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Jaguar 175 lb Recurve Camo Crossbow CR-013A5-175

Jaguar 175 lb Recurve Camo Crossbow CR-013A5-175

Product Review (submitted on December 4, 2013):

First off, I admit I did not buy this from Rural King. I bought it two years ago before RK started stocking them. If I ever need a replacement or a second one, RK will be my only source. Price is great and if you watch at local stores, these are sometimes discounted during sale events. As other reviewers have stated these are good solid crossbows. They are accurate; I shoot mine to 35 yds. With longer shots at game, you may find the noise of the release reaching the quarry before the arrow does. Game will then often spook resulting in a miss or poor hit. When you assemble the crossbow be sure to put some thread sealant on the socket screw that holds the bow and spacers to the stock. Otherwise vibration from successive shots may loosen the screw resulting in lost spacers and/or screw. This happened to me and it means an inoperative crossbow until replacement parts are found. I could not find any in the U.S., but did find them at a Canadian source. Took a few weeks to get them. Hey, RK, maybe you could become a source for repair kits and strings for this bow. The parts also fit the Fever crossbow that you carry. In any event, a good product that I recommend based on my experience with it.