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King Kutter 5' Flex Hitch Rotary Kutter L-60-40-P-FH

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King Kutter 5' Flex Hitch Rotary Kutter L-60-40-P-FH

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KING KUTTERS PROFESSIONAL FLEX HITCH* ROTARY KUTTERS are the latest in Rotary Kutter innovation from King Kutter Inc. This rotary kutter features a Cat. 1 quick hitchable, flex hitch design, which is unlike any other on the market today. The unique hitch allows it to roll 15 Degrees up or down on the left or right side of the machine, which lets it follow the contours of your field like no rotary kutter before. Shown here with OPTIONAL front and rear chain guards. Another special features includes a sloped deck that sheds water and debris to prevent material from collecting on the deck. Whether mowing pastures, roadsides, parks, or easements, the King Kutter rotary kutter with Flex Hitch is the perfect kutter for you.

  • Cutting Width: 60"
  • Deck Thickness: 12 Ga.
  • Hitch Category: Cat.1

Picture shows optional chain guards, that may be purchased separately.

SKU 10820128
Model L-60-40-P-FH
Weight 610.0000
Color No
size No
Width No
In Store Only No
Price $949.99
Rural King provides a defect or damage warranty within 30 days of receipt. All Manufacturing Return Policies Supersede Rural King's Return Policy.
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Customer Reviews

good cutter Review by c k courtney

nice cutter for my 5 acres...........
the 5' is narrower than the tractor so it goes throe the gates......
haven't found a bad thing about it yet
it gives a good smooth cut..........we are cutting grass nothing
brushy or heavy.........
it does a good job on my small pasture........
still experimenting with ground speed and blade speed trying to
get the very best cut

(Posted on 6/10/2015)

vibrates very bad . was good for first week Review by jason

I would buy a hause again

(Posted on 9/27/2014)

Great mower for the price, but HEAVY Review by Clark Simpson

-reasonable price
-well built out of heavy steel
-works well with cat-1 quick hitch
-runs smooth and cuts beautifully (with good blades)
-lots of flexibility in the hitch system

-HEAVY, HEAVY, HEAVY! It'll give your 3-pt. an real workout. It's heavier than any other 5' mower I've ever run (but probably heavier built too)
-the front part of the skids could be wider

I run this behind an old Kubota L245-DT (25/22PTO HP). The tractor has plenty of power to run the mower under most any reasonable circumstances, but it takes just about everything the 3-pt. has to lift it and doesn't leave much weight on the front wheels. I've run a 4' Bush Hog and an old 5' Woods Dixie Cutter behind this tractor, and it never struggled to lift either of them, but this baby puts it to the test. The added length of the flex hitch and the quick hitch on the tractor surely don't help, but this is a heavy mower.

Otherwise, I've been real happy with it. I'm going on the 3rd year mowing with it, and I haven't had any problems at all. With new blades, it cuts almost like a finish mower.

(Posted on 6/15/2014)

Excellent cutter for the money Review by Hube

Used it to bush hog a 6 acre field with no problems. It cuts really well and runs smoothly. Built really well. Would agree with the other fellow here, had to change out the little pto shaft plastic guard chain "s" hooks they kept bending. Easy fix and a great cutter for 1/2 the price i was going to spend on a different brand name. Almost forgot i love the flex hitch too .

(Posted on 9/11/2012)

Very nice product Review by Wille

Purchased the KK Rotary Kutter Pro almost exactly a year ago. Love the flex hitch! Keeps it from digging up the yard as bad as it will just slide along until things level out a bit. the hitch also really lets it move around when crossing over a ditch with the tires which keeps thing from getting bent up and damaged. The rounded and sloped deck is a nice feature too, but it still has to be manually cleaned off because the grass and weeds still pile up on there and with rain will cause rust. It is a far cry better than my old flat top design though! Only tiny problem I have had is that I stepped onto the deck top and it popped in... took an hour to get it popped back up! It is a good thick guage of steel though. I weigh 250 and was standing on it while cleaning off the area around the gear box. Only other thing is the little chains on the driveshaft cover have really cheap hooks on them that will straighten out with just a bit of use... simple fix. The only things I would consider changing in this new design are: I'd put wider skids along the bottom of the side rails on this implement that is designed to ride the contours of the ground when needed, and spend a couple bucks on better hooks.
Overall a 4.8 out of 5!

(Posted on 7/16/2012)

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Q & A

Product Questions

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what is the horse power rating for the 60" kingkutter?
Where are these rotary cutters manufactured ?

Please be specific, for example: "parts made in China, assembled in USA" ? or wholly in China ? or wholly in USA ? etc.

Thanks, DTF

We ae getting a Rural King store just down the road in Front Royal, Va. Should
be open in the fall. Can't wait. Does this mower come with a stump jumper?
Do you have a front chain guard that will fit my County Line rotary mower? It is a five foot mower, the TSC number is 2127248.
do you carry the 5ft king kutter l-60-40-p-fh flex hitch / with slip clutch
Is this 60" cutter drive line sear pin or slip clutch?
What are the cutting variations? lowest to highest

Do you have delivery options?