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Yard Equipment

Yard Equipment

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  1. AYP Idler Pulley 196106

    AYP Idler Pulley 196106


    The AYP Idler Pulley, model number: 196106, is an Original Equipment Manufacturer replacement part. The 196106 fits most lawn mower brads, such as: Husqvarna, Craftsman, Poulan, Poulan Pro and Weed Eater.


    • Outer Diameter (in.): 5-3/8"
    • Inner Diameter (in.): 3/8"
    • Thickness (in.): 1-5/8"
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  2. AYP 8x2" Wheel with Dust Cover 193144

    AYP 8x2" Wheel with Dust Cover 193144


    The AYP 8x2" Wheel with Dust Cover is a lawn mower replacement wheel that is a genuine OEM product. The 193144 replaces the following model numbers:111922X, 142204, 143427, 143596, 150340, 151156, 157179, 166917, 170263, 180755, 532140126, 700953, 701575, 750124, 750851, 850690 and 88558.

    Product Features:

    • Includes 1 wheel
    • Includes 1 dust cover
    • OEM specified product


    • Outer Diameter (in.): 8"
    • Inner Diameter (in.): 2"
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  3. Fimco 18 X 48 Poly Lawn Roller

    Fimco 18 X 48 Poly Lawn Roller

    • Can be filled with water or sand
    • 18 in. x 48" poly drum
    • 540 lb capacity or 54 gallons
    • Picture is not exact.
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  4. Great Day Inc. UTV Loading Ramp LL21643

    Great Day Inc. UTV Loading Ramp LL21643


    The weight of most UTV’s require a loading ramp with a lot of holding power. UTV ramp has to hold a lot of weight and provide a good flooring design and loading space.

    The UTV ramp handles loading and unloading utility vehicles safely and effectively. The LL21643 is rated at a whopping 3600 lbs. total capacity. The loading panels on this ramp are 20 ¼” wide and are designed especially for the unique loading requirements of utility vehicles. Triple structure gives it the strength to handle the toughest jobs.

    Product Features:

    • Assembled dimension: 21 in. W x 2.25 in. D x 64 in. H
    • Rungs/Panel: 30; rung spacing: 3 in.; rung length: 8.5 in.
    • Weight Capacity: 3600 lbs / pair
    • Constructed of aircraft aluminum
    • Made with pride in the USA
    • 21 in. x 64 in. 
    • Includes 2 panels
    • UPS Dimensional Weight of 56 lbs.
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  5. Poulan Primer Bulb Kit 530071835

    Poulan Primer Bulb Kit 530071835


    Product Features:

    • Genuine OEM Part
    • Poulan 530071835 Primer Bulb Kit
    • Diameter of fittings may be different from original part A smaller fuel line may be needed Recommended related item Poulan #530069216 Fuel Line
    • Chainsaw Primer Bulb for various: Craftsman, Poulan, Poulan Pro
    • Replaces: 530047213, 530047566
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  6. Sandusky Lee 20"W x 38"L x 14-1/4"H Heavy-Duty Flat Wagon FW3820

    Sandusky Lee 20"W x 38"L x 14-1/4"H Heavy-Duty Flat Wagon FW3820


    Heavy duty steel mesh deck with 2" high side edges to keep items from rolling off. Heavy duty pneumatic tires for easy rolling over any surface. Auto-type steering keeps front wheels under corners of steel frame to prevent tipping. Large D-handle for easy grip. Green powder coat finish.


    Dimensions 20" W x 38" L x 14 1/4" H
    Weight Capacity 1000 lbs.
    Tire Size 4" x 10"
    Color Green
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  7. Brinly 40" Combo Aerator-Spreader AS-40BH

    Brinly 40" Combo Aerator-Spreader AS-40BH


    Aeration is the secret to achieving green, healthy, and lush grass. All the seeding, watering, and fertilizing in the world won’t make a lawn green if compacted soil blocks water, oxygen, and nutrients from reaching the lawn’s root system. By means of poking holes in the soil or removing plugs of soil, aeration exposes grass roots to nutrients and water and room to breathe. For minor to moderately compacted soil, use a spike aerator and for clay soil or severely compacted soil, use a plug aerator for the best results.

    Brinly 40” Tow-Behind Combination Aerator-Spreader
    Aerating a lawn and spreading seed and fertilizer in the spring and fall are the best ways to have a green, healthy lawn. However these can often be big projects; especially if you have a large yard. The Brinly 40” Combination Aerator-Spreader helps get these projects done quickly and easily with only one attachment. The 120 lb. capacity hopper drops seed, fertilizer, or lime while galvanized tine stars aerate the lawn to allow water, air, and nutrients to get to the lawn’s root system. Having a lawn like a pro has never been easier!

    Features and Benefits
    1. Unique 2-n-1 design drops seed and fertilizer while aerating the lawn to save time
    2. Heavy duty steel hopper holds 120 lbs. of materials for fewer stops to refill
    3. Galvanized tine stars inhibit rust and properly penetrate compacted soil up to 2”


    • Hopper Capacity: 100 lbs or 1.74 cu ft (45 kg)
    • Spread Material: Seed, Fertilizer, Lime
    • Aeration Method: Spike; 132 tine tips
    • Aeration Depth: up to 2" (51 mm)
    • Working Width: 40" (1016 mm)
    • Dimensions:  (L x W x H) 37.5" x 51" x 18"  (953 x 1295 x 457 mm)
    • Wheels: 9" x 1.75" (229 x 44 mm)
    • Ship Weight: 68 lbs (31 kg)
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  8. Brinly 48" Pull Behind Dethatcher DT-48BH

    Brinly 48" Pull Behind Dethatcher DT-48BH




    Thatch is a layer of built up organic materials (dead grass, roots, and other debris) between the growth of the grass and roots. Where some thatch is essential to protect the root system, too much thatch will not allow enough water, air and nutrients to get to the root system. Dethatching helps remove this buildup of thatch in a lawn.

    Brinly 48” Tow-Behind Dethatcher
    Thatch is a layer of built-up organic material (grass clippings, dead roots) between the top growth of grass and root system. Too much thatch can create a barrier that keeps moisture and air from reaching the roots of the lawn. Use the Brinly 48” tow-behind dethatcher in the spring and fall to help gently remove the thatch that can harm a lawn.

    Features and Benefits
    1. (2) Rows of 12 independently flexing tines for maximum thatch pick up
    2. Wide 48” working width for larger yards covers more ground for quicker results
    3. Heavy duty steel tow bar with universal hitch pin fits most tractor models


    • Tines: (24) 3/16" (5 mm) diameter
    • Operating Modes: Dethatch
    • Working Width: 48" (1219 mm)
    • Dimensions: 38" x 48" x 12" (965 x 1219 x 305 mm)
    • Tray Capacity: NA
    • Wheels: 8” x 1.75” (203 x 44 mm)
    • Ship Weight: 37 lbs (17 kg)
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  9. AYP Mandrel Pulley 173436

    AYP Mandrel Pulley 173436


    The AYP Mandrel Pulley, model # 173436, is an original AYP part, replaces 153535, 129861, and 177865.

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  10. Precision  Push Garden Spreader

    Precision Push Garden Spreader

    • Hopper Capacity: 75 lb
    • Spread Width: 8' - 10'
    • Axle: 7/8" powder coated steel tubing
    • Drive Type: Delrin gear
    • Handles: 3/4" tubular steel w/foam grip
    • Tires: pneumatic 10" x 4"

    *Lid not included

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