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Gardening Equipment

Gardening Equipment

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  1. Suncast 225 ft. Smart Tank Hose Reel SMT200B

    Suncast 225 ft. Smart Tank Hose Reel SMT200B

    • Portable hose reel and storage box
    • Automatically tracks hose neatly onto reel
    • Easy reeling with half the effort
    • 225-foot hose capacity (5/8-inch)
    • Wheels for easy portability
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  2. Meyer Products 70 lb. Stainless Steel Walk Behind Spreader 38180

    Meyer Products 70 lb. Stainless Steel Walk Behind Spreader 38180


    Hotshots are designed to apply a variety of materials including top-dress sand, rock salt, ice melt, limestone and fertilizer. Maximum spread range is from 12- to 18-feet, depending on the model. For spreading in confined areas, Hotshots are equipped with an easy-to-remove deflector shield that prevents the material from flying too far. And all three Hotshot models feature ice-gripping tread pattern tires for enhanced traction. A custom-fit, see-through cover keeps the weather out and the material in.

    This is the staineless steel model.

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  3. Meyer Products 125 lb. Capacity ATV Spreader 31125

    Meyer Products 125 lb. Capacity ATV Spreader 31125


    Introducing the Meyer Base Line-125 spreader; it’s the perfect choice for those who want an economical, yet full-functioning, spreader for the back of their ATV vehicle. The BL-125’s low profile allows salt, calcium chloride, fertilizer and seed to disperse closer to the ground allowing better control of material output.

    At the heart of the BL-125 tailgate spreader is an elevated heavy-duty electric motor built to withstand the harshest winter conditions. A fitted rubber cover seals the motor protecting it and the drive system from the elements ensuring reliable performance. A poly weather cap keeps precipitation and moisture out for clump-free spreading. The BL-125 frame features corrosion resistant gloss black powder paint for years of reliable use.

    Weighing only 30 pounds, the Meyer Base Line 125 ATV Spreader arrives assembled in a box, so installation is quick and easy. The universal rear-rack mounting system allows you to attach the BL-125 spreader to the back of your ATV quickly and easily. Two poles conveniently insert into the mounting brackets and attaches with pins. Controlling the BL-125 is done from the comfort of the operator’s seat using an on/off switch with flow control. Operating the BL-125 couldn’t be easier.

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  4. Nordic Plow 36 Inch Perfect Shovel NAP-PS36

    Nordic Plow 36 Inch Perfect Shovel NAP-PS36


    The snow pusher by Nordic Plow is so unique that it is now called the Perfect Shovel! This shovel is perfect for the everyone who is tired of suffering from back pain while twisting, lifting and throwing snow the traditional way. The handle is designed to utilize your body weight and arm strength to push the snow, rather than your back to do the heavy lifting and twisting. The rounded edge is designed to glide over imperfections and cracks found in sidewalks, paver bricks, stone, and gravel driveways. Safe for all types of turf, from golf course greens to stadium turf and presently used by professional ground crews to remove snow, slush and even water from tarps and turf. The angle can be altered by changing the angle block to accommodate various uses - straight push for tight spaces, 5 degree for long driveways or sidewalks, 10 degrees for heavier snow. Pull the handle back quickly to change the angle from left to right to avoid spill over.

    Product Features:

    •  It has an adjustable handle with handle grips
    • It has either a rounded or sharp edge
    • It has 3 adjustable angles - straight, 5 degree, or 10 degree
    • You can change blade angles from left to right with a flip of the wrist

    Other than snow, this shovel can be used for much more!

    • Clearing aerated core plugs from golf course greens
    • Removing trash from stadiums after games or concerts
    • Pushing standing water from baseball infields or outfields
    • Smoothing out the field around home plate and base paths
    • Spreading paver brick sand and silicon during installation
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  5. Good Directions Bronze Hose Pot Lid 458VB

    Good Directions Bronze Hose Pot Lid 458VB


    Hose pot lids are a stylish way to cover your Hose Pot and will protect your hose from the elements. Crafted from solid brass with a rich verdigris finish, this hose pot lid will fit perfectly on our Hose Pot styles 448 through 457.

    Product Features:

    • The perfect cover designed to fit your Hose Pot (Styles 448 through 457)
    • Handcrafted in the Old World style with superior workmanship
    • Durable materials will withstand the elements
    • Dimensions: 11" H x 17" W
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  6. Good Directions Bronze Montego Hose Pot 440VB

    Good Directions Bronze Montego Hose Pot 440VB


    The sculptural dimple design on the Montego Hose Pot is intricate and elegant. Good Directions' hose pots were created to stylishly conceal unsightly and tangled garden hoses. Crafted from steel with a beautiful venetian bronze finish, this cleverly designed hose pot will contain the hose while eliminating kinks and snarls. Holes in the bottom of the pots provide drainage, and a convenient side hole allows the hose to stay connected to the faucet.

    Product Features:

    • Roomy enough for 150 feet of garden hose
    • Unique decorative alternative for storage
    • Handcrafted in from steel with a beautiful Venetian bronze finish
    • Durable materials withstand the elements
    • Holes in bottom provide drainage
    • Convenient side holes allow hose to stay connected to faucet
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  7. Gilmour Telescoping Tripod Impulse Sprinkler 1999TRI

    Gilmour Telescoping Tripod Impulse Sprinkler 1999TRI

    Product Features
    • Extra-large water jet for more coverage than standard pulsating heads
    • Water coverage up to 8500 sq. ft. (106 ft. diameter)
    • Trip levers for full or partial coverage with reversing full circle setting
    • Deflector dial to set distance
    • Impulse arm eliminates wasteful side and back splash
    • Diffuser screw allows for easy fingertip adjustment of water stream for even coverage
    • Sprinkler head has 3/4" NPT connection to base
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  8. Sandusky Lee 36"W x 60"L x 17"H Heavy-Duty Flat Wagon FW6036

    Sandusky Lee 36"W x 60"L x 17"H Heavy-Duty Flat Wagon FW6036


    Heavy duty steel mesh deck with 2" high side edges to keep items from rolling off. Heavy duty pneumatic tires for easy rolling over any surface. Auto-type steering keeps front wheels under corners of steel frame to prevent tipping. Large D-handle for easy grip. Green powder coat finish.


    Dimensions 36" W x 60" L x 17" H
    Weight Capacity 800 lbs.
    Tire Size 5" x 13"
    Color Green
    Product Weight 127 lbs.
    Handle Large D-handle
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  9. Suncast Garden Hose Cart 175' Capacity JNF175B

    Suncast Garden Hose Cart 175' Capacity JNF175B

    Product Features
    • 150' of 5/8" hose capacity
    • Shelf for watering accessories
    • Mounts securely to wall
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  10. Wheelbarrow Red Steel 6 Cu Ft. 30354

    Wheelbarrow Red Steel 6 Cu Ft. 30354


    Rural King's 6 cubic foot red steel wheelbarrow #30354 is an excellent choice for a mid-sized, medium duty wheelbarrow. This product is strong enough to move large loads, yet light enough to be easy to use. Use for gardening, construction, yard work, and a wide variety of other purposes! This durable, functional wheelbarrow features the following:

    • Seamless medium gauge (21 gauge) 6 cubic foot steel tray that is easy to clean and care for
    • All wood medium duty 1 ¾ inch thick handles to withstand transporting heavy soil, wood, supplies, or debris.
    • Front tray braces for extra support in working with heavy loads.
    • Pneumatic block tread 16 inch tire.

    Let the wheelbarrow do the heavy lifting around your lawn, garden, workshop, or farm! This tried and true lawn care implement is still very much a popular choice among homeowners. Streamline trips to the tool shed and around your property all year round.

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