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Lawn & Garden

Lawn & Garden

Shop for lawn and garden supplies, lawn care equipment, vegetable garden fertilizer, garden power tools and more.

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  1. Garden Soil Flower & Vegetable 1 Cf

    Garden Soil Flower & Vegetable 1 Cf

    Regular Price: $3.49

    Special Price: $2.99

    Better than top soil; ideal for growing all vegetables annuals perennials and other garden plants.Add to pot or soil when planting or transplanting.Contains Rich Mixture Of Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss Composted Organic.

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  2. Woodstock Chakra Chime-Amber CCAB

    Woodstock Chakra Chime-Amber CCAB


    Product Description

    Amber represents the Sacral Chakra - related to creativity and enthusiasm. A properly functioning Sacral Chakra equates to being physically healthy, and having your emotional life working well, too. This area is associated with creativity, both on the physical and artistic levels.

    • Dimensions: 16.25 in. Overall Length
    • Materials: Black finish ash wood, 6 silver polished aluminum rods, faceted glass and genuine stone accents.
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  3. PIRIT 50ft Heated Hose PWL-03-50

    PIRIT 50ft Heated Hose PWL-03-50


    The 50ft heated Hose from Pirit will allow you to keep a constant water source all winter long without having to worry about freezing temperatures or busted hoses. A hose that works in below-freezing temperatures. Maintain a water line 24/7 throughout the winter or use for periodic tasks. No more lugging water buckets. No more draining hoses.

    • Drinking Water Safe.
    • Thermostatically controlled
    • Made with durable 150 psi PVC and quality
    • Nickel-Plated Brass fittings
    • Tested to minus 42° Fahrenheit (minus 41° Celsius.)
    • Works with standard 110V GFCI outlet.
    • 50' (5/8" inner diameter) 360 watts, 3.0 amps, 120volts, 60 hertz
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  4. Fiskars Transplanter

    Fiskars Transplanter


    Remarkably light. Remarkably strong. Remarkably affordable. From everyday gardening to an affordable extra-set of tools, you can't go wrong with our durable FiberComp® Garden tools. One-piece construction means no loose handles and they will not bend at the neck when digging.


    • FiberComp® construction-lightweight and durable nylon/fiberglass composite
    • Won't rust
    • Hang hole for easy storage
    • Lifetime warranty
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  5. CPI Designs Reels on Wheels Economy Cart ECART

    CPI Designs Reels on Wheels Economy Cart ECART

    • Disassembles easily for traveling, no tools required.
    • The frame is lightweight, corrosion resistant aluminum.
    • Measures 15" x 26"
    • Weighs only 8 lbs
    • Cargo weight easily exceeds 75 lbs.
    • 9" Blow-molded plastic wheels
    • 3 Aluminum Rod Holders with vinyl tube covers
    • Tee bar handle is removable and adjusts for height
    • Fish measuring tape decaled to frame for fish up to 24"
    • All stainless steel hardware

    The cart will carry large loads of equipment to fishing piers, bridges, across the beach, or down the dock to your boat.

    This cart was designed and built by fisherman who know exactly what you need in a quality built fishing cart. During testing, every aspect was carefully thought out and often modified through customer feedback. From the materials used in construction, to the placement of the axle for perfect balance. Your new fishing cart is built to give you many years of excellent and memorable service.

    Easily accommodates:

    - 3 Rods & Reels, upright & tangle free
    - Up to 54 qt ice cooler
    - Tackle box
    - Lawn chairs
    - Umbrella
    ... And a variety of other fishing, beach, or boating items!

    This cart (fully loaded) will travel easily through loose sand, snow, water, leaves and small rocks. The Beach Buddy™ can hold up to a 54 qt. Cooler, tackle boxes, bait containers and 3 fishing rods (upright & tangle free).

    What comes in the box:
    1 - Cart Frame
    1 - Axle
    2 - Blow Mold Tires 3" x 9"
    1 - Front L foot
    1 - Handle
    1 - Stainless steel hardware kit

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  6. Positively Red Mulch 2 Cu. Ft.

    Positively Red Mulch 2 Cu. Ft.


    Red Colored Mulch is a recycled product made from scrap pallets and virgin wood which is chip-ground into strips about ½" by 2-3 inches long and colored red. It does lose its color after about 2 years. A fresh annual cover keeps it looking very red. When it is dumped on the drive it will leave a red stain so plan accordingly if you have a nice cement driveway. A tarp will help keep some of the red off the drive, but makes shoveling more difficult. Rain will make it bleed so move it before the rains come. Dumping it in the grass will keep the drive clean but it is very difficult to get it all out of the lawn.

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  7. Arnold Air Filter for Briggs & Stratton BAF-120

    Arnold Air Filter for Briggs & Stratton BAF-120



    • Fits 3 - 3.75 H.P. Classic & Sprint & 4 H.P. Quattro Engines.
    • Replaces B&S #272235
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  8. Backyard Expressions Coco Liner 12" 908979

    Backyard Expressions Coco Liner 12" 908979


    Hanging Basket Shaped Cocomoss Liners Brown 12-Inch : This cocomoss liners is pre formed for ease of use. Long lasting latex coated fibers. Available in brown color.

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  9. Echo 2 gal mix, Power Blend 6450002

    Echo 2 gal mix, Power Blend 6450002

    The ECHO Power Blend 2-Stroke Engine Oil with Fuel Stabilizer blends with 89-octane gasoline at a 50:1 gas-to-oil ratio for clean-burning, steady performance. The oil includes a fuel stabilizer to maintain fuel's quality.
    • PowerBlend® XTended Life™ is an all synthetic blend fuel mix oil and is certified for use in
      all air-cooled, 2-stroke, outdoor power equipment engines. It meets and exceeds ISO-L-EGD
      and JASO M345/FD requirements and has superior cleaning capabilities while minimizing
      exhaust port blockage. It also protects against rust, wear, and corrosion and provides low
      smoke emissions.

    • Makes 2 Gallons

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  10. Swisher 16 Cubic Ft. ATV Poly Dump Cart 12007

    Swisher 16 Cubic Ft. ATV Poly Dump Cart 12007


    Transport and unload with ease with the Swisher® 16 cubic ft ATV Poly Dump Cart Trailer. It's great for hauling firewood, landscaping materials, fencing supplies or almost anything else you need to get from one place to another. Ruggedly designed to go where your ATV can go, it features extra-tough, high-density poly tub with tilt, large ATV tires, high speed sealed precision ball bearings, and a heavy duty 2" tubular steel frame. It quickly attaches to ATV and easily dumps your load. Extra long tow bar allows for sharper turning radius, while offering more space behind ATV rack for optional rack accessories. 750-lb. capacity. Made in the USA!

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