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Landscaping - Lawn Ornaments - DEC

Landscaping - Lawn Ornaments - DEC

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  1. Woodstock My Butterfly Chime BFC

    Woodstock My Butterfly Chime BFC


    Product Description

    This chime's light, airy tones complement the butterfly's carefree dance. In Robert Frost's first published poem, My Butterfly, he pays homage to the ephemeral beauty of this exquisite creature. We designed this chime to do the same. Its gentle tones seem to float on the breeze just like the butterfly as it flutters about our gardens.

    • Dimensions: 21.5 in. Overall Length
    • Materials: Black wash finish pine wood, 5 bronze anodized aluminum tubes, rust finish steel windcatcher.
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  2. Woodstock Coconut Bamboo Chime-Large C200

    Woodstock Coconut Bamboo Chime-Large C200


    This traditional design's soothing tones transport you to the tropics.Bamboo gives our Asli Arts chimes a mellow, musical and enchanting sound unlike any other chime. By hand-toning each tube and selecting a range of sizes, each chime produces a unique melody.

    • Dimensions: 36.5 in. Overall Length
    • Materials: Hand-carved bamboo top, 6 bamboo tubes.
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  3. Woodstock Pachelbel Canon Chime-Bronze PCCB

    Woodstock Pachelbel Canon Chime-Bronze PCCB


    Product Description

    The chime is tuned to the beloved sounds of Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D.With its graceful melody and stately tempo, it is a popular choice as a wedding processional, for within its measures we hear the sounds of hope, joy, love and promise.

    The clever design incorporates 4 small rods that harmonize beautifully with the 6 chime tubes.

    • Dimensions: 32.5 in. Overall Length
    • Materials: Bubinga finish ash wood, 6 bronze anodized aluminum tubes, 4 bronze anodized aluminum rods.
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  4. Woodstock Hanging Gong WCBHG

    Woodstock Hanging Gong WCBHG


    Product Description

    The brilliant sound of a traditional Chinese gong in a contemporary design. A stunning addition to any home, this gong has a beautiful tone that shimmers and changes as the gong's vibrations slowly cease. A real wonder and a great find.

    • Dimensions: 17.5 in. Overall Length, 10 in. Diameter Gong
    • Materials: Black hardwood, hand-hammered brass gong.
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  5. Woodstock Chime of Lun LWS

    Woodstock Chime of Lun LWS


    Product Description

    A distinctly Chinese tuning celebrates one of the world's oldest cultures. This relaxing and tranquil chime plays the pentatonic scale of ancient China introduced by Ling Lun, a court musician under Emperor Huang-Ti. This chime has one of the largest ranges of all the Woodstock Chimes.

    • Dimensions: 36 in. Overall Length
    • Materials: Ash wood, 6 silver anodized aluminum tubes.
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  6. Good Directions White Vinyl Boxford Post 999136

    Good Directions White Vinyl Boxford Post 999136


    Vinyl post featuring a sqared boxed base and decorative cap giving solid support to large bird house or feeder. Painted white. 

    Product Features:

    • Made in the USA
    • Made of Solid Cellular Vinyl, a wood alternative that gives the look and feel of wood with little maintenance
    • Painted white
    • Dimensions: 5 1/2" Square x 105" H
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  7. Next Innovations Lawn Stake Dragonfly LGSDFLY

    Next Innovations Lawn Stake Dragonfly LGSDFLY


    Product Features:

    • 12" x 8.5"
    • 28" steel rod included
    • Great addition to any garden!
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  8. 50' Foot Sprinkler Hose

    50' Foot Sprinkler Hose


    ATTENTION: The Manufacturer May Vary

    • Ideal for new grass, gardens, tress, and shrubs
    • Consistent gentle spray
    • White stripe indicates proper positioning
    • Full-Flo brass couplings for unrestricted water flow
    • Lightweight and flexible for easy handling
    • Removable end cap for flushing
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  9. Woodstock Chimalong XR

    Woodstock Chimalong XR


    Product Description

    Has 11 musically-tuned tubes and a cool stand. The XR stands for eXtended Range (the Chimalong has 8 notes, the Chimalong XR has 11). This product is lively and fun. Kids stand and play, just like a professional musician. The Chimalong XR is tuned to a diatonic scale starting on the note G, one octave and a fifth above middle C on the piano. The scale is: G A B C D E F G A B C. This is a C Major scale starting on G. The upper 8 notes are those found on the original, award-winning Chimalong. The ChimalongXR comes with a 28-page instructional songbook that contains 16 songs arranged especially for the extended range of this instrument. It also comes with 2 mallets and a detachable music stand.

    • Age Grade: Ages 3+
    • Dimensions: 29 in. Long, 17 in. Wide, 26 in. Tall (33 in. Tall with music stand attached)
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  10. Woodstock Capiz Solar Chime-White C713

    Woodstock Capiz Solar Chime-White C713


    Product Description

    A wondrous combination of light and sound with a solar-powered light. A very cool chime with an integrated solar-powered light that comes on automatically when the sun goes down.

    • Dimensions: 24 in. Overall Length
    • Materials: 2-inch white capiz (104 total round capiz), black steel top with s-hook, solar-powered light.
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