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King Kutter Flip Over Disc 16-8-CDF

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Customer Reviews

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Well Made product and it performed to my expectations Review by Alan Kropiewnicki

I purchased the King Kutter to put in a few food plots. Spent some time reading reviews and comparing products and selected the King Kutter. My reasons for picking this product was
1) able to pull with my ATV
2) be able to maneuver / load / unload by myself
3) disc up the food plot to an adequate depth for planting.

I have an older ATV that is actually a 1988 Yamaha 250. Some of my friends had doubts I could pull this implement but I was fine. I did not add any extra weight. On soils that were mostly bare it took 2 - 3 passes to get the soil ready. On areas where there was still some dead grass or other matter it took more passes to break it up. This was very acceptable to me and I got the job done. THe King Kutter is heavy on the disc side vs the wheel side so flipping it over is a challenge. Two people can do it fairly easily. I was also able to flip it over with the added use of a 2x4 for enhanced leverage. I have a 6x12 trailer and the ATV pulls the King Kutter right up into the trailer and I strap both down in place.

Well pleased with this product and I would recommend it.

(Posted on 5/6/2015)

Great experience. Met expectations. Review by George J. Yescavage

I was able to pull the flip-over disc with ease with my Polaris razer 800. I was able to transport the disc through woodlands trails from food plot to food plot. The large, fat tires supported this effort.. The disc worked very well digging down into the soil 4-5 inches. I found it even worked better if the soil was a little moist from rainfall the previous day. I didn't add any weight to the disc. In uneven terrain or hilly areas, weight would be of benefit. The disc is very heavy and the blades are quite sharp. This is a two-man effort to load/ re-load on and off a trailer and to flip-over to disc. By yourself , you will struggle. Overall, I would recommend this product. I am satisfied with the performance.

(Posted on 7/23/2014)

2 Item(s)

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