country Ski Rack mounts to the wall in just 15 minutes and can be mounted in a garage, shed, shop, closet, basement, or retail shop. The storage rack is made with powder coated industrial steel. The hooks snap tightly to the Monkey Bar and slide along the Monkey Bar, making it the most versatile ski rack on the market. This ski rack can be used for all sizes and styles of cross county skis. The hooks are made with a polyurethane cover to protect skis while on the ski rack. Purchase your Cross Country Ski Rack today and see for yourself how easy it is to organize your cross country skis


    2 - Single Bar Brackets

    1 - 51" Monkey Bar

    4 - 6" Narrow Hooks

    4 - Rubber Straps

    4 - 2" Wood Screws

    4 - Washers

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  4. Jaken 16X30 400 lb. Cap.Steel Service Cart 220-CSK1

    Jaken 16X30 400 lb. Cap.Steel Service Cart 220-CSK1


    The durable steel service cart is made from thick 18 gauge steel.  

    Product Features:

    • Deluxe powder coated gray finish
    • High capacity 5" caster wheels
    • Easy to assemble.
    • Holds up to 400 lbs


    • Length (in.): 16"
    • Height (in.): 30"
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  5. Good Directions Bristol Mailbox 99919

    Good Directions Bristol Mailbox 99919


    Baked-on electrostatic powder coating on this classic mailbox ensures great looks and long life. Hand fabricated.

    Product Features:

    • Baked-on electrostatic powder coating
    • Hand fabricated
    • Dimensions: 10"H x 8"W x 21"D

    Colors Available:

    • Black
    • Dark Green
    • White
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  6. ShelterLogic Roll-up Door Kit 10077

    ShelterLogic Roll-up Door Kit 10077

    • Pull-EazeTM Roll-Up Door Kit delivers easy one pull access to your shelter.
    • Fits all double-zippered door fabric garages, sheds and shelters. Innovative concept quickly opens doors and stores them neatly when open through a simple pulley system.
    • High-quality solid steel roll up pocket pipe keeps cover tight and secure.
    • Marine-grade double wrapped nylon rope and sturdy pulley system with rugged tie down cleat stand up to the elements to get the job done.
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  7. ShelterLogic Evergreen Triangle Sun Shade Sail 12' x 12' 25724

    ShelterLogic Evergreen Triangle Sun Shade Sail 12' x 12' 25724


    The ShelterLogic 12ft. x 12ft. x 12ft. triangle sun shade sail is the do it yourself shade product that allows you to create your own unique shade design. Sun shade sails easily attach to any sturdy connection point to provide sun protection and personal design where you need it. Each sun shade sail is shipped ready to install and includes a basic hardware kit for easy attachment to the house, building, tree or post.

    Sun shade sails offer an excellent shade solution for backyard decks, patios, pools, play areas, camping, or any place shade is needed. Combine more than one Sun Shade Sail or mix shapes to create your own unique outdoor shade and living space.

    • Long life, 230 GSM, knitted polyethylene allows rain to pass through so water will not collect or pool
    • Advanced engineered fabric blocks 90 percent of harmful UVA and UVB rays yet is remarkably breathable allowing air to circulate
    • Reinforced, stitched corners with steel fittings attach quick and easy to mounting points
    • Basic install hardware kit includes rope, bolt, attachment hardware, and turnbuckle for each corner connection
    • Attaches quickly in just a few minutes
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  8. Monkey Bars Storage Small Horse Saddle Storage Rack MB-34

    Monkey Bars Storage Small Horse Saddle Storage Rack MB-34

    The Horse Saddle Rack from Monkey Bars is the industry’s most versatile saddle rack. It will hold English, Western, breezing, and racing saddles. This saddle holder will bring organization to any tack room, barn, or trailer. This wall saddle rack gives you the ability to store all of your equine gear in one place. Not only does this rack hold one saddle, it comes with hooks to hold bridles, ropes, lassos, leads, lariats, hackamores, halters, spurs, saddlebags, blankets, chaps, or a cowboy hat. The hooks slide easily across the Monkey Bar, allowing you to customize it to fit your needs. The saddle holders are designed to keep the shape and form of your saddle as it is stored. Each rack is made from the strongest and most durable materials. The Saddle Rack is made of industrial steel, allowing it to hold the heaviest saddle. The saddle rack system is powder coated which will never scratch or rust and the color will hide dust. Each hook is coated in rubber to protect your gear. All orders placed before 3 pm MST will be shipped out the same day. Saddle storage has never been easier. Learn More
  9. Wall Control Blue Panel Kitchen Pegboard Wall Organizer 30KTH200BU

    Wall Control Blue Panel Kitchen Pegboard Wall Organizer 30KTH200BU


    Kitchen pegboard storage and organization for pots pans and kitchen supplies, Wall Control's chic Kitchen Pegboard Pots and Pans Pegboard Organizer Storage and Organization Kit has your kitchen storage and organization needs covered. Wall Control combines the simplicity inspired by a classic pegboard storage and organization system with the modern touches of a high end kitchen by creating attractive wall mounted pegboard storage with strong and durable chic metal pegboard panels that will last a lifetime and are over 10 times stronger than conventional kitchen pegboard. Two 16in x 32in powder-coated metal pegboard panels combine for a total kitchen storage area of 32in x 32in, over 7 Square Feet of kitchen pegboard storage space and you can always add more kits to create a larger kitchen pegboard storage area. The pegboard panels offer both slots and holes to accept modern chic slotted tool board accessories as well as conventional 1/4in style peg board hooks making this pegboard extremely versatile by allowing for a wide range of kitchen pegboard hooks and supplies. The chic slotted tool board hooks included improve hook stability for more hassle free kitchen supplies storage and organization. Versatile, durable, and attractive metal pegboard panels are an easy-to-use kitchen supplies storage solution for kitchen utensils or pots and pans. The metal pegboard panels are easy to install into studs or walls and install in a matter of minutes. A built-in frame provides ample hook clearance and full access to all holes without requiring additional framework or using up pegboard holes for mounting. Mounting hardware is included. Wall Control Kitchen Pegboard Products are Made in USA. T

    Kit Includes:

    • (2) Blue Kitchen Pegboards 32in x 16in
    • (18) Assorted Kitchen Tool Board Hooks for organizing pots pans and kitchen supplies
    • Kitchen Supplies Not Included
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  10. ShelterLogic GrowIt Round Raised Bed Greenhouse 70617

    ShelterLogic GrowIt Round Raised Bed Greenhouse 70617


    Grow and protect plants with this raised bed greenhouse. The compact size and sturdy build makes it perfect for starting seeds and extending the growing season. Triple-layer, heat bonded ripstop translucent cover is waterproof and UV-treated inside and out. The cover provides enhanced illumination designed specifically for plant growth and protection. 1" / 2,5 cm high-grade steel frame with DuPont™ Premium powder coat finish resists chipping, peeling, rust and corrosion. Specially designed brackets eliminate measuring and allow mounting to any type of raised bed frame. Roll-up cover provides airflow and temperature control. Tension ropes hold the cover in any position from fully closed to fully open to allow desired flow. Tie wrap fasteners hold sides to frame.

    Product Features:

    • (1) 4 x 4 x 1 ft. 11 in. / 1,2 x 1,2 x 0,6 m 2 Rib All Steel Frame
    • (1) Translucent Polyethylene Cover
    • (2) Translucent Polyethylene Cover Side Covers
    • Complete Hardware Kit
    • Easy Step-by-Step Instructions
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