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Lawn & Garden

Lawn & Garden

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  1. Brinly 2.5 Cubic Ft. 125LB Spreader BS-26BH

    Brinly 2.5 Cubic Ft. 125LB Spreader BS-26BH



    Regular lawn feeding, weeding, and pest control helps keep a lawn healthy, vibrant and growing strong. Spreading granular seed and chemical materials allows the lawn’s root system to grow thicker to crowd out weeds to allow a lawn to get what it needs to be healthy and green. A broadcast spreader is the quickest and easiest way to spread these materials and keep a lawn looking great!

    Brinly 125 lb. (2.5 cu. Ft) Tow-Behind Broadcast Spreader
    Product Description (copy) - Regular lawn feeding, weeding, and pest control helps keep a lawn healthy, vibrant and growing strong. The Brinly 125 lb. capacity broadcast spreader is the quickest and easiest way to spread granular materials accurately with minimal waste. The large poly hopper means fewer stops to refill, and holds enough materials to cover up to one acre. This spreader can be used year-round to spread seed and fertilizer in the spring and fall, lime in the summer, and ice melt agents in the winter.

    Features and Benefits
    1. Large 125 lb. capacity poly hopper minimizes stops to refill and will not dent or rust
    2. Includes Autoflow™ which stops material flow when the tractor stops to eliminate waste and yard burn
    3. Fully enclosed gearbox and stainless steel hardware, shaft and agitator eliminates down time and prevents corrosion


    • Hopper Capacity: 125 lb. or 2.5 cu ft (57 kg)
    • Spread Material: Seed, Fertilizer, Lime, Ice-Melt
    • Spread Width: 8' to 12' (2438 to 3658 mm)
    • Dimensions:  (L x W x H) 43" x 29" x 30.75" (1092 x 737 x 781 mm)
    • Gear Ratio: 6:1; glass-filled; enclosed
    • Wheels: 14" x 4" (356 x 102 mm)
    • Ship Weight: 45.5 lbs (21 kg), UPS Dimensional Weight of 104  Does not qualify for FREE SHIPPING Promotion
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  2. ShelterLogic 8' x 20' Shade Canopy 25844

    ShelterLogic 8' x 20' Shade Canopy 25844


    The ShelterLogic Shade Canopy is perfect for any gardening enthusiast! Shade and protect your plants and flowers with an eight-leg shade canopy that delivers 50% shade and protection allowing continuous airflow for successful plant growth.

    Product Features:

    • Dimensions - 9' 4" H x 8' 7" W x 20' L
    • Durable Poly Screen - Quality 50% shade material allows for continuous airflow and protects live goods.
    • Easy to Install - Cover goes up fast and remains secure with bungee fasteners.
    • High Grade Steel Frame - Heavy duty 1-3/8 in. / 3,5 cm diameter steel frame with DuPont™ Premium powdercoat finish resists chipping, peeling, rust and corrosion.
    • Easy Set Up - Bolt together frame with wide foot plates on every leg add stability/easy anchor points.


    • (1) 8 x 20 ft./2,4 x 6,1 m white steel frame
    • (1) One piece cover
    • Bungee cords
    • Easy step-by-step instructions
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  3. MoJack XT Solo, MJXT

    MoJack XT Solo, MJXT


    Product Description

    MoJack XT is designed to lift any riding mowers or lawn tractors on the market including zero turning radius models. MoJack XT is ideal for blade sharpening, belt replacement and debris removal. Safer and more convenient than car ramps or blocks, it features a screw jack and safety-lock pin system to prevent the machine from slipping or becoming unstable while performing maintenance. You can also add the MoJack Workbench attachment, which is great for work on push mowers and other small projects.

    Product Features

    • Lifting Capacity: 500 Lbs (lifting front end only, not total weight of mower)
    • Lifting Height: 25" High
    • Fits any lawn tractor or ZTR riding mower on the market.
    • Wheel Span Measurement: 31.5" - 62.5" Outside Front Wheel Measurement
    • Easily lifted with one hand or a power drill.
    • Folds flat for easy, compact storage.

    Product Specifications

    • Box Dimensions: 40"L x 20"W x 5.5"H
    • Assembled Dimensions: 40"L x 62.5"W x 45"H
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  4. Swisher 11.5 HP 34 Ton Log Splitter LSRB11534

    Swisher 11.5 HP 34 Ton Log Splitter LSRB11534


    The Swisher 11.5 HP log splitter features a powerful Briggs & Stratton engine to ensure optimal performance. The splitter offers 34 Tons of splitting force. The heavy-duty 2-stage pump provides maximum splitting performance. The splitter can function in both horizontal and vertical splitting positions. The beam lock adds security while splitting in the vertical position. The Swisher Exclusive Cold Weather Clutch makes starting the engine a snap in cold weather conditions. The removable log cradles reduce the chance of the log rolling off the beam. Easily transport your splitter anywhere you want to's road towable. Other features include: 25-Inch opening, an oversized cylinder for maximum splitting force, and a 5 gallon poly hydraulic tank. Made in the USA!

    • 11.5 HP Briggs & Stratton engine
    • 34 ton horizontal and vertical splitting positions provide ample splitting force for all wood species
    • 25" opening
    • 2 Stage Pump maximizes cycle time
    • Swisher Exclusive Cold Weather Clutch provides easy starting in cold temperatures
    • 5 gallon Poly Hydraulic Tank provides visibility of fluid levels
    • 1" Machined Steel Compound Wedge provides tough and efficient log splitting
    • Road towable so you can take it anywhere
    • Removable log cradles help prevent operator from reaching to ground level for split logs
    • Vertical Beam Lock adds security while splitting in the vertical position
    • Made in the USA
    • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty on Hydraulic System
    • 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty on Steel Components
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  5. Fimco 17 Cu Ft Steel Dump Cart TC17

    Fimco 17 Cu Ft Steel Dump Cart TC17

    • 17 Cubic Foot Trailer Cart
    • Weight Capacity: 1,700 lbs.
    • Bed Design: One Piece
    • Flared Sides
    • Bed Dimensions: 59" L x 37" W x 16" H
    • Gauge of Steel: 16 Gauge Body/ 16 Gauge Tailgate
    • Axle: 3/4" Solid Steel
    • 16” Stud Tread Tire With Metal Hub
    • Removeable Tailgate With Slotted Base For Support
    • Easy Dump Release
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  6. Swisher 20 Cubic Ft. ATV Poly Dump Cart 12008A

    Swisher 20 Cubic Ft. ATV Poly Dump Cart 12008A


    Transport and unload with ease with the Swisher® 20 cubic ft ATV Poly Dump Cart Trailer. It's great for hauling firewood, landscaping materials, fencing supplies or almost anything else you need to get from one place to another. Ruggedly designed to go where your ATV can go, it features extra-tough, high-density poly tub with tilt, large ATV tires, high speed sealed precision ball bearings, and a heavy duty 2" tubular steel frame. It quickly attaches to ATV and easily dumps your load. Extra long tow bar allows for sharper turning radius, while offering more space behind ATV rack for optional rack accessories. 1000-lb. capacity. Made in the USA!

    Tire Size: 18 inches X 9.5 inches

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  7. Merry Mac Vacuum-Chipper-Bagger VCB1102M

    Merry Mac Vacuum-Chipper-Bagger VCB1102M


    The Merry Mac Vacuum-Chipper-Bagger makes leaf clean up a breeze.  With the VCB you no longer need to rake, pile, haul, or bag leaves.  The VCB picks up leaves, reduces their size, and deposits them into the 4 bushel, low dust, felt collection bag.  Dual zipper tabs on three sides of the collection bag make for effortless dumping without having to remove the bag.  Three forward speeds and reverse, plus six vac snout height settings, allow for the perfect combination of speed and height for your specific needs.  The top loading bag allows for maximum leaf collection and fewer stops to unload.  This machine can also chip branches up to 2-7/8” through the separate chipper tube.  There is an optional hose kit available for those hard to reach places

    • Top-Loading
    • Low-Dust Collections
    • Bag Opens on 2 Sides for Easy Dumping
    • 2-7/8" Chipping Capacity
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  8. Bond Lazy Days Inch Rustic Western Garden Fountain Y98905

    Bond Lazy Days Inch Rustic Western Garden Fountain Y98905


    Bond Y98905 Lazy Days II 27.5 inch Rustic Western Fountain 14.3X14.3X27.5 : This rustic fountain features three water buckets stacked casually, water flowing in a gentle stream from one into the next. Designed to resemble antique wooden buckets, they bring to mind the rural landscapes and pioneer towns of the American prairie.

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  9. Black Diamond 25 Ton 208cc Log Splitter LSP25 LCT

    Black Diamond 25 Ton 208cc Log Splitter LSP25 LCT


    Product Features:

    • Horizontal or Vertical operation allow you to tackle the most difficult logs
    • Heavy-duty steel log cradle with built in stripper plates
    • 2” hitch for easy towing behind vehicles


    Max. Splitting Force 25 Ton
    Cycle Time 16 seconds 
    Engine LCT 208 cc
    Max. Log Length 26 inches
    Cylinder 4.13" x 24.5"
    Hydraulic Pump 11 GPM, 2-Stage
    Hydraulic Capacity 6.5 Gal / 24.6 L
    Wedge Height 8 inches
    Valve Auto-Return
    Wheel Size 16 inches
    Filter External & Internal Tank Filter
    Net Weight 474 lbs.
    Gross Weight 540 lbs.
    Package Dimensions  75.2" x 18.9" x 29.5"
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  10. Woodstock Windsinger Chimes of Apollo-Black WWAB

    Woodstock Windsinger Chimes of Apollo-Black WWAB


    Product Description

    Thick-walled tubes with special suspension offer wonderfully restful tones. Fashioned after the original designs of Stephen Burnham, the look is boldly elegant and the sound is irresistibly beautiful. Made from extra thick-walled, specially suspended aluminum tubes, these chimes resonate much longer than any other chimes, producing enduring harmonies that are beyond compare.

    • Dimensions: 68 in. Overall Length
    • Materials: 6 matte black tubes.
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