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Lawn & Garden

Lawn & Garden

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  1. Woodstock Habitats-Hummingbird Spiral HHS

    Woodstock Habitats-Hummingbird Spiral HHS


    Product Description

    These cast metal hummingbirds ring beautifully as they float in the breeze.

    • Dimensions: 18 in. Overall Length
    • Materials: Cherry finish pine wood, hand-painted cast aluminum.
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  2. AYP 12V 0 1A Charger 428626

    AYP 12V 0 1A Charger 428626


    The AYP 12V 0 1A Charger, is an Original Equipment Manufacturer replacement 12 volt Battery Charger. The 428626 will charge various lawn mowers such as: Craftsman, Husqvarna and Poulan.

    Product Features:

    • Battery- 12-volt 0 1A
    • Genuine OEM Part
    • Replaces Manufacturer Numbers: 190097 and 532190097
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  3. Woodstock Coconut Bamboo Chime-Large C200

    Woodstock Coconut Bamboo Chime-Large C200


    This traditional design's soothing tones transport you to the tropics.Bamboo gives our Asli Arts chimes a mellow, musical and enchanting sound unlike any other chime. By hand-toning each tube and selecting a range of sizes, each chime produces a unique melody.

    • Dimensions: 36.5 in. Overall Length
    • Materials: Hand-carved bamboo top, 6 bamboo tubes.
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  4. No Spill 2.5 Gallon Capacity Fuel Can 1405

    No Spill 2.5 Gallon Capacity Fuel Can 1405


    The button makes it easy.

    Our Slogan is true.  Simply press the button to pour.  It's intuitive.  This is the easiest gas can to use on th emarket - it's not even close.  A gas can should be easy to use.

    Don't overfill with Auto Stop.

    We used simple physics to develop a nozzle that automatically stops the fuel flow when the target tank is full. Just hold the button down. Simple.

    Don't wait so long.

    Our patented nozzles flow up to twice as fast as other nozzles. No gurgling or interrupted flow. When filling up large equipment how long do you want to hold a 40 lb. 5 gallon tank?

    Don't push around your equipment.

    We have the only can that lets you pour gas without touching the target tank. All other current nozzles require pushing against the tank to open their valve. This force can move or roll your equipment. Not good. Remember our valve is controlled by a button.

    See what you have.

    Double wide view stripes on both the front and back of our smaller cans. Now you know your fuel level from across the yard or garage. No guessing and no extra trips to the gas pump. Every gas can should have view stripes. No-Spill is the only can with them.

    Lasting power.

    Our cans have the thickest skins. A robust 70% thicker than most cans. This costs much more to make, but you get what you pay for.


    Three handles on each can. Finger handles on each nozzle, and a finger slot on the bottom of each can (rear handle on the 5 gal.). Your hands share the weight and are in a comfortable position to pour with accuracy. Our design makes it easier to hold. The top handle is for carrying.


    • Push-button pour control
    • Auto shutoff prevents overfilling
    • Extra fast flow rate
    • Made of heavy-duty, extra-thick polyethylene for long life
    • Wide, stable design is tough to tip over
    • 3 handles provide easy pouring
    • Large neck opening makes the can easy to fill
    • Double-wide front and back view stripes for at-a-glance fuel level assessment
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  5. MTD 23.25" Mower Blade 942-04290

    MTD 23.25" Mower Blade 942-04290


    Product Features:

    • Made In USA, heat hardened steel
    • Specially designed center hole (H Pattern) Fits MTD, Cub Cadet 6 Point Stars
    • Price is for one blade. Order quantity of two for a set
    • 23-1/2 Inch Long
    • 2-1/2 Inch Wide
    • .150 inch Thick
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  6. Woodstock Chakra Chime-Red Coral CCR

    Woodstock Chakra Chime-Red Coral CCR


    Product Description

    Red Coral represents Base Chakra - physical identity & self-preservation. Located at the base of the spine, the Base Chakra forms our foundation and brings health, prosperity and security.

    • Dimensions: 16.5 in. Overall Length (approx.)
    • Materials: Black finish ash wood, 6 silver polished aluminum rods, genuine stone accents.
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  7. Duke Body Trap 330 BT 10" Beaver #430

    Duke Body Trap 330 BT 10" Beaver #430


    Duke Body Gripping Traps are rotating jaw traps used to quickly catch and dispatch wild animals. This style of trap was developed during the 1950's and has steadily increased in use due to the versatility and effectiveness of the trap design.

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  8. Woodstock Temple Bells-Trio TB3

    Woodstock Temple Bells-Trio TB3


    Product Description

    Inspired by ancient Chinese bells, a trio of bells offers a restful tone.

    • Dimensions: 24.5 in. Overall Length
    • Materials: Black-finish hardwood, polished brass bells (3) and feather.
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  9. AYP 54" Mulch Blade 187255

    AYP 54" Mulch Blade 187255


    The AYP 54in. Mulch Blade is a replacement blade that fits: Husqvarana, Rotary, Oregon and Poulan.

    Product Dimensions:

    • Length (in.): 18-1/2"
    • Width (in.): 2-1/2"
    • Thickness (in.): .187"
    • Center Hole: 5 Point Star
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  10. Woodstock Chakra Chime-Lapis CCL

    Woodstock Chakra Chime-Lapis CCL


    Product Description

    Lapis represents the Brow Chakra - related to intuition and clarity. Often referred to as the "third eye", when working properly the Brow Chakra provides a sharp, clear memory and enhances our ability to reason. It allows us to trust our intuition and know instinctively what to do for ourselves and for others. Lapis opens us to see both literally and intuitively and eliminates negative feelings.

    • Dimensions: 17.25 in. Overall Length
    • Materials: Black finish ash wood, 6 silver polished aluminum rods, genuine stone accents.
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