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Sprayers & Accessories

Sprayers & Accessories

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A sprayer is a product that is used to spray a liquid. There are sprayers that you attach to water hose to spray water, and there are sprayers that are used to spray herbicides, fertilizers and pesticides. Sprayers are typically used in agriculture. Farmers use them in their fields and gardens to improve and protect their crop growth.

Rural King has the Fimco 300 Gal 3pt. 28' Boom Sprayer, which is great for large fields of crops, because it holds 300 gallons of liquid and will cover a large area. The Agri-Fab 25 Gallon Tow Sprayer is another great option, and it has a hand wand that allows you spray 30 feet, enabling you to spray trees and bushes.

If you need a smaller option you can get the Agri-Fab 15 gallon tow sprayer. This one also has the hand wand to reach the hard to reach bushes and trees. Sprayers make watching your crops grow free of pests easy to do.