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Gardening Equipment

Gardening Equipment

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  1. PIRIT 100ft Heated Hose PWL-03-100

    PIRIT 100ft Heated Hose PWL-03-100


    The 100 ft Heated Hose from Pirit will allow you to keep a constant water source all winter long without having to worry about freezing temperatures or busted hoses. A hose that works in below-freezing temperatures. Maintain a water line 24/7 throughout the winter or use for periodic tasks. No more lugging water buckets. No more draining hoses.

    • Drinking Water Safe.
    • Thermostatically controlled
    • Made with durable 150 psi PVC and quality
    • Nickel-Plated Brass fittings
    • Tested to minus 42° Fahrenheit (minus 41° Celsius.)
    • Works with standard 110V GFCI outlet.
    • 100' (1/2" inner diameter) 500 watts 4.50 amps 120 volts 60 hertz
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  2. Earthway Kentucky High Wheel Walk Behind Cultivator with Wooden Handles 6500W

    Earthway Kentucky High Wheel Walk Behind Cultivator with Wooden Handles 6500W


    Save money and time working in your garden with the EarthWay® 6500W Kentucky Style High Wheel Cultivator! Ideal for a multitude of garden jobs, from light plowing and hilling to furrowing, and cultivating the 6500W is a very versatile tool. Handles are the traditional style made from Oak, with the framing constructed of heavy-duty powder coated tubular steel for long life. The 24-inch steel wheel makes operating the cultivator through the soil effortlessly and quicker than comparable models. The 3-Position adjustable height handle and tool bar depth makes the 6500W and easy fit to individual needs.

    Please note: The 6500 is not intended for use as a groundbreaking tool. It requires soil that has been plowed or tilled. 
    Product Features:
    • Kentucky Style Oak Handles
    • 3-Position height adjustable handle – for hours of comfortable use
    • Heavy-duty powder coated tubular steel frame
    • Easy change tool bar for quick tool installation
    • Large 24" steel wheel - easy handling in deep soil or rough terrain
    • Includes: 5-Tine Cultivator, Moldboard Plow, and Twin End Furrow Plow
    • 5-Year Limited Warranty
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  3. Fiskars Power Gear Hedge Shears 91896935J

    Fiskars Power Gear Hedge Shears 91896935J


    Let's conduct an experiment. Look at your hand, please. Make a fist, simulating the motion you use when you squeeze the handles on a pair of shears. See how your fingers curl into your palm? Our engineers noticed that movement, too-and crafted these astonishing shears to complement that hand's natural dynamics. Not only are they far friendlier to your body than traditional models, they also magnify your cutting strength. And wonder of wonders, they cut with speed and precision right down to the tips of the precision-ground blades. Even that's not all...

    Product Features
    • PowerGear® mechanism increases leverage to make cutting 3X easier than single pivot shears
    • The only hedge shears to be awarded the Arthritis Foundation® Ease-of-Use Commendation
    • Sharp, precision-ground blade edge
    • Fully hardened blade holds sharp edge longer
    • Corrosion resistant, non-stick blade coating reduces friction to make cutting easier
    • Cuts the entire length of the blade
    • FiberComp® handles-reinforced fiberglass composite materials provide strength and durability
    • Shock absorbing bumper for comfort
    • Cutting length-9 inches
    • Lifetime warranty
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  4. Agri-Fab 25 Gallon Tow Sprayer 45-0293

    Agri-Fab 25 Gallon Tow Sprayer 45-0293


    Product Features:

    • Flexibility - Hand wand sprays up to 30 feet for hard to reach trees and bushes.
    • Durability - No clog spray nozzle.
    • Capacity - 25 gallon capacity.


    Model Number  45-0293
    Weight  53 lbs.
    Assembled Product Size   55" x 26" x 20"  
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  5. Sandusky Lee Poly Dump Wagon CW4622

    Sandusky Lee Poly Dump Wagon CW4622


    Product Features:

    • Strong poly-deck, high rimmed tub with steel fram construction
    • Hauls up to 1000 lbs.
    • Large 13" pneumatic tires roll over any surface with ease
    • Convertible 2-in-1 handle can be pulled or hooked to a lawn tractor/ATV
    • Powder coat finish
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  6. Good Directions Bronze La Jolla Hose Pot 449VB

    Good Directions Bronze La Jolla Hose Pot 449VB


    The sculptural segmented design and leaf motif of the La Jolla Hose Pot is intricate and elegant. Good Directions' hose pots were created to stylishly conceal unsightly and tangled garden hoses. Crafted from steel with a beautiful venetian bronze finish, this cleverly designed hose pot will contain the hose while eliminating kinks and snarls. Holes in the bottom of the pots provide drainage, and a convenient side hole allows the hose to stay connected to the faucet.

    Product Features:

    • Roomy enough for 150 feet of garden hose
    • Unique decorative alternative for storage
    • Handcrafted in from steel with a beautiful Venetian bronze finish
    • Durable materials withstand the elements
    • Holes in bottom provide drainage
    • Convenient side holes allow hose to stay connected to faucet
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  7. Sandusky Lee 2-Tier Steel Wagon TW3820

    Sandusky Lee 2-Tier Steel Wagon TW3820


    Product Features:

    • 20" W x 38" L x 36" H
    • Two heavy-duty steel mesh decks for more space to haul items
    • 2" high edges keep items from rolling off
    • Four heavy-duty 10" pneumatic wheels, front two pivot for easy maneuverability
    • Large "U" handle with foam rubber cover and easy handling
    • Green powder coat finish
    • Bottom deck has 330 lb. load capacity
    • Upper deck has 220 lb. load capacity
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  8. Fimco Dry Material Spreader ATV-DMS-12V

    Fimco Dry Material Spreader ATV-DMS-12V


    Have some granulated material that needs to be evenly distributed over a wide area? Get the Fimco Dry Material Spreader ATV-DMS-12V to accomplish this job.

    Imagine: the church or business parking lot is ice coated and it is only a few hours before people start arriving. A sack of ice melt and a cup will just be a pain. You end up with little piles in one area and no coverage in others. Calls about broken bones and fractured hips start spinning in your head. Or the lawn needs a boost of fertilizer.

    You know from last year’s efforts there will be big green clumps to the little wimpy blades and bare spots. Apparently some grass got a hearty meal while other spots were fasting. Hand fertilizing is not the way. Or you wanted to sow a patch of turnips in the fall.

    When the seedlings came up there was a lot of plant thinning to do. What a waste of seed! The Fimco Dry Material Spreader is the way to end the disaster scenarios. This great gadget hums on its own battery power and can spread a field of 5 to 45 feet.

    • If you are not interested in our doomsday reasons you should buy, know the features are:
    • 2.2 cubic foot poly hopper
    • 12 volt motor with variable speed control (VSC-10) and On/Off switch
    • Stainless Steel Radial 6-Blade Fan
    • Holds up to 145 lbs. potash or 99 lbs. urea
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  9. Good Directions Bronze Hose Pot Lid 458VB

    Good Directions Bronze Hose Pot Lid 458VB


    Hose pot lids are a stylish way to cover your Hose Pot and will protect your hose from the elements. Crafted from solid brass with a rich verdigris finish, this hose pot lid will fit perfectly on our Hose Pot styles 448 through 457.

    Product Features:

    • The perfect cover designed to fit your Hose Pot (Styles 448 through 457)
    • Handcrafted in the Old World style with superior workmanship
    • Durable materials will withstand the elements
    • Dimensions: 11" H x 17" W
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  10. Farm Innovators Floating Pond Deicer Green 1250 Watt P-418

    Farm Innovators Floating Pond Deicer Green 1250 Watt P-418


    Farm Innovators Premium Cast Aluminum Floating Pond Deicer Model P-418. Keeps Water in Pond From Completely Freezing During the Winter.


    • Thermostatically controlled to operate automatically
    • 1250 watts of power
    • Premium cast aluminum design safe to use in all ponds up to 600 gallons
    • 10 foot supply cord
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