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Yard Equipment

Yard Equipment

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  1. AYP Mower Engine Control Cable 176556

    AYP Mower Engine Control Cable 176556


    The AYP Mower Engine Control Cable, model # 176556, has a Z bend on each end and is a replacement piece that fits models: AYP PO500N21R, PR160N21CHC, PR4N22SHA, PR550N21RH3, WM500N21R, XT625N21RH3.


    • Conduit Length (in.): 45-3/8"
    • Cable Length (in.): 52-1/2"
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  2. Precision Multipurpose Hand Spreader HHBS-125

    Precision Multipurpose Hand Spreader HHBS-125


    Product Description

    An easy way to weed, feed, and seed for a beautiful lawn!

    Product Features

    • The hopper holds approximately 6 pounds of pelletized fetilizer or ice melt, or 3 pounds of seed.
    • Hand crank turns clockwise to apply product.
    • Easy to clean

    Recommended Selector Settings

    • Fine Grass Seed - Setting: 1
    • Coarse Grass Seed - Setting: 2
    • Granular Fertilizer - Setting: 3
    • Weed & Feed and Ice Melt - Setting: 4
    • Weed Control and Rock Salt - Setting: 5

    Directions for Using the Multipurpose Hand Spreader

    1. Push slector toward hopper to close. Fill hopper will desired marterial over pavement.
    2. Adjust the selector setting to the most desired setting per the table (above).
    3. To apply the product evenly, walk at a normal pace while turning the hand crank clockwise.
    4. Apply all products in accordance with the product manufacturer's instructions.
    5. Avoid spreading in the wind. Never spread toxic or hazardous material without protective gear.
    6. Rinse spreader thoroughly after use.
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  3. Agri-Fab 1200 lb. Steel ATV/UTV Dump Cart 45-0240-ATV

    Agri-Fab 1200 lb. Steel ATV/UTV Dump Cart 45-0240-ATV


    Product Features:

    • Easy Dumping - Quick release lever for easy dumping.
    • Durable - Strong steel bed holds up to 1200 lbs.
    • Maneuverable - Pneumatic tires let you go anywhere.
    • Compatibility - ATV and UTV compatible.


    Model Number  45-0240-ATV
    Weight 151 lbs.
    Assembled Product Size    70" x 46" x 36"   
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  4. Oregon Spindle Assembly 82-510

    Oregon Spindle Assembly 82-510


    The Oregon Spindle Assembly, manufacturer number 82-510, is designed for AYP 143651. Fits 44 inch and 50 inch mower decks, with a star center hole blade. 

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  5. Poulan Snap-In Primer/Purge Bulb 530047721

    Poulan Snap-In Primer/Purge Bulb 530047721


    Product Features:

    • Genuine OEM Part
    • Poulan 530047721 Primer/Purge Bulb
    • Primer Bulb for various: Craftsman, Husqvarna, Poulan, Poulan Pro, Weedeater


    • Overall diameter (in.): 13/16" 
    • Bulb diameter (in.): 5/8" 
    • Overall height (in.): 1-1/4" 
    • Snaps into a 7/16 hole 
    • Works with 3/32 gas line
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  6. Agri-Fab 175 lb. Pro ATV Broadcast Spreader 45-0329

    Agri-Fab 175 lb. Pro ATV Broadcast Spreader 45-0329

    • Size: 43" x 38" x 41"
    • Holds 20 gallons /175 lbs
    • Covers 20,000 sq. ft.
    • Rustproof poly hopper and spreader plate
    • Up to 12' spread
    • 15" x 6" pneumatic tires
    • 58 lbs
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  7. Brinly 48" Plug Type Tow Behind Aerator PA-48BH

    Brinly 48" Plug Type Tow Behind Aerator PA-48BH



    Aeration is the secret to achieving green, healthy, and lush grass. All the seeding, watering, and fertilizing in the world won’t make a lawn green if compacted soil blocks water, oxygen, and nutrients from reaching the lawn’s root system. By means of poking holes in the soil or removing plugs of soil, aeration exposes grass roots to nutrients and water and room to breathe.   For minor to moderately compacted soil, use a spike aerator and for clay soil or severely compacted soil, use a plug aerator for the best results.


    Aeration Method: Plug; 32 heat-treated spoons
    Aeration Depth: up to 3" (76 mm)
    Working Width: 48" (1219 mm)
    Dimensions: (L x W x H) 36" x 51" x 28"  (914 x 1295 x 711 mm)
    Tray Weight Capacity: 200 lbs (91 kg)
    Wheels: 10.5" x 3.5" (266.7mm x 88.9mm)
    Ship Weight: 91 lbs (41 kg)

    Brinly 48” Tow-Behind Plug Aerator
    If heavily compacted or clay soil and thatch are choking the life out of your lawn, then the Brinly 48” plug aerator can be the solution. Plug aeration involves removing 2-3” “plugs” of soil from a lawn to reduce soil compaction and allow air, water, and nutrients to get to the lawn’s root system. The soil “plugs” are left on the lawn to dissolve and return vital nutrients back into the lawn to promote healthy growth. Use a plug aerator to aerate in the spring and fall in your lawn’s high-traffic areas for a yard like a pro!

    Features and Benefits
    1. Large 48” working width and (32) heavy duty plug spoons help aerate large yards quickly
    2. Durable steel tray holds up to 150 lbs. of extra weight for proper soil penetration
    3. (4) independently rotating plug spoon sections ensure proper aeration on uneven terrain

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  8. Swisher 20 Cubic Ft. ATV Poly Dump Cart 12008A

    Swisher 20 Cubic Ft. ATV Poly Dump Cart 12008A


    Transport and unload with ease with the Swisher® 20 cubic ft ATV Poly Dump Cart Trailer. It's great for hauling firewood, landscaping materials, fencing supplies or almost anything else you need to get from one place to another. Ruggedly designed to go where your ATV can go, it features extra-tough, high-density poly tub with tilt, large ATV tires, high speed sealed precision ball bearings, and a heavy duty 2" tubular steel frame. It quickly attaches to ATV and easily dumps your load. Extra long tow bar allows for sharper turning radius, while offering more space behind ATV rack for optional rack accessories. 1000-lb. capacity. Made in the USA!

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  9. Merry Mac Vacuum-Chipper-Bagger Electric Start VCB1102EM

    Merry Mac Vacuum-Chipper-Bagger Electric Start VCB1102EM


    The Merry Mac Vacuum-Chipper-Bagger makes leaf clean up a breeze, and with the electric start it doesn't get much easier.  With the VCB you no longer need to rake, pile, haul, or bag leaves.  The VCB picks up leaves, reduces their size, and deposits them into the 4 bushel, low dust, felt collection bag.  Dual zipper tabs on three sides of the collection bag make for effortless dumping without having to remove the bag.  Three forward speeds and reverse, plus six vac snout height settings, allow for the perfect combination of speed and height for your specific needs.  The top loading bag allows for maximum leaf collection and fewer stops to unload.  This machine can also chip branches up to 2-7/8” through the separate chipper tube.  There is an optional hose kit available for those hard to reach places.

    • Self-Propelled with 3 Forward Speeds and Reverse
    • 25" Wide Vacuum Path
    • Top-Loading 4 Bushel Low-Dust Collection Bag Opens on 3 Sides for Easy Dumping
    • Reduction up to 8 to 1
    • 2-7/8" Chipping Capacity
    • Electric Start for Ease of Starting
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  10. AYP Mandrel Housing 187281

    AYP Mandrel Housing 187281


    The AYP Mandrel Housing, model # 187281, has a 4 hole mount that fits a 46 inch and 54 inch mower deck.

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