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Lawn & Garden

Lawn & Garden

Shop for lawn and garden supplies, lawn care equipment, vegetable garden fertilizer, garden power tools and more.

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  1. Poly Shovel 18" Aluminum Wearstrip

    Poly Shovel 18" Aluminum Wearstrip

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  2. Woodstock Emperor Gong-Large,Black EGCLB

    Woodstock Emperor Gong-Large,Black EGCLB


    Product Descrition

    Its dramatic, blank design captures the romance & splendor of the Far East. Chinese instrument makers have made gongs for thousands of years and are deserving of their reputation of making the best in the world. Many processes go into creating the special sound of a Chinese Gong, including fine toning as a result of hand-hammering.

    • Dimensions: 50 in. Overall Length, 13.75 in. Diameter Gong
    • Materials: Black finish wood, hand-hammered brass gong.
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  3. No Spill 1.25 Gallon Capacity Fuel Can 1415

    No Spill 1.25 Gallon Capacity Fuel Can 1415


    The button makes it easy.

    Our Slogan is true.  Simply press the button to pour.  It's intuitive.  This is the easiest gas can to use on th emarket - it's not even close.  A gas can should be easy to use.

    Don't overfill with Auto Stop.

    We used simple physics to develop a nozzle that automatically stops the fuel flow when the target tank is full. Just hold the button down. Simple.

    Don't wait so long.

    Our patented nozzles flow up to twice as fast as other nozzles. No gurgling or interrupted flow. When filling up large equipment how long do you want to hold a 40 lb. 5 gallon tank?

    Don't push around your equipment.

    We have the only can that lets you pour gas without touching the target tank. All other current nozzles require pushing against the tank to open their valve. This force can move or roll your equipment. Not good. Remember our valve is controlled by a button.

    See what you have.

    Double wide view stripes on both the front and back of our smaller cans. Now you know your fuel level from across the yard or garage. No guessing and no extra trips to the gas pump. Every gas can should have view stripes. No-Spill is the only can with them.

    Lasting power.

    Our cans have the thickest skins. A robust 70% thicker than most cans. This costs much more to make, but you get what you pay for.


    Three handles on each can. Finger handles on each nozzle, and a finger slot on the bottom of each can (rear handle on the 5 gal.). Your hands share the weight and are in a comfortable position to pour with accuracy. Our design makes it easier to hold. The top handle is for carrying.


    • Push-button pour control
    • Auto shutoff prevents overfilling
    • Extra fast flow rate
    • Made of heavy-duty, extra-thick polyethylene for long life
    • Wide, stable design is tough to tip over
    • 3 handles provide easy pouring
    • Large neck opening makes the can easy to fill
    • Double-wide front and back view stripes for at-a-glance fuel level assessment
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  4. Fiskars Power Gear Hedge Shears 91896935J

    Fiskars Power Gear Hedge Shears 91896935J


    Let's conduct an experiment. Look at your hand, please. Make a fist, simulating the motion you use when you squeeze the handles on a pair of shears. See how your fingers curl into your palm? Our engineers noticed that movement, too-and crafted these astonishing shears to complement that hand's natural dynamics. Not only are they far friendlier to your body than traditional models, they also magnify your cutting strength. And wonder of wonders, they cut with speed and precision right down to the tips of the precision-ground blades. Even that's not all...

    Product Features
    • PowerGear® mechanism increases leverage to make cutting 3X easier than single pivot shears
    • The only hedge shears to be awarded the Arthritis Foundation® Ease-of-Use Commendation
    • Sharp, precision-ground blade edge
    • Fully hardened blade holds sharp edge longer
    • Corrosion resistant, non-stick blade coating reduces friction to make cutting easier
    • Cuts the entire length of the blade
    • FiberComp® handles-reinforced fiberglass composite materials provide strength and durability
    • Shock absorbing bumper for comfort
    • Cutting length-9 inches
    • Lifetime warranty
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  5. Next Innovations Medium 3D Blue Dragonfly WA3DMDRAGFLYBL

    Next Innovations Medium 3D Blue Dragonfly WA3DMDRAGFLYBL


    Product Features:

    • 22" x 15"
    • 3D Metal Wall Art
    • Medium Blue Dragonfly
    • Great for indoors and outdoors
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  6. Woodstock Celtic Chime-Cross WCCC

    Woodstock Celtic Chime-Cross WCCC


    Product Description

    A traditional Celtic tuning and a cloisonne-style Celtic Cross windcatcher. Enhanced by the traditional Celtic tuning, this chime is cheerful and bright.

    • Dimensions: 17 in. Overall Length
    • Materials: Teak finish ash wood, 5 silver anodized aluminum tubes, genuine stone beads, faux cloisonne feather.
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  7. Gray Patio Block

    Gray Patio Block

    • 2" x 8" x 16"
    • Gray
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  8. Next Innovations Deer Coat Rack CRDEER

    Next Innovations Deer Coat Rack CRDEER


    Hang your keys and coats on this beautiful piece of art!


    • 24.5" x 10"
    • 16 gauge
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  9. Brave Products PTO Kit for 3 Pt Log Splitter #TMH10 BR026003SA

    Brave Products PTO Kit for 3 Pt Log Splitter #TMH10 BR026003SA



    • Optional PTO Kit will add speed and power to smaller tractors
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  10. Swisher 20.5" Mulching Blade 3293

    Swisher 20.5" Mulching Blade 3293


    Keep your mower in tip-top shape with the Swisher Replacement Mulching Blade! 

    Product Features:

    • Swisher 20-1/2-inch replacement blade has been specifically designed to keep your machine running at its peak level
    • Make your mower cut like new by replacing the blade for a precise, sharp set, ready to get the job done
    • Fits T-60, T1360, T14560, T18560, T1360H, ZT2350, ZT2660, ZT2560, and ZT2660B
    • Swisher replacement blade measures 20-1/2 inches
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Items 1-10 of 1153

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