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King Kutter 72" Rear Discharge Finishing Mower RSFM-72

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Customer Reviews

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Things you will need Review by Don Anderson

For receiving you will need a load dock or fork lift, for the shipper con-way (does not do residential deliveries)

Your King Kutter 72" Rear Discharge Finishing Mower, will arrive already dented and scratched up, due to the poorly made pallet, weak paint and Con-way. So a paint both is needed if you want it to have a descent paint.
You will need pars of 3/4” 1” and 1.25” wrench's with extended handles, plus mechanic do to it has no manuals.
Will need a second person to rotate blades to install PTO connection, blades don’t spend freely.

I got this to upgrade from my 70s brush hog, so I can’t compare its cut to other finish mowers only that I was not wowed.
I think the sticker on it that says “For lawn grass ONLY” says it all.
Highly Disappointing

(Posted on 8/26/14)

excellent mower Review by John R. Myers

I have had a KK 72" rear discharge mower for about 8 years now. This poor mower has mowed no less than 9000 acres and has been almost trouble free! When i first got the mower i replaced the single pickup chain in the center with 2 chains. One to each corner in the rear. Its kinda a heavy mower and it transports better this way. I have the original drive belt, spindles and blades that come with it.
I mow rain or shine with this mower, it makes no difference in the cut. Usually it gets greased at the start of each mowing. The only parts i have put into this mower were wheel spindles and wheel bearings. They just wore completely out. I think the parts price was about 28 dollars to repair it. I am completely sold on this mower just wish i could find a bigger one. I will buy another KK mower again for sure someday.

(Posted on 7/18/14)

Not perfect, but decent for the price. Review by Clark Simpson

-reasonable price for a decent 6' FM
-deck is built heavy enough to be used as a battering ram
-belts never slip, regardless of load
-simple design, easily serviced, easily repaired
-good parts availability
-cast iron spindles
-fairly good about not scalping for a 6' mower
-gives a very sharp, even cut, blade speed is good

-it is HEAVY. Your 3-pt. will get a workout if you have a smaller tractor
-quality of construction could be better in some ways
-design tends to use more steel rather than improved engineering (this is maybe both a pro and a con)
-takes a LOT of power to run until the bearings, belts, and pulleys wear in (then it's not bad)
-the spring-loaded belt tensioner is not greasable
-it doesn't spread clipping evenly at all. Particularly in tall grass, it leaves heavy windrows. This is my biggest complaint about using it.
-the top layer of the belt that connects the two individual ribs together shredded the first year I used it, leaving me with two individual belts. They seem fine, and actually it seems to take a little less power to run now. When these fail, I think I will just order two new individual belts rather than a single double belt.

Some other comments:
When I first assembled it, I had to cut one of the welds on the channel that holds one of the wheel arms and reweld it because it was installed in slightly the wrong place and the arm couldn't be inserted. This was no huge deal, but for somebody without basic metalworking skills and access to a welder, it would have been a major pain.

The first time I tried to use it, it immediately spun a spindle bearing, deeply scoring the shaft. The bearings were fine, but evidently one of the bearings had some debris in it and it locked up and spun. I contacted Rural King, and they promptly contacted King Kutter. KK said that, because it was a spindle, they wouldn't replace it because I must have failed to grease it before use. I can understand their position, but I did grease it (thoroughly) and if failed anyway. I ended up welding up the groove in the shaft, grinding it back into shape, cleaning and repacking the bearings, and reinstalling everything. It, and the other two spindles have been fine ever since (2 1/2 years ago), but combined with the weld job I had to do before I could even get the thing assembled, I was left with a very bad taste in my mouth, particularly since I also bought a 5' "Professional" series rotary mower from them at the same time.

Overall, I would still consider buying KK stuff, but I'm not sure I would recommend it to the average guy. You will PROBABLY get what you pay for, but if you don't, don't expect a whole lot of help from King Kutter.

(Posted on 6/14/14)

Great mower for the price. Review by Kip Hess

I am very pleased with the mower. It is well built and cuts as well as my neighbors Farm Pride mower.

It came per-assembled. The only assembly I needed to do was attached the 3-point hitch brackets and rear discharge flaps. I did however have to clean all the grease fittings as they were covered with paint and made it difficult to grease wheels.

All in All I am please with this unit and would purchase other King Kutter products.

(Posted on 6/13/14)

4 Item(s)

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