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Lawn & Garden

Lawn & Garden

Shop for lawn and garden supplies, lawn care equipment, vegetable garden fertilizer, garden power tools and more.

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  1. Woodstock Crystal Meditation Chime CCMC

    Woodstock Crystal Meditation Chime CCMC


    Product Description

    Crystal accents and soothing sounds can be a focal point for meditation. This chime can be used as an aid to meditation - as a musical and visual mantra - to help relax the mind and focus one's thoughts. Or enjoy it anytime for its soothing sounds and beautiful crystal accents. Meditation has been part of many religions for thousands of years and has been adopted in modern times as a way to improve physical and mental wellbeing.

    Dimensions: 16.5 in. Overall Length

    • Materials: Black finish ash wood, 6 silver polished aluminum rods, clear crystal accents.
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  2. Next Innovations Birds Coat Rack CRBIRDS

    Next Innovations Birds Coat Rack CRBIRDS


    Hang your keys and coats on this beautiful piece of art!


    • 24.5" x 10"
    • 16 gauge
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  3. Trimmer Line  Maxi Edge .095 X 40

    Trimmer Line Maxi Edge .095 X 40

    • Cuts up to 3 times more area than economy lines
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  4. Poly Snow Shovel Curved Handel

    Poly Snow Shovel Curved Handel

    Poly Snow Shovel with Aluminum Ware strip Curved Handel Learn More
  5. Tan Interlocking "bullet" Edger

    Tan Interlocking "bullet" Edger

    • Tan
    • Interlocking
    • "bullet" Edger
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  6. Arnold Universal High Lift 20" Blade 490-100-0053

    Arnold Universal High Lift 20" Blade 490-100-0053



    • One 20˝ deluxe universal blade for rotary mowers.
    • Two sizing washers allow this blade to fit mowers with 3/8 ˝ & 7/16 ˝ diameter center hole hub.
    • Includes cover washers
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  7. Buffalo Tools 30 Ton Log Splitter LST30

    Buffalo Tools 30 Ton Log Splitter LST30


    Tackle that downed tree with the Sportsman Series 30 Ton Gasoline Powered Log Splitter that is made to endure heavy use on the farm or home. Dependable and reliable the KOHLER 6.5HP Engine delivers high-powered performance and quiet, smooth operation. The Log Splitter can be used vertically or horizontally so bigger logs are easier to cut. The powerful engine and hydraulics pack a 30-ton capacity and can power through knots and hardwood logs up to 25 inches long.

    • 30 tons of splitting force
    • KOHLER 6.5HP OHV SH265 quiet and smooth operation engine
    • Automatic ram return with 3 position control
    • Easily change from vertical to horizontal operating position makes cutting big logs easier
    • Splits logs 4 ways,up to 25 inch long
    • 2 way 8 inch steel wedge with 4 way optional feature allowing 4 way split
    • Sharpenable and replaceable
    • Towable up to 45 mph with 2 inch ball coupler with safety chains, and 16 inch road-ready tires
    • Meets all DOT regulations
    • 16 second cycle time for efficiency
    • Recoil start
    • 196cc / 3,600 RPM high performance horizontal shaft engine design
    • Full-beam design ensures a longer lasting log splitter
    • extra wide log trays help keep split logs in place
    • Built-in log catcher is made of solid steel - won’t bend or break, one-handed operation
    • 1 gallon fuel tank
    • Idle control, low oil shutdown
    • 16 second cycle time
    • Auto return hydraulic
    • Cylinder measures 5 inch dia. by 28.5 inch long
    • Review the Instruction Manual for additional specs
    • 1 year limited warranty
    • Ships as freight in a durable steel frame compact shipping carton
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  8. Woodstock Aloha Chime-Lime ACLI

    Woodstock Aloha Chime-Lime ACLI


    Product Description

    Silver chimes are hidden in a lime green bamboo sleeve. The sounds of this chime are both uplifting and relaxing, so you can enjoy a bit of paradise whenever the wind blows.

    • Dimensions: 28 in. Overall Length
    • Materials: 4 silver polished aluminum tubes, green bamboo sheath, coordinating bamboo wind catcher.
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  9. Lifetime 100 Gallon Dual Composter 60072

    Lifetime 100 Gallon Dual Composter 60072


    Take advantage of a more efficient method of composting with the Lifetime Dual Composter. The dual tumbler design means you don't have to wait for your first batch of compost to finish cooking before you start on another one. This can eliminate weeks of waiting!

    Each 50 gallon tumbler is constructed of black double-walled polyethylene plastic to absorb heat and an internal aeration bar to create the necessary airflow needed to break down the compost ingredients. Four small vents are designed into each corner of the tumbler to provide additional airflow.

    The non-cylindrical design of the tumblers allows for more effective mixing of contents when rotated. The tumblers are set side-by-side on a sturdy steel base and can be easily turned on its axis for compost rotation. Use the red processing indicator clip to attach to the handle of the tumbler so you can keep track of which batch is cooking and which batch you can add fresh ingredients to. With the enclosed tumbler design you can speed up compost processing time and avoid the smelly, unsightly mess of an open compost heap.

    Save money on expensive fertilizers by creating your own rich, fresh compost for your vegetable and flower gardens. This product does not contain BPA.

    Model 60076
    Weight Capacity 50 gallons (189.3 L) or 6.7 cubic feet / EA
    Material of Construction Polyethylene plastic tumbler with galvanized steel base
    Dimensions 30.5 in. width (77,5 cm), 44 in. height (111,8 cm), 29.5 in. depth (75 cm)
    Weight 41 lbs (18,6 kg)
    Tumbler Capacity 50 gal (6.7 cubic feet)
    Features Extra-large removable lid, internal galvanized steel aeration bar, spring-loaded locking pin
    Warranty 5 yr. limited factory warranty
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  10. Woodstock Tudor Rose Chime-Queen TRCBRL

    Woodstock Tudor Rose Chime-Queen TRCBRL


    Product Description

    This stunning rose-colored chime offers a dramatic accent to the garden. This chime is tuned to the Aeolian mode, an extremely popular mode for romantic music during the reign of the Tudor family.

    • Dimensions: 41.5 in. Overall Length
    • Materials: Cherry wood, 8 bronze anodized aluminum tubes.
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