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  1. Prevue Pet Jumbo Scrollwork Bird Cage 220

    Prevue Pet Jumbo Scrollwork Bird Cage 220


    This beautiful bird cage is ideal for medium birds such as--cockatiels, sengals, caiques, and weavers. Not only is this cage very attractive to the eyes, but it's construction of durable metal ensures safety for your bird. The unique scrollwork design can add elegance to anyone's home! Included is two perches to provide endless hours of fun for you bird, and a good feeling place to rest. Two feeder cups, two plastic perches and a removable bottom grille are included to keep your bird healthy and satisfied. The quick pull-out drawer is great for easy cleaning!

    Dimensions: 18" L X 18"W X 25"H, with 5/8" wire spacing

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  2. 5 lb. Striped Sunflowers

    5 lb. Striped Sunflowers


    Here is a quality seed that is a favorite of: Chickadees, Cardinals, Titmice, Nuthatches, & Finches

    Scott's Wild Bird Seeds are the cleanest and most dust-free available. Only the highest quality seeds are mixed, bagged, and warehoused in our state of the art facility.


    • Striped Sunflower

    Guaranteed Analysis

    • Crude Protein: min 15%
    • Crude Fat: min 22%
    • Crude Fiber: max 30%
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  3. Bird Feeder Wilderness 8504-2

    Bird Feeder Wilderness 8504-2


    This bird feeder combines the natural color palette of the outdoors while displaying a calming landscape of buck and doe crossing your path. U-shaped perches adjust to allow you to attract different sized birds and the patented Sure-Lock cap system keeps the lid secure to prevent squirrels from stealing the seed.

    • Holds 2-pound of seed
    • Patented sure-lock cap system helps keep squirrels out
    • Features bird preferred u-shaped adjustable perches
    • Seed saving drain holes
    • Recommended seed; mixed, black oil sunflower, hulled sunflower, safflower
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  4. Squirrel Kob Bungee Birdola 54322

    Squirrel Kob Bungee Birdola 54322

     A 20" chain loops around a support and fastens with the included S-hook. A bungee apparatus attaches the chain to a heavy gauge wire, and at the end of the wire an eye screw awaits a corn cob, corn log.
    Capacity: holds one ear of corn
    Dimensions: 52" L before mounting and without weight
    Mounting: may be hung
    • Follow the bouncing squirrel
    • Unique spring action feeder brings out comical feeding antics
    • Works with cobs and corn logs
    • Durable metal cable, chain and spring
    • Chain is covered with a cloth to prevent injuries to squirrels and yourself
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  5. Prevue Pet Clean Life Tall Bird Cage SP852

    Prevue Pet Clean Life Tall Bird Cage SP852


    Prevue pet products clean life tall cage has been designed with form, functionality and affordability in mind. This remarkable tall cage features an integrated seed guard to cut down on mess and scattered debris, while the innovative removable tray helps your bird thrive in a cleaner living environment. our clean life tall cage is available in a contemporary base and mesh color combination.

    Product Features:

    • Perfect for small to medium sized birds
    • Two plastic cups and two perches are included
    • Clean life tall cage is functional and affordable
    • Integrated seed guard cuts down on mess and debris
    • Removable tray for a cleaner living environment


    • 18 Inches Long
    • 18 Inches Wide
    • 36 Inches High
    • 1/2 Inch Wire Spacing
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  6. Country Road 10 Pack High Energy Wild Bird Suet

    Country Road 10 Pack High Energy Wild Bird Suet

    • Premium quality suet
    • Melt-resistant formula
    • Easy open, no mess wrapper
    • 11 oz suet cakes
    • Made in the USA
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  7. Green Bird Feeder Ball

    Green Bird Feeder Ball

    • The seed ball wild bird feeder
    • Features a usual high quality metal construction and patented mesh feeding system
    • This feeder is round in shape with green finish
    • Holds 7 cups of black oil sunflower seeds
    • 5.6 x 5.5 x 5.3 inches
    •  Features Our Usual High-Quality Metal Construction and Patented Mesh Feeding System.
    •  New 6-Inch Round Shape In Green Finish.
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  8. S & K Purple Martin House - 10 Family FH10

    S & K Purple Martin House - 10 Family FH10


    The Farm and Home 10 offers housing for 10 Purple Martin families! But that's just the beginning. Comes with porches, landing and take-off area, and nesting area that allow quick drainage - keeping the nest dry. No tools required during construction! It's made for the Tri-Tel 15ft , Tri-Tel 12ft or 15ft Quad Tel Pole or a 1.25 dia round pole.

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  9. Super Pet Apple Orchard Sticks 100079278

    Super Pet Apple Orchard Sticks 100079278

    Real all natural Apple Chews that critters can t resist. Helps keep your pet s teeth health clean and trim. Completely safe to chew. Perfect for use on any of our Super Pet Ka-Bob dispensers. Made from sustainable tree sources. Ideal for rabbits guinea pigs chinchillas hamsters gerbils and other furry friends. Pack contains 10 assorted size chips. All natural chews made of real apple and peach woods from sustainable tree sources fits super pet kabob dispenser. Bio-Enzymatic Formula. Learn More
  10. 8 lb. Nyjer Seed

    8 lb. Nyjer Seed


    This "Black Gold" of seeds is a favorite of: Goldfinch, Finches & Pine Siskin


    • Nyjer (thistle)

    Guaranteed Analysis

    • Crude Protein: min 14%
    • Crude Fat: min 30%
    • Crude Fiber: max 7%
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