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Yard Equipment

Yard Equipment

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  1. Earthway Seed Plates Set Of Six 60009

    Earthway Seed Plates Set Of Six 60009


    Product Description

    Standard seed plate set includes six seed plates: sweet corn, radish, carrot, beans, peas, and beet. Plant a variety of seeds, including corn, radishes, leeks, asparagus, spinach, carrots, lettuce, turnips, cabbage, endive, onions, tomatoes, beans, peas, beets, okra, swiss chard, and more. These 6 plates do come with the the seeder 1001B.

    Includes plates:

    • 18100 - 7.2" Spacing: Sweet Corn
    • 18101 - 3" Spacing: Radishes, leeks asparagus, spinach and other fine seeds
    • 18102 - 4.5" Spacing: Carrots, lettuce, turnip, cabbage, onions, endive, tomatoes and other fine seeds
    • 18103 - 3.6" Spacing: Beans and small peas
    • 18104 - 3" Spacing: Peas, jumbo and early June Peas
    • 18105 - 3.6" Spacing: Beets, okra, Swiss Chard, and other medium seeds
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  2. Scotts Handy Green II Hand Held Spreader 71133-1

    Scotts Handy Green II Hand Held Spreader 71133-1


    Product Description

    The Scotts Handy Green II 1,000 sq. ft. Handheld Spreader features an ergonomic design to reduce wrist fatigue and heavy-duty construction with a rustproof hopper and agitator for lasting durability. The broadcast spreader is ideal for applying lawn seed, fertilizer and even ice-melting products.

    Product Features

    • Great for applying Fertilizer, Grass Seed, and Ice Melt.
    • Recommended use with Scotts Turf Builder: Early Spring, Late Spring, Summer, and Fall.
    • Holds up to 1,000 sq. ft. of fertilizer, grass seed or ice melt
    • Broadcast spread pattern throws fertilizer in a wide swath for more uniform coverage
    • Ergonomically hand-held design offers comfort and ease of operation
    • Designed for small applications of grass seed, fertilizer and ice melt
    • Rustproof hopper for added durability
    • Easy to Clean

    Spreader Settings

    • Spreader setting range from light to moderate to heavy.
    • Setting 1 and 2 are recommended for light: seed.
    • Setting 2 and 3 is recommend for moderate: fertilizer.
    • Setting 5 is recommend for heavy: ice melt

    Usage Tips

    • To increase application rate, adjust spreader setting to a higher number.
    • Application rates may vary depending on crank and walking speed.
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  3. Precision Multipurpose Hand Spreader HHBS-125

    Precision Multipurpose Hand Spreader HHBS-125


    Product Description

    An easy way to weed, feed, and seed for a beautiful lawn!

    Product Features

    • The hopper holds approximately 6 pounds of pelletized fetilizer or ice melt, or 3 pounds of seed.
    • Hand crank turns clockwise to apply product.
    • Easy to clean

    Recommended Selector Settings

    • Fine Grass Seed - Setting: 1
    • Coarse Grass Seed - Setting: 2
    • Granular Fertilizer - Setting: 3
    • Weed & Feed and Ice Melt - Setting: 4
    • Weed Control and Rock Salt - Setting: 5

    Directions for Using the Multipurpose Hand Spreader

    1. Push slector toward hopper to close. Fill hopper will desired marterial over pavement.
    2. Adjust the selector setting to the most desired setting per the table (above).
    3. To apply the product evenly, walk at a normal pace while turning the hand crank clockwise.
    4. Apply all products in accordance with the product manufacturer's instructions.
    5. Avoid spreading in the wind. Never spread toxic or hazardous material without protective gear.
    6. Rinse spreader thoroughly after use.
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  4. Over the Shoulder Spreader

    Over the Shoulder Spreader


    Evenly distributes seed, light weight fertilizer, granular and other materials.

    • Sturdy zip top canvas bag
    • Calibrated flow rate adjuster
    • Adjustable shoulder strap
    • Sturdy man made fibre strap
    • Stainless steel rate gate
    • Handy calibration chart
    • 25lb. capacity (approximately)
    • Easy on/off controls
    • .
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  5. Poulan Hyrdro Belt 539110411

    Poulan Hyrdro Belt 539110411


    Product Features:

    • Lawn Mower Belt For AYP # 539110411 
    • Laminated, Aramid cord construction
    • Lawn Mower Belt


    • Width (in.): 1/2"
    • Length (in.): 56" 
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  6. MTD Joint Assembly with Lock Ball 923-0448A

    MTD Joint Assembly with Lock Ball 923-0448A


    Product Features:

    • Replaces: 723-0448A, 7230448A, 723-0448AP, 7230448AP
    • Genuine Brand OEM MTD Replacement Part
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  7. AYP 42" Mower Shield Deflector 130968

    AYP 42" Mower Shield Deflector 130968


    The AYP 42" Mower Shield Deflector  is a replacement deflector for part numbers 139450, 171859, 532130968, 532139450, 539110461, 130968X418, and 130968X428.

    Product Features:

    • Black Plastic
    • Replacement piece
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  8. MTD 91" Replacement V-Belt 954-0467A

    MTD 91" Replacement V-Belt 954-0467A


    The MTD 91" Replacement V-Belt, manufacturer number 954-0467A, is an MTD Original equipment part. The 954-0467A is designed for the Lower Drive belt for 600 series, auto drive mowers from the years of 1999 to 2003. 


    • Length (in.) 91"
    • Width (in.): 5/8"
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  9. AYP 54" Mulch Blade 187255

    AYP 54" Mulch Blade 187255


    The AYP 54in. Mulch Blade is a replacement blade that fits: Husqvarana, Rotary, Oregon and Poulan.

    Product Dimensions:

    • Length (in.): 18-1/2"
    • Width (in.): 2-1/2"
    • Thickness (in.): .187"
    • Center Hole: 5 Point Star
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  10. AYP 46" Hi Lift Bagger Mower Blade 405380

    AYP 46" Hi Lift Bagger Mower Blade 405380


    The AYP 46" Hi Lift Bagger Mower Blade, manufacturer number: 405380, is a 22-7/8 inch mower blade with a 5/8 inch star hole. For a 46 inch mower deck you will need 2 of the 405380.

    Product Dimensions: 

    • Original Equipment Manufacturer Replacement Part
    • 2 Blades Need for 46" Mower Deck
    • 5/8 inch Center 5-Point Star Hole
    • Made to Fit Husqvarna and AYP


    • Length (in.): 22-7/8"
    • Width (in.): 2.75"
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