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Seeds - Soils - Mulch

Seeds - Soils - Mulch

The perfect landscape starts with the perfect soil. Potting soils provide a loose, well-draining planting medium. The next step is to choose the right grass seeds to plant. Grass seeds are available in different varieties for different climates. Choosing the right grass for your climate is essential. Un-blended grasses do well in warm season southern states where temperatures typically exceeds 80°F. In cool season states, a blend of permanent grasses is best. Landscaping mulch will increase plant life and the appearance of your landscape.

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  1. Peony Support  Single 14 X 24

    Peony Support Single 14 X 24


    Keeps flowers fragile blooms erect as plant matures. Supports plants against damaging winds and rain. PVC coated metal. Ring separates for easy installation around more mature plants.

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  2. Mixed Grass Seed 5lb

    Mixed Grass Seed 5lb

  3. X-Seed Quick & Thick Grass Seed 10lb

    X-Seed Quick & Thick Grass Seed 10lb

    Product Features
    • Fills in bare spots, establishes new lawns quickly
    • Grows in Sun & Shade
    • 100% Perennial Grass Seed
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  4. 14 ft. x 14 ft. Tree Netting

    14 ft. x 14 ft. Tree Netting


    Tree netting with diamond aperture. Protection for your lush fruit from pesky birds and other animals. Constructed Of Durable Materials and Reusable Season After Season

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  5. Kentucky 3lb Bluegrass Blend Grass Seed

    Kentucky 3lb Bluegrass Blend Grass Seed

  6. Schultz Sorghum-Sudangrass 50 lb Bag

    Schultz Sorghum-Sudangrass 50 lb Bag


    Sorgum-Sudangrass is a high performing proven Sorghum x Sudan Hybrid. It is a very sweet palatable forage that can be used for green chop, hay or summer pasture. It also works exceptionally well as highly competitive cover crop to provide large amounts of organic matter, cycle nutrients, suppress weeds, and loosen soil -with its deep penetrating root system. It works well for windbreak purposes with is tall growth and standability.


    • Capable of Very Fast Regrowth for Multiple Cuttings
    • A Very Sweet Palatable Forage
    • Very Leafy with Fine Stems
    • Low Prussic Acid Levels

    Warning: Sorghum x Sudangrass should not be grazed before 18 inches high, during or immediately after any severe stress, or before regrowth is 12 to 18 inches high after cutting. Mares with foal should not graze sorghum x sudangrass, nor be fed greenchop or hay made from sorghum x sudangrass.

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  7. Schultz Turf & Forage Sun & Shade Turf Mix 50 lb Bag

    Schultz Turf & Forage Sun & Shade Turf Mix 50 lb Bag


    For a quality "all-purpose" lawn, here's an optimal mixture that thrives under full sun as well as moderate shade. An excellent choice for new lawns or inter-seeding.

    • 50%     2 Improved Kentucky Bluegrass
    • 30%     Creeping Red Fescue
    • 20%     Perennial Ryegrass
    Northern Zone Planting Dates

    Early to mid-spring

    Late summer to early fall

    Transitional Zone Planting Dates NA
    Southern Zone Planting Dates NA
    Planting Depth 1/4 inch
    Amount of Sunlight 1/2 day of sunlight
    Soil pH 6.5 - 7.0
    Fertilizer Starter such as 12-12-12 at seeding; follow up in 6 weeks with slow release fertilizer such as 25-0-8
    Primary Usage Residential and commercial lawns
    Soil Type Most soil types. Soil pH is a more important variable
    How to See 'How To' Tab
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  8. Positively Red Mulch 2 Cu. Ft.

    Positively Red Mulch 2 Cu. Ft.


    Red Colored Mulch is a recycled product made from scrap pallets and virgin wood which is chip-ground into strips about ½" by 2-3 inches long and colored red. It does lose its color after about 2 years. A fresh annual cover keeps it looking very red. When it is dumped on the drive it will leave a red stain so plan accordingly if you have a nice cement driveway. A tarp will help keep some of the red off the drive, but makes shoveling more difficult. Rain will make it bleed so move it before the rains come. Dumping it in the grass will keep the drive clean but it is very difficult to get it all out of the lawn.

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  9. Timothy Seed 50 Lb

    Timothy Seed 50 Lb

    • Sowing rate alone: 6-8#/acre
    • Sowing rate in a mixture:2#/ acre
    • Thrives on rich, moist, heavy soils with pH range of 4.8-6.5
    • Late, hardy, bunch-type grass with high palatability has shallow root system. Mostly used in hay mixtures with legumes can be grazed with long rest period.
  10. Schultz 50 Bag of Perennial Ryegrass Seed

    Schultz 50 Bag of Perennial Ryegrass Seed


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