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Mr. Heater 20,000 BTU Propane Blue Flame Heater MHVFB20TBLP

Mr. Heater 20,000 BTU Propane Blue Flame Heater MHVFB20TBLP

Product Review (submitted on May 10, 2013):

Last year i bought the 30,000 BTU NG Vent Free Blue Flame Heater and my doughter had an older 10k btu and hers went out so we "Upgraded" hers to the 20k. I paid 199.00 w/free shipping in July 2012. we paid 250 for the 20k NG heater for my doughter in January, guess it is pound smart and penny wise to buy these things in the middle of summer. Because god knows when you need one they will rip you right up the ass to get one.
At any rate, ours has been our Primary source of heat in our 1500 sq ft home for the past 2 years, it got down to 20 below here in upstate ny this year and the thermostat on the 30k heater was NEVER turned up past 3 and it kept this house at 76 degrees when it was 20 below outside and the thermostat goes up to 9...I would NEVER test it out to see how hot 9 is after 3 at 20 below was 76 I'd imagine @9 it would be like 110 degrees, just a guess tho. I would recomend EVERYONE to get one of these. Our power goes out 6-12 times a year and when Huricane sandy ripped through here and knocked out our power for 18 hours...we had HEAT :-) and lots of it. My doughters kept her house at 74 with the thermostat at 6 but hers is a 20k and mine is 30k. I realy didnt need the 30k heater but for 199.00 on sale i figured why not?..our kerosene heater was 30k so thats what i i regret it?..sometimes when its 40 or 50 out and the little 30k btu sucker is set at .5 and the house is at 78 degress thats when i regret it but sure does heat up the place...and my gas bill was only 65.00 every month all winter long. Kerosene here is 5.15 a galloon and them heaters run 2.5 gallons every 12 do the math...BUY ONE OF THESE NOW B-4 Next Winter, you won't regret it.