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Gardening Equipment

Gardening Equipment

Find a great selection of gardening equipment, including sprayers, garden hoses, wheelbarrows and more.

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  1. Earthway Optional Seed Plate Set 60010

    Earthway Optional Seed Plate Set 60010


    The Earthway Optional Seed Plate 60010 is for those who love to grow their own food using a garden seeder. If you have a large garden to plant, than you know how back breaking it can be to actually plate seeds, and get them spaced far enough part to grow with enough room to not crowd other plants. All you need to make the job of planting easier and quicker is an Earthway garden seeder and these seed plates.

    Planting a garden takes a lot of time and hard work stooping over to plant your seeds, getting the spacing correct, as well as getting the rows far enough part. Any gardener knows that many times you end up with zig-zag rows, and your back hurts once you are done with the planting. With these seed plates you use the correct one for the seed you are planting and you simply walk using your garden seeder, and it they allow the seed to come out. Planting is easier than ever when using the Earthway Optional Seed Plates.

    The Earthway Optional Seed Plates offer 5 pre-cut plates for your planting usage. These seed plates include what you need to plant light carrots, cucumbers, lima beans, broccoli, cauliflower, and mustard seeds.

    Product Features:

    • Light Carrot (Seed Plate # 18108)
    • Cucumber (Seed Plate # 18110)
    • Popcorn (Seed Plate # 18112)
    • Lima Beans (Seed Plate # 18124)
    • Broccoli, Cauliflower, and Mustard Seed (Seed Plate # 1810
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  2. Earthway Seed Plate Storage Case 1100-A

    Earthway Seed Plate Storage Case 1100-A



    Keep losing your Earthway Seed Plates?  Earthway has the solution for you, the Earthway Seed Plate Storage Case.  Comes in a Vibrant Red Nylon Case and holds up to ten plates and wraps directly to the unit itself.


    Color: Red
    Material: Nylon

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  3. Seymour Hickory House Handle Cane

    Seymour Hickory House Handle Cane

    • Walking cane
    • Ideal for sorting livestock
    • 36 in. long
    • These may not be perfectly straight as they are made from hickory.
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  4. Gilmour Garden Chemical Duster D1

    Gilmour Garden Chemical Duster D1

    Gilmour's quality made duster has a rotating deflector for precise application of dry chemicals. The extra large opening makes filling and cleaning easy.
    • Applies up to 1lb. of dust
    • Will not dent or corrode
    • 15" wand with deflector provides better reach
    • Fast working
    • Large diameter pump
    • Extra large opening for easy fill and cleaning
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  5. Step2 Garden Kneeler Seat 534900

    Step2 Garden Kneeler Seat 534900


    A must for gardening, this bench allows you to kneel in cushioned comfort, and then turns over to serve as a seat at the proper height for any chore. Made in USA.


    • Seat features a padded cushion underneath for kneeling
    • Molded-in support handles for easy transport
    • Easy snap-together assembly
    • Sturdy double-wall construction
    • Weight limit 250 lbs.
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  6. Fiskars Power Gear Anvil Looper

    Fiskars Power Gear Anvil Looper


    PowerGear Anvil Lopper is extremely small and lightweight at just 15" and 13 ounces. The patented PowerGear makes pruning much easier especially for gardeners with lower hand and arm strength.

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  7. Weed Spinner Removal Tool WS1

    Weed Spinner Removal Tool WS1

    • Works with any cordless or electric drill
    • Removes weeds and entire roots with one spinning motion 
    • Weed Spinner Works on any surface (gravel, rock, gardens) 
    • Even removes tree seedlings 
    • Save time plus your back and knees 
    • No more bending down 
    • Eco-Friendly - No more harmful Chemicals 
    • It’s called the Greener-De-Weeder
    • Weed Spinner Makes a Great Gift
    • This product is so good your neighbor will want one.
    • Drill NOT included


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  8. Wall Control Garden Tool Pegboard Strip Rail 30GPS0332GVB

    Wall Control Garden Tool Pegboard Strip Rail 30GPS0332GVB


    Metal Pegboard Strip Garden Tool Organizer by Wall Control Storage Systems offers great wall garden tool storage for a great value. This pack of two 16" wide by 2.5" high pegboard strips can be mounted side by side or individually in different locations. This Garden Tool Organizer Kit also includes 4 Handled Tool Hangers which are great for hanging shovels, racks, hammers, buckets, or any other item with a handle. The pegboard strips are great for confined space garden tool storage and accept Wall Control's slotted pegboard accessories as well as conventional 1/4" pegboard hooks.

    Pack Includes:

    • (2) 16" x 2.5" Galvanized Pegboards
    • (4) Handle Hanging Holder Brackets 
    • Mounting Hardware and Instructions are Included
    • All Accessories are in Black
    • Made in The USA
    • Garden Tools not Included
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  9. Fiskars Small Power Gear Lopper

    Fiskars Small Power Gear Lopper


    Small PowerGear Lopper has a unique gear design that maximizes leverage to reduce cutting effort. It's high strength Nyglass handles are extremely durable and lightweight and reduce arm fatigue during extended use. The high carbon steel blade cuts branches up to 1-1/2 in diameter.

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  10. Fiskars Shear-Ease Grass Shears 92146964J

    Fiskars Shear-Ease Grass Shears 92146964J


    Sometimes it seems like you've got to practically stand on your head to get grass trimmed at the proper angle. Unless, of course, you're using a Shear EaseĀ® Grass Shears with its unique rotating blades that turn full circle to give you the best cutting angle in any situation. Guess you'll just have to save all those contortions for yoga class.

    Product Features
    • Patented mechanism prevents blades from jamming or sticking
    • Blades rotate 360 degrees for best cutting angle
    • Sharp, precision-ground blade edge
    • Fully hardened stainless steel blades hold sharp edge longer
    • FiberCompĀ® construction-reinforced fiberglass composite materials provide strength and durability
    • Cutting length-4-1/2 inches
    • Right or left-handed use
    • Lifetime warranty
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