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  1. Backyard Boys Window Nesting View Birdhouse Cedar BBW55

    Backyard Boys Window Nesting View Birdhouse Cedar BBW55

    Regular Price: $9.98

    Special Price: $7.98

    Birdhouse attaches to the outside of any glass window by suction cups.  easily watch birds nesting and feeding from inside your home through the clear back panel. Fun for all ages to observe as baby birds grow and take their fist flight.

    • Made from western red cedar
    • Attach to any windo using three "all-weather" suctioin cups
    • Comes with removable screw for easy cleaning
    • Compare to the As Seen On TV My Spy Birdhouse
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  2. Green Bird Feeder Ball

    Green Bird Feeder Ball

    • The seed ball wild bird feeder
    • Features a usual high quality metal construction and patented mesh feeding system
    • This feeder is round in shape with green finish
    • Holds 7 cups of black oil sunflower seeds
    • 5.6 x 5.5 x 5.3 inches
    •  Features Our Usual High-Quality Metal Construction and Patented Mesh Feeding System.
    •  New 6-Inch Round Shape In Green Finish.
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  3. Country Road 10 Pack High Energy Wild Bird Suet

    Country Road 10 Pack High Energy Wild Bird Suet

    • Premium quality suet
    • Melt-resistant formula
    • Easy open, no mess wrapper
    • 11 oz suet cakes
    • Made in the USA
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  4. Squirrel A Whirl SEWF2160

    Squirrel A Whirl SEWF2160


    Squirrels love it. Squirrels' weight causes the feeder to rotate.

    • It swings and spins as the hungry acrobats grab a bite to eat
    • Attach an ear of corn, fruit, or peanut butter and watch the fun begin
      Food Type Corn
      Squirrel Feeder Style Spinner


    13" x 4" x 3.5"

    Made from natural cedar with "no rust" zinc chromate screws.

    Corn not included. 

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  5. Rural King Wild Bird Seed 40 lb. PWB40-RK

    Rural King Wild Bird Seed 40 lb. PWB40-RK


    A quality blend for the wild bird enthusiasts that will attract a wide variety of colorful birds. Our wild bird seed helps wild birds through long winters and times of stress brought on by breeding and migration. ild bird food is an essential part of any enthusiasts wild bird supplies. These pointers will help nurture an activity-rich habitat within your backyard. To attract the widest variety of birds, use numerous feeders located in different areas throughout your property. Then, sit back and enjoy this relaxing hobby while doing something beneficial for our fine feathered friends. Our wild bird food attracts Cardinal, chickadee, Junco, Rufus-Sided Towhee, Song Sparrow, Tree Sparrow, Grackle, Pine Siskin, Titmouse, Purple Finch, House Finch, Gold Finch, Grosbeak, Blue Jay, Red Poll, Mourning Dove, Red Bellied Woodpecker and more.

    Ingreedents: Cracked Corn, Milo, Wheat, and sunflower seeds. 

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  6. Bird Seed  Superior Blend 9 Lb

    Bird Seed Superior Blend 9 Lb


    Attract a variety of wild birds to your yard with this high-quality bird seed mix.. Wild birds love the mix of sunflower seeds, millet, safflower, and more. This premium bird seed mix may be used a variety of bird feeders. This Gourmet Blend is especially enticing to: Cardinals, Nuthatches & Finches.


    • Millet
    • Black Oil Sunflower
    • Safflower
    • Grain Products

    Guaranteed Analysis

    • Crude Protein: min 10%
    • Crude Fat: min 5%
    • Crude Fiber: max 14%
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  7. North States Wren Bird House 1639

    North States Wren Bird House 1639

    Hand crafted solid cedar. Removable base for easy cleaning. Screw eyes included for hanging.
    • Attractively built of solid cedar.
    • Screw eyes included for hanging.
    • Removable base for cleaning.
    • Bulk packed.
    • Measures 7.5" x 6" x 6.5" high.
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  8. Upside Down Finch Birdfeeder

    Upside Down Finch Birdfeeder

    • Feeder empties completely leaving no residue.
    • Heavy-duty wire hanging bail.
    • Holds up to 2 pounds of thistle seed or finch mixtures.
    • Six UPSIDE DOWN feeding ports and perches.
    • Weather resistant, 18-inch feeder tube.
    • Yellow dome cap keeps seed drier.
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  9. 5 lb. Striped Sunflowers

    5 lb. Striped Sunflowers


    Here is a quality seed that is a favorite of: Chickadees, Cardinals, Titmice, Nuthatches, & Finches

    Scott's Wild Bird Seeds are the cleanest and most dust-free available. Only the highest quality seeds are mixed, bagged, and warehoused in our state of the art facility.


    • Striped Sunflower

    Guaranteed Analysis

    • Crude Protein: min 15%
    • Crude Fat: min 22%
    • Crude Fiber: max 30%
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  10. Squirrel Kob Bungee Birdola 54322

    Squirrel Kob Bungee Birdola 54322

     A 20" chain loops around a support and fastens with the included S-hook. A bungee apparatus attaches the chain to a heavy gauge wire, and at the end of the wire an eye screw awaits a corn cob, corn log.
    Capacity: holds one ear of corn
    Dimensions: 52" L before mounting and without weight
    Mounting: may be hung
    • Follow the bouncing squirrel
    • Unique spring action feeder brings out comical feeding antics
    • Works with cobs and corn logs
    • Durable metal cable, chain and spring
    • Chain is covered with a cloth to prevent injuries to squirrels and yourself
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