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Lawn & Garden

Lawn & Garden

Shop for lawn and garden supplies, lawn care equipment, vegetable garden fertilizer, garden power tools and more.

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  1. Quick Kill Mouse Trap

    Quick Kill Mouse Trap


    The Victor® Quick Kill Mouse Trap is easy to use, highly effective, and provides an instant kill. The Quick Kill is set with one simple “click” and poses no risk to fingers. The trap was design with a covered bait trough, which can is easy be baited with any of their favorite foods.

    For maximum mouse control, traps can be placed along walls where mice run. Once the trap is triggered by a mouse lifting the bait cover, the power bar is immediately released and closes for quick, precision kill. When the rodent is trapped, a simple release mechanism opens the mouse trap to dispose of the rodent hygienically – ensuring clean removal without contact.

    Quick Kill mouse traps are also equipped with a built-in safety catch and contain no poisons, so they are an ideal rodent control choice for households with children or pets. Constructed from durable plastic, each mouse trap can be reused multiple times.

    Victor® Quick Kill Mouse Traps are the perfect for use anywhere in the home. These mouse traps should be placed where rodents travel, such as along walls at 2 to 3 foot intervals.

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  2. Gardex Poly Hand Leaf Scoop LS 1000

    Gardex Poly Hand Leaf Scoop LS 1000


    A product so unique it was granted a U.S. Patent. Leaf Scoops are poly discs which are worn on your hands like mittens. Tine ends allow you to totally pick up pile residue, solid panels prevent small objects (i.e. acorns) from being missed. A big favorite in Pine tree area - no needles stuck in your hands or gloves, as well as handling the messy job of picking up wet leaves in rainy climates. Like having 10 hands on each arm.

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  3. Gilmour Zinc Garden Hose Tee with Shut-Off Valves

    Gilmour Zinc Garden Hose Tee with Shut-Off Valves

    Product Features
    • Rugged die-cast metal construction.
    • Twin shut-off valves control water flow for two hoses.
    • Cap type valve handle resists breakage.
    • Full ball and retainer rings reduce leakage, even at low water pressure.
    • Withstands hot water temperatures up to 160ºF.
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  4. MTD 5/8-1/8" Hex Flange Nut 712-0417A

    MTD 5/8-1/8" Hex Flange Nut 712-0417A


    Product Features:

    • Replaces part numbers: GW-7120417A; 753-05549; 912-0417A; 712-0417; 7120417; 7120417A; YS-712-0417A; and 712-0417AP


    • Outer Diameter (in.): 5/8" 
    • Inned Diameter (in.): 1/8"
    • Shipping weight 1 lb
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  5. Fiskars 21" Bow Saw 076812009432

    Fiskars 21" Bow Saw 076812009432


    It's all about rhythm. Force it into the wood and you'll jam your saw, Just let the blade do its work and you can easily cut through a 12 inch log in under a minute. Lightweight and super sharp, smaller saws like this 21 inch can be handy for brushing and pruning. The wheelbarrow fills quickly.

    Product Features
    • Hardened carbon steel blade with rust inhibitor
    • Safety tension lever for added control
    • Lightweight tubular steel frame
    • Blade length-21 inches
    • Replacement blade available-7025
    • Lifetime warranty
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  6. AYP Flange Bearing 9040H

    AYP Flange Bearing 9040H


    Product Features:

    • Genuine OEM Part
    • AYP 9040H Flange Bearing
    • 3/4-inch x 1-3/8-inch x 1-inch
    • Flange Bearing for various: Husqvarna, Poulan, Poulan Pro, Roper, Sears/Craftsman, Weed Eater
    • Replaces: 532009040, 532124959, 5920H, 9040HR and 9040N
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  7. Garden Eagle Hoe

    Garden Eagle Hoe


    Utility grade garden hoe

    • Waxed hardwood handle
    • 6" forged head
    • 5 yr warranty with proof of purchase
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  8. Plantation Products Plant Seed Starter Tray FT36HFB

    Plantation Products Plant Seed Starter Tray FT36HFB


    Seed starting trays are excellent for starting vegetable and flowers plants indoors. Use a clear plastic greenhouse dome to keep essential moisture in and maintain temperatures for even germination.

    • 36 Peat pots clear dome fiber seed start tray
    • Plastic greenhouse dome
    • New reusable fiber material
    • Clear greenhouse dome to keep in moisture

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  9. Duke Body Trap 110 BT Mink Muskrat Weasel #400

    Duke Body Trap 110 BT Mink Muskrat Weasel #400


    Duke Body Gripping Traps are rotating jaw traps used to quickly catch and dispatch wild animals. This style of trap was developed during the 1950's and has steadily increased in use due to the versatility and effectiveness of the trap design.

    • Size: 110 BT
    • Model: 0400
    • Jaw Spread: 4.5"
    • Target Animal: Mink, Muskrat and Weasel
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  10. Arnold Muffler Briggs / Tecumseh / Kohler M-110

    Arnold Muffler Briggs / Tecumseh / Kohler M-110



    • Fits Briggs & Stratton, Tecumseh, and Kohler 4 - 8 H.P. Engines. Replaces B&S #294599
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