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Grills / Smokers

Grills / Smokers

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  1. King Ranch Fire Pit with Grilling Grate SRFP96

    King Ranch Fire Pit with Grilling Grate SRFP96


    Product Features:

    • 47" diameter Ranch Pit with grilling grate
    • 29" oversized fire bowl
    • 26" in height
    • 10" Deep
    • Full 360° foot rest
    • Heavy-duty gauge legs
    • Safety ring around outside edge of pit
    • Grill swivels 360° and grill height adjustment
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  2. Dyna-Glo Charcoal Offset Smoker DGO1176BDC-D

    Dyna-Glo Charcoal Offset Smoker DGO1176BDC-D


    Smoked ham. Smoked sausage. Smoked veggies.

    If those words caused your mouth to water, you are our kind of person! This heavy charcoal smoker is perfect for any backyard barbecue, street festival or county fair. You can deliver delicious smoked foods to the plates and mouths of very satisfied friends, family, and customers. The smoker is designed to give you heat control and the smoke will be channeled across your foods, giving them that mouth-watering flavor people crave so much. The smoker also have six adjustable chrome-plated cooking plates and a porcelain-enameled steel tray for charcoal or wood. Fear not the large crowds or busy fairs because you can smoke one hundred and fifty pounds of food at one time! Keep your customers and friends begging for more as you keep delivering wonderful foods, with the adjustable side vent and smoke stack airflow grates and your adjustable heat control, allowing you to perfect your cooking technique. Cooking that much food can cause a messy clean-up procedure, but this big beast has grease drip managing system making it easier to clean. This is a wonderful smoker, plain and simple. You are gonna love it!

    Product Features:

    • Offset charcoal box design gives heat control and channels smoke across foods for flavor
    • Heavy gauge porcelain enameled steel charcoal/wood tray
    • 6 adjustable chrome plated cooking grates, can smoke up to 150 lbs. of foods
    • Adjustable side vent and smoke stack for air flow and heat control
    • Temperature gauge to keep control on desired heat settings 
    • A condensation and grease dripping management system
    • Heavy duty steel body construction
    • High heat powder coated finish for durability
    • 1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty


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  3. Pit Boss 820 Deluxe Wood Pellet Grill PB820D

    Pit Boss 820 Deluxe Wood Pellet Grill PB820D


    The 820 Deluxe takes the great form factor of the 820 and adds Deluxe features that allow you to make a real statement while you grill. The increaed hopper capacity, bottle opener, stainless side shelf and serving tray, copper finished componants, and solid bottom shelf put the 820 Deluxe in a league of its own. All of Pit Boss's Wood Pellet Grills feature the Pit Boss Oven Temperature Control. Set it and the grill takes care of the rest. The clear display makes it easy to see when things are heating up. The Oven Temperature control can handle the heat so you can enjoy cooking.

    Product Features:

    • Control Type Dial-in digital control with LED read-out
    • Copper finished chimney cap, hopper cover and embossed lid
    • 180° to 500°F cooking temperature range
    • Porcelain Coated Cast Iron Cooking Grates
    • Bottle Opener
    • Stainless steel side shelf / lift out serving tray
    • Automatic start and cool down
    • 100% All Natural Hardwood BBQ Pellets
    • 40,000 BTU
    • Air Flow Convection Cooking
    • 200 Watt Auto Igniter
    • 120 volt 50/60 hz 3.1 amp 3 prong electrical appliance


    • Heavy-duty 16 gauge steel construction
    • 2 large metal wheels
    • High Temp Powder Coat Finish with copper-finish, hopper cover and chimney cap and embossed lid
    • 24lb hopper capacity
    • Stainless steel handle
    • Solid bottom shelf
    • Dome thermometer with chrome bezel


    Main Cooking Area 575.25 sq. in.
    Upper Rack Cooking Area  243.25 sq. in.
    Total Cooking Area 818.5 sq. in.
    Burger Capacity (4") 42
    Dimensions (assembled) 50" H x 55.25" W x 26.5" D
    Weight (assembled) 146 lbs.
    Dimensions (packaged) 24.5" H x 46" W x 22" D
    Weight (packaged) 152 lbs.
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  4. Louisiana Grills Digital Control Board LGDCB

    Louisiana Grills Digital Control Board LGDCB


    This item will replace the standard temperature control on your Louisiana Country Smoker with a digital control. All you have to do is enter the temperature on the digital control board and walk away! The control board will automatically control the auger motor to keep your smoker at the desired temperature.

    Food temperature probes can be special-ordered separately.

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  5. Char-Broil TRU-Infrared 3-Burner Gas Grill w/ Side Burner 463436514

    Char-Broil TRU-Infrared 3-Burner Gas Grill w/ Side Burner 463436514


    Char-Broil TRU-Infrared gas grill delivers great cooking with ideal heat for juicy, flavorful meat. With 30,000 BTUs and a functional side burner for preparing your entree and side dishes will be a cinch.

    Product Features:

    • TRU-Infrared Gas Grill With Lidded Sideburner
    • 30,000 BTU main burners with 10,000 BTU sideburner
    • 480 sq inches of primary cooking on porcelain-coated steel grates
    • 180 sq inches of secondary cooking on porcelain-coated swingaway rack
    • Large, painted metal side shelves for extra work area
    • Stainless steel lid, handle, control panel, knobs and fascias
    • SureFire IgnitionSide Shelf With Gear Trax Holes
    • 4 Casters - 2 Locking
    • Stainless Steel Burners
    • Three grate-level temperature gauges
    • Measures Approximately: 56" W X 21" D X 45.5" H
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  6. Cajun Injector Electric Smoker  22174.01939

    Cajun Injector Electric Smoker 22174.01939

    Product Description

    Designed to make "low and slow" cooked meats tender and moist, perfect jerky, and amazingly flavored smoked fish/veggies/tofu or any other preparations you're game for--the Cajun Injector Electric Smoker eliminates the mess, labor, and uncertainty of barbecue grills and other fire driven methods. With an easy-to-use digital control panel, the with Electric Smoker offers steady, continuous temperatures adjustable from 100 to 275 degrees Fahrenheit with exact cook times. Operated by electricity, with an insulated design--simply plug the Electric Smoker in, select the temperature you want, set the time and let the Smoker do the job for you--the heat will shut off automatically as soon as the time has expired. Equipped with a wood pellet tray with a side access chute so that you can feed the smoker during the slow-cook process, it is possible to flavor your food with any wood you choose--hickory, apple, oak, mesquite, pecan and more. A drip tray on the bottom in the bottom of the smoker removes for cleaning and a water tray inside the smoker prevents the meats from drying out as they cook. Equipped with an adjustable door latch, 2 rear wheels for easy mobility, 2 front legs with adjustable height for stability, and an air damper, no detail has been left out. The Electric Smoker comes with 4 large cooking trays and 1 small cooking tray including 2 jerky trays and 1 rib/sausage hanging tray, so that you can cook for a crowd. In addition, the smoker comes complete with two oven mitts, a food temperature probe, and a comprehensive manual that includes operating and assembly instructions, a meat smoking and barbecuing guide, marinade and rub instructions, and recipes. ETL certified, the Electric Smoker features a durable black exterior finish and is backed by a 90-day warranty.


    • Maintains continuous temperature of 100 to 275 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Auto shut-off
    • 5 racks include: (4) large and (1) small rack
    • Wood pellet tray with side access wood pellet chute
    • Drip and water pans
    • Adjustable door latch
    • 2 rear wheels for mobility
    • 2 front legs with adjustable height
    • Air damper
    • Insulated for energy efficiency
    • Comprehensive user manual includes cooking instructions and recipes
    • ETL certified


    • Assembled dimensions: 32.25 x 18.75 x 17.75 inches (H x W x D)
    • Power: 110-120 volts; 60Hz; 5.4 amps
    • Weight: 50 pounds
    • Assembly required


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  7. Dyna-Glo Smart Space Living 30,000 BTU 2-Burner Propane Gas Grill DGP350SNP-D

    Dyna-Glo Smart Space Living 30,000 BTU 2-Burner Propane Gas Grill DGP350SNP-D


    This smart space grill may be the grill you are looking for. Its compact design makes it fit in small, compact spaces, making it great for small houses or sheds. This grill has 2 burners and runs on propane, common for grills of this type. It features 467 inches of cooking space on 2 stainless steel burners with enamel cast iron heat grates. Heat tents protect the burners from drips, while providing heat for the process. The lid is double walled, which retains heat inside, and there are side shelves for use when the grill is on, that fold up when it is being stored. The grill also has a wire warming rack inside, keeping your foods warm without scorching them. The casters on the grill are heavy duty and two of them lock, making the grill stable while operating. This grill also comes with a premium grill cover, to protect it in the chance you take a grilling off season.

    Product Features:

    • 30,000 total BTUs with electronic pulse ignition system and infinite setting control valves
    • 467 sq. inches of total cooking space with 350 sq. inches primary cooking surface and 117 sq. inches secondary cooking area 
    • 2 enameled cast-iron cooking grates 
    • 2 stainless steel P-shaped burners
    • 2 steel enameled heat tents protects burners 
    • Double lid assembly which retains heat with temperature gauge
    • Enameled wire warming rack 
    • Collapsible side tables for space efficiency 
    • A polyester full-length grill cover included
    • 1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty
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  8. Dyna-Glo Heavy Duty Charcoal Grill DGN486DNC-D

    Dyna-Glo Heavy Duty Charcoal Grill DGN486DNC-D


    Sometimes a charcoal grill is the passion of the cook. This Dyna-Glow heavy charcoal grill can provide hours of cooking pleasure outdoors, without the use of fuels and electricity. Cooking on charcoal, this grill offers 686 square inches of cooking space- enough for the biggest appetites or parties. There is an adjustable charcoal tray with the added feature of loading charcoal through the front door, making adding charcoal a breeze during long cooking times. This grill can cook 24 hamburgers at a time, and features sliding cooking grates. There are a few extra features on the Dyna-Glow heavy charcoal grill as well, such as a bottle opener, side shelves for storage and a basket tray for those tools of the trade. The actual cooking grates are heavy duty cast and the grill does have a wire warming rack. Access for cleaning ashes is in the front of the grill for an easy clean.

    Product Features:

    • 686 total square inches of grill cooking space
    • 486 square inches of primary grilling cooking surface 
    • Adjustable charcoal basket tray and a front crank handle assembly
    • 3 heavy duty porcelain enameled cast-iron cooking grates, plus enameled wire warming rack
    • Adjustable steel smoke stack and sliding bucket air vents
    • Front access door to load charcoal, and front ash tray for easy cleaning 
    • Bottle opener, side shelves, basket tray for grilling tools
    • Heavy duty wheels for mobility and locking casters
    • 1 Year Limited Warranty


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  9. Dyna-Glo 3 Burner 36,000 BTU Smart Space Living Propane Gas Grill DGB390SNP-D

    Dyna-Glo 3 Burner 36,000 BTU Smart Space Living Propane Gas Grill DGB390SNP-D


    Every man or woman who enjoys providing for their family needs a nice grill. The grill has been a staple of the American families meals for years. In fact, there are not many things more American than grilling burgers and hot dogs outdoors with your family and friends. Get your smart space grill today and start whipping up some grub! With 507 square inches of grilling space, the Dyna-Glo Burner 36,000 Smart Space Living Propane Gas Grill can cook up to 20 hamburgers at one time! Don't hassle with cooking a few at a time over your stove, be efficient and save time. Equipped with a side bar for hanging grilling equipment, this smart space grill will be your exclusive cooking station before you know it. You might even catch yourself peeking out the window at it from time to time. So get yourself a smart space grill and cook on!

    Product features are as follows:

    • 36,000 total BTUs with push electronic ignition
    • 507 square inches of total cooking space, 390 square inches of primary cooking surface
    • 3 stainless steel commercial grade straight burner tubes
    • 3 steel heat tents protects burners
    • Enameled coated warming rack
    • Double wall stainless steel lid assembly to retain heat with temperature gauge
    • Cabinet style assembly with propane tank slot
    • Collapsible side tables for space efficiency with an integrated towel bar and tool hooks
    • Warranty: 1 year limited, with 5 years on stainless steel burner
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  10. US Stove Company Medium Pellet Grill/Smoker PG30

    US Stove Company Medium Pellet Grill/Smoker PG30


    It’s a long, hot summer day and dad is at the grill. Everything he cooks comes out as perfect as one could hope for. Hotdogs, burgers, barbeque chicken, nothing is beyond dad’s culinary expertise. Is he a master of the flame, a “Grill Sergeant,” or a professional chef?

    He can be all those things if he uses the new Homecomfort Pellet Grill from the US Stove Company. With the all-new Smartfire technology, you can grill like a true Grill Master. The Smartfire technology automatically adjusts and regulates the internal cooking temperature to match your desired setting. Smartfire will also take into account the outdoor ambient temperature to ensure your food is grilled to perfection. It also automatically adjust the feed rate of the fuel to provide a steady temperature during the grilling session. A completely unique feature to the Homecomfort line, this grill has an electric searing station to lock in the delicious flavors of your meats. This pellet smoker stands apart from others of its kind because it has all the modern technology, like an oven, that helps you regulate temperature and provide an even more wonderful meal. The grease removal system keeps cleaning and maintenance to a minimum.

    With the Homecomfort grill all you need to do to impress your family and friends with amazing food is sit back, relax, and let the grill do all the work for you. Don’t worry, it won’t mind if you take the credit though, Mister Grill Master.

    • 10" inside height allows for upright chicken cooking
    • Easy Grease system with large bucket
    • Rear loading hopper has up to 20 LB capacity
    • Rollerblade style wheels and adjustable feet for Stability
    • Side Shelf with 4 tool hooks
    • High Temperature Finish
    • Stainless steel Grill surface and Handle
    • Automatic Lighting
    • Digital Thermostat with LED controls
    • Grill Temperatures from 200° to 500°
    • 26 x 17" Grilling Surface, 442 Sq. In. Cooking Surface
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