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Pest Control

Pest Control

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  1. Yellow Jacket & Wasp Trap

    Yellow Jacket & Wasp Trap

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  2. Tomcat with Bromethalin, 1Oz. Bait Chunx (4 Lb. Pail), 22244

    Tomcat with Bromethalin, 1Oz. Bait Chunx (4 Lb. Pail), 22244


    Product Description

    Tomcat with Bromethalin is a cutting-edge product, providing an alternate mode of  action.  This acute non-anticoagulant provides sure, fast control*. Rodents stop feeding after eating a toxic dose of Tomcat with Bromethalin, so more rodents are controlled with less bait. There is a reduced risk of secondary poisoning; pets are less likely to be harmed if they accidentally eat a poisoned rodent.

    Product Features

    • For use in & around agricultural buildings.
    • Kills Anticoagulant Resistant Norway
      Rats, Roof Rats & House Mice.
    • Norway Rats, Roof Rats, & House
      Mice Cease Feeding After Consuming
      a Toxic Dose.
    • 1Oz. Bait Chunx in 4 Lb. Pail

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  3. Quick Kill Mouse Trap

    Quick Kill Mouse Trap


    The Victor® Quick Kill Mouse Trap is easy to use, highly effective, and provides an instant kill. The Quick Kill is set with one simple “click” and poses no risk to fingers. The trap was design with a covered bait trough, which can is easy be baited with any of their favorite foods.

    For maximum mouse control, traps can be placed along walls where mice run. Once the trap is triggered by a mouse lifting the bait cover, the power bar is immediately released and closes for quick, precision kill. When the rodent is trapped, a simple release mechanism opens the mouse trap to dispose of the rodent hygienically – ensuring clean removal without contact.

    Quick Kill mouse traps are also equipped with a built-in safety catch and contain no poisons, so they are an ideal rodent control choice for households with children or pets. Constructed from durable plastic, each mouse trap can be reused multiple times.

    Victor® Quick Kill Mouse Traps are the perfect for use anywhere in the home. These mouse traps should be placed where rodents travel, such as along walls at 2 to 3 foot intervals.

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  4. Bonide Pruning Sealer (14 Oz), 221

    Bonide Pruning Sealer (14 Oz), 221


    Product Description

    Seal your pruned or damaged trees and shrubs with Bonide Pruning Sealer. This ready to spray sealer may be used during any season to seal the wounds of pruned, grafted, torn bark, or accidental damage on fruit trees, ornamental trees, shrubs, and roses. To assure a heavy coating and complete seal to your plants or to waterproof wooden tubs or planting pots, simply spray generously. Protect your damaged trees and shrubs with Bonide Pruning Sealer.

    Product Features

    • A Superior Protective Seal for pruned, grafted or damaged trees, roses or shrubs.
    • Contains an Antiseptic and a Sealant to kill and keep out infections and insects.
    • Won’t burn or run.
    • Also can be used to waterproof planting pots, wooden tubs, canvas.
    • blends with tree bark.
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  5. Duke Trap #1 Coil Spring 4" Jaw Mink Muskrat #469

    Duke Trap #1 Coil Spring 4" Jaw Mink Muskrat #469


    Coil Spring Traps are foot-hold restraining devices used to catch and hold wild animals. This style of trap has been in use since the early part of the 20th century and is widely accepted as a cost effective and efficient tool for managing wildlife populations. Coil Spring Traps are manufactured of steel components and powered by a set of compact coil springs.

    • Size: #1 CS
    • Model: 0469
    • Jaw Spread: 4"
    • Target Animal: Mink, Muskrat and Raccoon
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  6. Mosquito & Gnat Scat  5 Lb.

    Mosquito & Gnat Scat 5 Lb.


    Mosquito Repelling Granules create a repellent barrier around the area to be protected, and provides a safe alternative for mosquito control in poison sensitive spaces such as homes, pools and patios and it lasts SEVEN times longer than any similar mosquito repellent on the market today.

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  7. Hawk, Rodenticide 1.5 Oz. Place Pac (86 Count Pail), 31186

    Hawk, Rodenticide 1.5 Oz. Place Pac (86 Count Pail), 31186


    Product Description

    HAWK can kill rats and mice in a single feeding with its powerful anticoagulant bromadiolone. Use HAWK with confidence for unsurpassed control, even against warfarin resistant "super-rats." Rats and mice die in 4 or 5 days after eating just a single-feeding of HAWK. A superior formulation makes HAWK irresistible to rats and mice.

    Product Features

    • 1.5oz pelleted place pacs & loose pelleted bait
    • Active Ingredient Bromadiolone (Single Feed Anticoagulant) 
    • Controls Norway and roof rats, house mice
    • Use Indoors/Outdoors
    • Kills in a single feeding. 
    • Kills warfarin resistant rodents. 
    • Superior Pelleted Formula
    • 1.5 oz Place Pac in 86 Count Pail
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  8. 5 lb. Golden Marlin Fly Bait

    5 lb. Golden Marlin Fly Bait

    • Contains Muscamone Fly Attractant.
    • Flies die rapidly after feeding on product.
    • For use as an outdoor scatterbait.
    • Easy to use, homogenous - consistent formula assures killing power down to the last grain of product.
    • Approved as a scatterbait around enclosed dumpster sites.

    How It Works Once attracted to the bait by Muscamone sex attractant, flies feed on the active ingredient, methomyl, which is impregnated into a sugar granule. Flies die rapidly after ingesting the bait.

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  9. Reckitt & Benckiser d-CON Rat & Mouse Killer Ready Mix 12 Oz 202

    Reckitt & Benckiser d-CON Rat & Mouse Killer Ready Mix 12 Oz 202

    Regular Price: $4.99

    Special Price: $3.99

    • Easy-to-use bait- trays
    • Comes with 4 pre-filled bait trays
    • Kills warfarin-resistant house mice & Norway rats
    • Prevents future problems
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  10. One Bite Rat and Mouse Bait 100504296 (86/Pail)

    One Bite Rat and Mouse Bait 100504296 (86/Pail)


    Rat/mouse killer pellet packs size 1.5 ounce Kills Norway rats, roof rats, warfarin resistant Norway rats and house mice. For use in and around agricultural buildings only. Pests may consume a lethal dose in one single night's feeding with first dead rodents appearing 4 or 5 days after feeding begins. Treated with S-methoprene to protect the bait from infestation by insects. Contains 86 no touch pellet packs. Contains the active ingredient Bromadiolene.

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