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Metal Man Deluxe Welding Cabinet DWC1

Metal Man Deluxe Welding Cabinet DWC1

Product Review (submitted on October 26, 2012):

I received this cabinet a couple weeks ago and have used it a bit. This seems to be a well-built cabinet. The only complaint I have is the release button on the drawers. For the top drawer, you pull the button up and open the drawer, but for the other drawers you push the button down to open the drawer. I contacted Metal Man and that is the way they are designed.
The top drawer is easy to open because while pushing the button up with my finger I can hook my thumb on the drawer edge and pull it out. For the other drawers I end up using 2 hands. One to push the button down and another to pull the drawer out. Because when I hook my thumb on the drawer edge to open it, I tend to pull my finger up off the button and I can't open it.
If the cabinet were designed to pull the button up to open the drawer I would give it 5 stars.