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Cultivators-Tillers & Accessories

Cultivators-Tillers & Accessories

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  1. Southland 43 CC, 2 Cycle Mini Cultivator S-CV-43

    Southland 43 CC, 2 Cycle Mini Cultivator S-CV-43


    The Southland 43 CC, 2 Cycle Mini Cultivator is easy to start, via manual recoil. This mini cultivator has a lot more power than you would expect out of a small motor. The Southland 43 CC Cultivator is lightweight and easy to handle and move.

    The mini cultivator works great for gardens and flower beds. It makes cultivating jobs a lot easier and more manageable. The Southland 43 cc Cultivator helps with soil preparation when it comes to garden maintenance, as well as getting un-worked plots ready. Its size makes it easy to use between plants and rows, instead of using a hoe and a lot of hard back breaking work for soil preparation, this mini cultivator makes the job of keeping weeds out of gardens and flowers easy to do.

    Product Features

    • Manual recoil easy start fuel delivery system
    • Adjustable tilling widths
    • 8-inch tine diameter with up to 5-inch tilling depth
    • Direct gear drive with clutch
    • 2 rear, 7" wheels
    • 3 pieces, folding handle
    • Front carrying handle
    • 2 year limited warranty
    • EPA & CARB certified
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  2. Classic Accessories Rototiller Cover 5204001040100

    Classic Accessories Rototiller Cover 5204001040100


    The Rototiller Cover keeps dirt, debris and weather out of the tiller motor. This cover is made to fit rototillers up to 46 inches long, 22 inches wide, 41 inches high in the back and 17 inches high in the front.

    Product Features:

    • Weather-X™ fabric with water-resistant backing for extra weather and abrasion protection
    • Fast protection when storing or on the job
    • Protects against UV damage, rain, dirt, birds and tree sap
    • Elastic hem cord in bottom hem with adjustable cord-lock for a quick and custom fit
    • Click-close strap quickly secures cover to rototiller
    • Integrated storage bag
    • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
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  3. Agri-Fab Sleeve Hitch Scraper Box 45-0265

    Agri-Fab Sleeve Hitch Scraper Box 45-0265


    Product Features:

    • Durable - 3/16" steel blade for hardworking, hard-wearing strength.
    • Flexible - 3/16" steel blade for hardworking, hard-wearing strength.

    Note: Requires sleeve hitch for operation; consult tractor manufacturer for sleeve hitch.


    Model Number 45-0265
    Weight 81 lbs.
    Assembled Product Size    27" x 45" x 18"   


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  4. Mantis Classic 2-Cycle Mini Tiller / Cultivator 7225

    Mantis Classic 2-Cycle Mini Tiller / Cultivator 7225


    Stop Struggling and Save Your Back! The Mantis Tiller/Cultivator is the incredible lightweight tiller that has made gardening easier for more than two million people. The Mantis Tiller is a 20 pound garden and yard wonder that’s making the hard and painful work of old-fashioned hand tools…OBSOLETE! This lightweight, easy-to-use garden powerhouse will help you to get all your garden chores done faster and easier than you ever dreamed possible. From busting tough sod, to weeding around delicate plants…even digging a planting hole…the Mantis does it all!

    At just 20 lbs, the Mantis Tiller is the original and still the lightest-weight, easiest-to-handle small tiller…ever made! Designed for small gardeners just like ourselves, the Mantis Tiller is a lightweight, single solution powerhouse for all your garden chores. Plus…it’s incredibly easy-to-lift, easy-to-carry, and easy-to-move around the yard…for virtually anyone!

    The real secret to the Mantis’ extraordinary performance is the patented, reversible serpentine tines. Designed specifically for the Mantis, they are fully patented, virtually unbreakable and guaranteed for the life of your tiller. Tough enough to bust the toughest sod …and when reversed, nimble enough for delicate weeding.

    The Mantis is a remarkably nimble cultivator, perfect for weeding around delicate plants. Plus, the Mantis Tiller can…Speed Weed…most gardens in under 20 minutes! Saving you time…and, saving your back!

    You'll use the Mantis Tiller to create new flower beds and vegetable gardens, maintain existing gardens, quickly dig planting holes for trees and shrubs, and more.

    • 9" Tilling Width
    • Uses gas/oil mixture in the tank
    • Reliable Easy-To-Start Engine - It's a true commercial-grade two-cycle engine with pushbutton priming for quick, easy starts, time after time.
    • Throttle-Activated Centrifugal Clutch - The tines engages only when you squeeze the throttle. So, the Mantis Tiller gives you greater control; you won't have to worry about a "runaway" tiller.
    • Virtually Indestructible Power Train - Precision steel-cut gear system in heavy-duty cast housing for durability.
    • Compact Design - The Mantis Tiller/Cultivator easily gets into tight places where no big tiller can go.
    • Lightweight - At just 20 lbs., the Mantis Tiller weighs less than other lightweight tiller/cultivators. But its pure muscle, designed for hard work and long life.
    • 10" Tilling Depth - With The Mantis Tiller/Cultivator you can till up to 10" deep. You'll have better soil. And better soil is the foundation of better gardening.
    • High-Speed Operation - Revolving at 240 rpm the Mantis Tiller patented tines make fast work of many gardening chores.
    • Patented Reversible "Serpentine" Tines - Their exclusive design helps the Mantis Tiller/Cultivator dig deep even into the hardest soil, instead of bouncing around like other mini-tillers.
    • Lifetime Guarantee Against Broken Tines - Mantis is so confident in their patented tines if one of them ever breaks, they'll replace it for free. No matter how long you've owned your tiller.
    • Comfortable Grips - Handle grips are comfortable, even when using the tiller in rocky soil!


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  5. Agri-Fab Sleeve Hitch Row Crop Cultivator 45-0264

    Agri-Fab Sleeve Hitch Row Crop Cultivator 45-0264


    Product Features:

    • Durable - 7 durable, spring steel tangs and adjustable skid depth.
    • Flexible - Adjustable working width from 18" to 42".

    Note: Requires sleeve hitch for operation; consult your tractor manufacturer for sleeve hitch attachment.


    Model Number  45-0264
    Weight 44 lbs.
    Assembled Product Size    32" x 41" x 15"   
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  6. Echo 21.2 CC Tiller / Cultivator TC-210

    Echo 21.2 CC Tiller / Cultivator TC-210


    The Echo TC-210 tiller/cultivator offers tremendous performance from a compact package! With the 21.2 cc Power Boost Vortex engine, 4 tines measuring 9 inches wide and a 5 year consumer warranty this tiller is ready to get any garden started!

    Engine Displacement (cc) 21.2
    Carburetor  Diaphragm w/ Purge Pump
    Starting System Standard
    Fuel Capacity (fl. oz) 14.9
    Furrow Width (in) 9
    Number of Tines  4
    Dry Weight (lbs) 21.6
    Consumer Warranty 5 yrs
    Commercial Warranty 2 yrs
    Rental Warranty 90 Days
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  7. Southland Front Tine Tiller 21" 140cc SFTT142

    Southland Front Tine Tiller 21" 140cc SFTT142

    • Manual recoil start
    • 11", 16" & 21" tilling width
    • 11" tine diameter
    • Gear drive system
    • Forward rotating tines
    • 8" rear wheels
    • Folding, loop grip handles
    • Swing tail with drag stake
    • 2 year limited warranty
    • EPA certified
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