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Mr. Heater MH18B Big Buddy Indoor/Outdoor Propane Heater F274800

Mr. Heater MH18B Big Buddy Indoor/Outdoor Propane Heater F274800

Product Review (submitted on September 23, 2013):

If you read will learn......

This unit works AWESOME...when used correctly. Pay attention.
I hate long wordy reviews so this is to the point.

Don't use the 1lb disposable propane tanks, for many reasons: they don't last long, enviorment, they freeze up (on high), they freeze the internal regulators.
So, you need a 20# tank. Got a gas grill? That is a 20# tank......go get it filled.

Hose: Do NOT get the plain hose and filter...again, many reasons: no pressure regulation creates oil, clogs unit, unsafe....
So, get the hose with, no filter needed, unit wont clog.
Yes, it is an added expense so plan on it. You need the unit, a 20# tank and the hose WITH regulator.
PLUS: hose with regulator has the quick release....nice!

C'mon, you have never hooked up a gas grill to a propane tank without a regulator. This is no different.
Once you have these three correct items...this thing is great!

Fan/blower: kind of crappy. I'm glad it has it and I'm glad I can use batteries in a jam. But you either need the A/C adapter for $20 OR any other fan....Just something to move the heat around. This unit produces a LOT of heat. It rises straight up. The blower moves it around and heats areas more quickly. For $20 and free shipping, I just bought it. I'm not bringing a fan everywhere I use this.

If you follow these simple things you will be very pleased.

Unit is on high, no shut off, no freezing, no problem. Running for 2 hours straight now....on high.
You can use the 1 lb tanks and this can go camping and everywhere else. But if you plan on using at home or someplace constant, you need the 20# tank, or larger, and the Hose WITH regulator.

If nothing else, this unit could keep your pipes from freezing in an outage during winter. HUGE savings there alone. Then use it all over until/if that happens.

For under $200 I bought the Big Buddy, the correct hose with regulator and the A/C adapter. Free shipping and here in 2 days.
You can't get this kind of heat for indoor use from another heater this safely (low o2 sensor and tipover sensor).