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  1. S & K Ground Sleeve For Purple Martin House Tri-Tel Pole GS3

    S & K Ground Sleeve For Purple Martin House Tri-Tel Pole GS3


    The Sleeve enables you to remove your pole from the ground for maintenance or to Move your Tri-Tel Pole to a new location with ease! Install the Ground Sleeve wherever you may want your pole!

    • Only fits 12 foot Tri-Tel Poles
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  2. PerkyPet Ready-to-Use Oriole Nectar 1 Liter 4501-6

    PerkyPet Ready-to-Use Oriole Nectar 1 Liter 4501-6


    Need Oriole food for your bird feeders. Buy Oriole food that is sure to entice these beautiful birds to flock to your Oriole bird feeders. No mixing required, Perky Pet Ready-to-Use Oriole Food is ready to use. Orioles will love sipping this nectar from your Oriole bird feeder. To learn more about the Baltimore Oriole, please visit our bird library. Here you can learn the Baltimore Orioles food preferences, other than our Opus Oriole food, of course. Discover the wonders and beauty of the Oriole by attracting Orioles to your yard with Perky Pet Oriole food.

    • One liter bottle of oriole nectar
    • Natural citrus flavor
    • 100% sucrose
    • No mixing required
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  3. Basket Suet Double

    Basket Suet Double



    • Heavy Gauge Coated Wire
    • Tighter Wire Mesh
    • Snap Locking Lid (to keep the Squirrels out)
    • Convenient Loop Handle
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  4. Rainbow Finch Bird Feeder

    Rainbow Finch Bird Feeder


    Attract more goldfinches quickly with the Rainbow Finch Feeder. It boasts 18 perching stations and is truly breathtaking when full. This finch feeder holds approx. 2.25 lbs. of thistle seed, with a small sponged insert at the bottom to keep seed from molding. The colorful rainbow finch feeder easily attaches to your hanger or tree with a stainless steel hanging wire which is included.

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  5. Kaytee Bird Feeder Songbird Station

    Kaytee Bird Feeder Songbird Station


    The Kaytee Songbird Station Bird Feeder is easy to clean and refill and is ideal for attracting a variety of songbirds to your yard. Seed dome holds about four pounds of bird seed. Perch is very comfortable and allows a number of birds to feed at one time. Complies with the standards of the Wild Bird Feeding Industry


    • Easy to refill.
    • Holds up to 4lbs of feed.
    • Integrated seed tray minimizes mess below feeder.
    • Attracts a Variety of Songbirds.
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  6. Wild Bird Feeding Station Kit

    Wild Bird Feeding Station Kit

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  7. Squirrel A Whirl SEWF2160

    Squirrel A Whirl SEWF2160


    Squirrels love it. Squirrels' weight causes the feeder to rotate.

    • It swings and spins as the hungry acrobats grab a bite to eat
    • Attach an ear of corn, fruit, or peanut butter and watch the fun begin
      Food Type Corn
      Squirrel Feeder Style Spinner


    13" x 4" x 3.5"

    Made from natural cedar with "no rust" zinc chromate screws.

    Corn not included. 

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  8. Perky Pet Safari Tube Wild Bird Feeder

    Perky Pet Safari Tube Wild Bird Feeder


    The Perky-Pet™ Safari tube feeder with 2-in-1 Ports™ wild bird feeder features an exclusive design allowing for easy switching from a mixed/sunflower setting to a thistle/finch mix position—the variety in food choice allows for variety in wild birds stopping by to feed.

    It holds up to 1.5 lbs. of seed or mix and has six feeding stations and a seed catcher base. The clear, shatter-proof plastic reservoir makes it easy for you to monitor seed levels. Comes fully assembled with the seed tray. The six perch/feeding station set-up makes this feeder one of the most economical and convenient on the market!

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  9. Rural King Wild Bird Seed 20 lb. PWB20-RK

    Rural King Wild Bird Seed 20 lb. PWB20-RK


    A quality blend for the wild bird enthusiasts that will attract a wide variety of colorful birds. Our wild bird seed helps wild birds through long winters and times of stress brought on by breeding and migration. Its always important to keep your bird feeders filled year-round for a continuous abundance of wild birds around your home. To increase the number and variety of birds using your feeders provide nearby shelter such as evergreens and other year-round greenery. Also, be sure a sufficient supply of fresh water is always available. Wild bird food is an essential part of any enthusiasts wild bird supplies. These pointers will help nurture an activity-rich habitat within your backyard. To attract the widest variety of birds, use numerous feeders located in different areas throughout your property. Then, sit back and enjoy this relaxing hobby while doing something beneficial for our fine feathered friends.

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  10. Prevue Pet Featherstone Heights Victorian Bird Cage 294

    Prevue Pet Featherstone Heights Victorian Bird Cage 294


    Featherstone Heights are designer bird cages which replicate classic American home styles. The cages feature giving floor plans, a detachable grille floor and pull-out drawer for accessible cleaning.

    Each cage includes:

    • 2 outside access feed cups
    • 2 perches
    • Large entry door
    • Top access door

    All cages are individually packed in full-color display boxes and are perfect for all small birds to cockatiels.

    Dimensions:18”L x 18”W x 25 ½”H, 5/8” wire spacing

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