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Pet Supplies

Pet Supplies

Shop for online pet supplies including dog grooming supplies, wireless pet fences, pet supplies for dogs and cats, bird seed feeders and more.

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  1. Nutro Max Natural Chicken Meal & Rice Adult Mini Chunk Dog Food 5 lb.

    Nutro Max Natural Chicken Meal & Rice Adult Mini Chunk Dog Food 5 lb.


    The Natural Nutrition Difference Natural ingredients, fortified with the required vitamins and minerals, truly make the difference. MAX® is naturally preserved – no artificial preservatives like BHA, BHT or ethoxyquin. We do not add artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. MAX® uses whole grain wheat, wheat flour and rice; never any sorghum, ground corn, whole grain corn, corn meal or corn grits which can be more difficult to digest.

    Real Chicken Protein The #1 ingredient in MAX® is chicken meal, made from real chicken with most of the water and fat removed. Additionally, we then add chicken to enhance the flavor your dog loves. MAX® never uses chicken heads, feet or intestines, which may be found in products containing chicken by-product meal.

    More Digestible – Less Cleanup Because the ingredients in MAX® are highly digestible, more nutrition goes into your dog and less stool goes into your backyard. This means faster, easier cleanup and a more hygienic environment for you and your family.

    Guaranteed Great Taste The best food in the world is useless if your dog won’t eat it. That’s why Nutro™ works hard on taste. With quality ingredients and our natural FlavorMAX® system, Nutro™ guarantees your dog will love the taste of MAX®

    Shiny Coat, Less Shedding Scientifically formulated with a winning combination of Omega-6 linoleic acid, Vitamin E and zinc, MAX® helps promote a rich lustrous coat and healthy skin. Many brands contain less linoleic acid – check their labels and compare to MAX®.

    The Economy of Quality Food MAX® really delivers with quality ingredients, balanced nutrition and guaranteed great taste. Many owners find that highly digestible MAX® costs only pennies per day more to feed. Try a bag today. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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  2. Scott Pet 1" Single Ply 6' Black Lead 2168

    Scott Pet 1" Single Ply 6' Black Lead 2168

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  3. Spectra 7 way Canine Vaccine

    Spectra 7 way Canine Vaccine



      Spectra 7 vaccine is a combination of immunogenic, attenuated strains of Canine Distemper, Canine Adenovirus Type 2(CAV-2), Canine Parainfluenza and Canine Parvovirus Type 2b, propagated in cell line tissue cultures. The diluent is Canine Parvovirus Vaccine-Leptospira Canicola-Icterohaemorrhagiae Bacterin. The CAV-2 fraction cross protects against respiratory infection caused by infectious canine hepatitis(CAV-1).


      For the vaccination of healthy, susceptible dogs as an aid in the reduction of diseases caused by canine distemper, canine adenovirus type 1 and 2, parainfluenza, parvovirus, leptospira canicola, and L. Icterohaemorrhagiae.

    Directions and Dosage

      The dosage is 1ml injected intra-musculary or subcuntaneously. Open syringe by twisting or tapping the cap against a hard surface to break the heat weld. Prepare the vaccine by injecting the diluent into the vial containing the dessicated vaccine cake. Shake well. Withdraw entire contents into the syringe. Thoroughly prepare injection site with antiseptic. Subcutaneous administration: Lift the loose skin behind the neck or behind the front leg and insert needle. Inject entire contents of syringe. Do not inject directly into a blood vessel. Intramuscular administration: Insert needle into muscle of the hind limb. Inject entire contents of syringe. Do not inject directly into a blood vessel. Important note: Before injecting vaccine, pull back slightly on syringe plunger. If blood enters the syringe freely, choose another injection site. Puppies 9 weeks or younger: Vaccinate healthy puppies at 3-4 week intervals until 16 weeks of age for at least 3 doses. Puppies over 9 weeks and adults: Give a minimum of 2 doses at 3-4- week intervals. Annual revaccination with a single dose is recommended.


      Store out of direct sunlight at 35-45 degrees F (2-7 degrees C). Do not freeze. Do not vaccinate pregnant animals. Do not use in ferrets or mink. Protective immunity may not be completely established in all puppies vaccinated at less than 16 weeks of age because of maternal antibody interference. Only vaccinate healthy animals. Animals incubating any disease or stressed due to shipping, malnutrition or paratism may not acheive or maintain an adequate immune response. Burn containers and unused contents. Although rare, sever allergic reactions may occur that require immediate veterinary care.

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  4. Kaytee Fiesta Max Rabbit Premier Blend 3.5LB 100512606

    Kaytee Fiesta Max Rabbit Premier Blend 3.5LB 100512606


    KAYTEE® Fiesta Max™ Premier blend of fruits, vegetables, seeds and grains offering maximum variety, fun and nutrition!
    • Nutritionally Fortified Gourmet Food
    • MORE Fun! Variety! Nutritious!
    • DHA Omega-3 Supports Heart, Brain & Visual Functions
    • Prebiotics & Probiotcs Aids in Digestive Health
    • Naturally Preserved
    • NOW with over 15% MORE nutritious ingredients!
    • Made in the USA
    Sun-cured Timothy Grass Hay, Sun-cured Alfalfa Hay, Oats, Dehulled Soybean Meal, Oat Hulls, Ground Oats, Wheat Middlings, Ground Wheat, Sunflower, Wheat, Barley, Oat Groats, Shelled Peanuts, Ground Corn, Ground Flax Seed, Dehydrated Carrots, Raisins, Dried Bananas, Safflower, Dried Papaya, Ground Rice, Pumpkin Seed, Dried Pineapple, Dehydrated Sweet Potatoes, Dehydrated Apples, Rice Flour, Dried Cane Molasses, Soy Oil, Dicalcium Phosphate, Calcium Carbonate, Salt, Algae Meal (source of Omega-3 DHA), Fructooligosaccharide, DL-Methionine, Yeast Extract, Sesame Seed, Yucca Schidigera Extract, Vitamin A Supplement, Choline Chloride, Mixed Tocopherols (a preservative), Copper Sulfate, Ferrous Sulfate, Manganous Oxide, Zinc Oxide, Riboflavin Supplement, Vitamin B12 Supplement, Vitamin E Supplement, Niacin, Menadione Sodium Bisulfite Complex (source of vitamin K activity), Rosemary Extract, Citric Acid, Cholecalciferol (source of vitamin D3), Calcium Pantothenate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Thiamine Mononitrate, Calcium Iodate, Biotin, Folic Acid, Dried A. oryzae Fermentation Extract (source of protease), Dried Bacillus licheniformis Fermentation Product, Dried Bacillus subtilis Fermentation Product, Cobalt Carbonate, Sodium Selenite, Artificial Color. Allergen information: Contains peanuts and/or other tree nuts.
    Guaranteed Analysis:
    Crude Protein (min.)......14.0% Calcium (min.)........0.3%
    Crude Fat (min.)...........4.0% Calcium (max.)........0.8%
    Crude Fiber (min.)........12.0% Phosphorus (min.).....0.3%
    Crude Fiber (max.)........17.0% Salt (min.)..........0.25%
    Moisture (max.)...........12.0% Salt (max.)..........0.75%
    Vitamin A (min.).....4000 IU/lb
    Omega-3 Fatty Acids (min.).....................0.4%
    Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) (min.)............0.035%
    Total Bacillus Species (min.).......75,000 CFU/gram

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  5. Scott Pet 1" Wide Single Ply Pet Lead (4' or 6' Length) 2168

    Scott Pet 1" Wide Single Ply Pet Lead (4' or 6' Length) 2168

    • Metal Clasp
    • Single Ply Nylon
    • Strong and Lightweight
    • 1" Wide
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  6. Taste of the Wild Canyon River Feline Formula 5lb

    Taste of the Wild Canyon River Feline Formula 5lb


    A grain-free formula with sweet potatoes provides highly digestible energy for your active cat. Made with trout and wood-smoked salmon, this formula offers great taste and quality fish protein. For today’s healthy cat, this formula is supplemented with fruits and vegetables, providing natural antioxidants to support a healthy immune system and overall good health. Your cat craves a taste of the wild. Go ahead and give him one.

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  7. Purina Alpo Chop House Canned Dog Food Variety Pack (T-Bone/Rotisserie Chicken) - 12 Pack, ALP14287

    Purina Alpo Chop House Canned Dog Food Variety Pack (T-Bone/Rotisserie Chicken) - 12 Pack, ALP14287


    Product Features

    • Alpo Chop House Gravy Variety Pack.
    • 6-cans with T-Bone Steak in Gourmet Gravy.
    • 6-cans with Rotisserie Chicken in Gourmet Gravy.
    • Your Pet will Love it.
    • Makes for a great Gift.

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  8. Iams Smart Puppy Food 5.7 lb.

    Iams Smart Puppy Food 5.7 lb.


    This Iams ProActive Health formula has PreBiotics that work inside the digestive tract to promote healthy digestion and strong defenses. Healthy inside. Healthy outside.

    Designed for puppies ages 1-12 months, Iams concentrated nutrition proactively nourishes your puppy to help keep him at his best.

    Natural fish oils with DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid), a nutrient vital for optimal brain development, promote smarter, more trainable puppies. Protein sourced from chicken and egg helps build strong, firm muscles. Seven essential nutrients nourish the heart; essential minerals promote strong teeth and bones; and antioxidants help maintain a strong immune system.

    A high-quality source of protein with no fillers or artificial preservatives, Iams is gentle on the digestive system. Fuel your puppy’s healthy development with 100% complete and balanced nutrition that’s vet recommended and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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  9. Rural King Scoopable Cat Litter 40 lb. 91401

    Rural King Scoopable Cat Litter 40 lb. 91401

    Regular Price: $9.99

    Special Price: $8.99

    Rural King Scoopable Cat Litter gives you advantages never before available in any cat litter product! In independent tests, based on daily removal of liquid and solid waste, ordinary clay litter products only controlled odors for 9 days. After that, the accumulation of urine waste matter caused the odor level to rise quickly. After two weeks, even a cat box which had been regularly maintained, emitted a strong and offensive odor.

    In contrast, Rural King Scoopable Cat Litter maintained complete odor control even after 28 days! The litter granules are made from environmentally pure Bentonite clay. When exposed to liquid waste, the granules expand and absorb the liquid in a well defined clump which will not break apart even during sifting, scooping, or scratching by your cat. This means, unlike ordinary cat litters, Rural King Scoopable Cat Litter lets you remove virtually all of your cat's liquid and solid waste. And, no excess waste in the box means NO ODORS! Used regularly, new Rural King Scoopable Cat Litter will mean no more unpleasant odors and greater savings for you!


    • Odors and changing are problems of the past! The superior absorption and binding capability of revolutionary Rural King Scoopable Cat Litter allows for complete removal of liquid and solid waste and their associated odors.
    • Environmentally friendly! Non-toxic natural clay. Using Rural King Scoopable Cat Litter means less waste.
    • Easily remove even liquid waste! Unlike ordinary cat litters, when exposed to liquid waste, Rural King Scoopable Cat Litter granules bond tightly together and won't break apart during removal or when cats scratch in the box. Simply replenish the litter that is thrown away. Unused Rural King Scoopable Cat Litter stays in the box and keeps working.
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  10. Scott Pet Dog Collar  1" Adjustable Large Red 1428

    Scott Pet Dog Collar 1" Adjustable Large Red 1428

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