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Lawn & Garden

Lawn & Garden

Shop for lawn and garden supplies, lawn care equipment, vegetable garden fertilizer, garden power tools and more.

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  1. Poulan Pro 8" Chain Pole Pruner  952051549

    Poulan Pro 8" Chain Pole Pruner 952051549



    • Fits Models 5000P, 446, 446T, 446E, and 446ET
    • 8-Inch saw chain
    • Single pack
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  2. Mixed Grass Seed 5lb

    Mixed Grass Seed 5lb

  3. Echo Valley 10-Inch Iris Gazing Globe 8106

    Echo Valley 10-Inch Iris Gazing Globe 8106

    Real blown glass 10-inch diameter gazing globes. The globes in this collection feature a brilliant mirror finish. This garden decor item from long ago has seen a huge revival in popularity in recent years, especially when combined with a unique supporting pedestal. A variety of supporting pedestals are available separately, and many people now like to have several different colors and styles so they can be alternated in the garden.
    • Beautiful silver finish gazing globe
    • Features a brilliant mirror finish
    • Hand-blown glass construction
    • Stands sold separately
    • 10-inch in diameter
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  4. Farnam Mulk Jug Fly Trap 2 Pack

    Farnam Mulk Jug Fly Trap 2 Pack


    This kit uses a cap that fits any milk jug and turns it into an inexpensive fly trap. Just mix the included attractant in a jug, screw the patented cap on, and hang to start catching those annoying flies. This is perfect for the barn, patio, garage, or where ever you have a fly problem.

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  5. Precision Multipurpose Hand Spreader HHBS-125

    Precision Multipurpose Hand Spreader HHBS-125


    Product Description

    An easy way to weed, feed, and seed for a beautiful lawn!

    Product Features

    • The hopper holds approximately 6 pounds of pelletized fetilizer or ice melt, or 3 pounds of seed.
    • Hand crank turns clockwise to apply product.
    • Easy to clean

    Recommended Selector Settings

    • Fine Grass Seed - Setting: 1
    • Coarse Grass Seed - Setting: 2
    • Granular Fertilizer - Setting: 3
    • Weed & Feed and Ice Melt - Setting: 4
    • Weed Control and Rock Salt - Setting: 5

    Directions for Using the Multipurpose Hand Spreader

    1. Push slector toward hopper to close. Fill hopper will desired marterial over pavement.
    2. Adjust the selector setting to the most desired setting per the table (above).
    3. To apply the product evenly, walk at a normal pace while turning the hand crank clockwise.
    4. Apply all products in accordance with the product manufacturer's instructions.
    5. Avoid spreading in the wind. Never spread toxic or hazardous material without protective gear.
    6. Rinse spreader thoroughly after use.
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  6. Easy Gardener 24" Mulch Tree Ring 24001

    Easy Gardener 24" Mulch Tree Ring 24001


    Easy Gardener Tree Ring forms a weed barrier around trees and helps hold in moisture. Tree Rings look like hardwood mulch but is made from longer-lasting, 100% recycled rubber. A unique manufacturing process allows water and nutrients to pass through to plant roots while forming a barrier against weeds. The tree rings are pre-cut for easy installation.

    Product Details

    • Eco-friendly - 100% recycled rubber
    • Easy to handle and install
    • Protects from mower damage
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  7. Gilmour Multi-Spray Pistiol Grip Hose Nozzle 427

    Gilmour Multi-Spray Pistiol Grip Hose Nozzle 427

    Product Features
    • Easy Grip
    • Built-in flow control
    • Curved design for better hand fit
    • All metal body and handle
    • Versatile 8 pattern dial
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  8. Fiskars Softgrip Bypass Pruners

    Fiskars Softgrip Bypass Pruners

    • Comfortable SoftgripĀ® handle grips
    • Stem stripper safely removes thorns
    • Twine-cutting notch
    • Sharp, precision-ground blade edge
    • Fully hardened blade holds sharp edge longer
    • Corrosion resistant, non-stick blade coating reduces friction to make cutting easier
    • FibercompĀ® construction - reinforced fiberglass composite materials provide strength and durability
    • Right or left handed use
    • Bypass blade - for clean cuts of green, living growth
    • Cutting capacity - 1/2 inch
    • Lifetime warranty
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  9. AYP 46" Manual Zone Restart Engine Cable 183281

    AYP 46" Manual Zone Restart Engine Cable 183281


    The engine zone restart cable's dimensions are total Length: 53 5/8'' Housing Length: 46 1/2''. Both ends are a cast "Z" Bend. Handle end wraps around handle, with a peg that locates and locks it in place. Often these pegs wear down or break when the cable starts to bind in the housing, causing a no-start because the cable wont move far enough to pull the engine brake switch to "on" position. Safety Zone Start cable fits many models of AYP, Husqvarna, Craftsman Sears walk behind mowers.


    • Total Length (in.): 53-5/8"
    • Housing Length (in.): 46-1/2"
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  10. Duke Trap #2 Coil Spring  5.5" Jaw Coyote #490

    Duke Trap #2 Coil Spring 5.5" Jaw Coyote #490


    Coil Spring Traps are foot-hold restraining devices used to catch and hold wild animals. This style of trap has been in use since the early part of the 20th century and is widely accepted as a cost effective and efficient tool for managing wildlife populations. Coil Spring Traps are manufactured of steel components and powered by a set of compact coil springs.

    • Size: #2 CS
    • Model: 0490
    • Jaw Spread: 5.5"
    • Target Animal: Bobcat, Coyote, Fox, Lync and Otter
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