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Cats & Dogs Accessories

Cats & Dogs Accessories

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  1. Prevue Pet Catville Loft 722

    Prevue Pet Catville Loft 722


    Catville Loft encourages your cat to be healthy, happy and active! Watch as kitty engages in frisky activity – playing with the dangling toy, scratching the sisal covered post or climbing in, out, over and around the Catville Loft. The hideaway arch provides an elevated view and contains super-soft plush bedding, perfect for relaxing or sleeping. Durable cloth rampway designed for active jumping, pouncing and running leads to the raised nook where a dangling puff-ball toy hangs playfully. Cats will scratch and stretch along the sisal covered post, getting a good workout while grooming nails and exercising paws. A lower, secluded, hideaway den provides a safe and secure feeling and is also ideal for playing hide & seek. With areas for playing, napping, lounging, scratching, pouncing, climbing and hiding felines love the full range of amenities created to satisfy behavioral instincts while discouraging destructive behavior and alleviating boredom. Prevue’s Catville Loft is an attractive home for cats of all ages and activity levels. Sturdy, yet lightweight, Prevue Pet's Catville Loft comes with easy to follow, step-by-step, assembly instructions and measures 32" Long, 16" Wide, 27" High. Fabric components may be hand washed and air dried as needed.

    Product Features:

    • Dimensions: 32" L x 16" W x 27" H
    • Available in Gray or Leopard Print
    • Durable Cloth Rampway
    • Super-soft Plush Bedding
    • Sisal Covered Post
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  2. Primetime Petz 360 Configurable Gate w/ Door 36" 33238-G8

    Primetime Petz 360 Configurable Gate w/ Door 36" 33238-G8


    This beautiful, furniture-quality, freestanding pet gate embodies the quality and workmanship you have come to expect from Primetime Petz. The 360 ⁰ Configurable Gate with Door 36” lets you customize your pets roaming space in countless ways including a gate or pen. With four wide panels, capable of spanning narrow and wide areas up to 80 inches, it keeps extra-large pets safely contained while giving you easy access to your favorite space. The door, which conveniently opens inward and outward, locks securely into place every time with a spring-loaded bolt preventing pets from nosing or pawing open. Rubber pads on the bottom of the gate prevent sliding and keep floors safe from scratching. Finished in a gorgeous Walnut, this gate is lightweight for quick and easy relocation and folds down in seconds for simple, convenient storage. At 36 inches tall, this gate is rated for all sized pets. Add a stunning compliment to your home’s existing décor while safely and effectively containing your pet. Spindle distance is 1¾ inches. Gate is 100% wooden; no MDF or press board. If you desire additional length or a larger play pen, 360⁰ Extension Kits 36” are available for virtually limitless containment possibilities.

    Item dimensions: 88”L x .75”W x 36”H

    Product Features:

    • Spans openings up to 80”
    • Versatile design lets owner customize pets roaming space
    • Many configurable variations including gate or pen
    • Spring-loaded lock for added security
    • Walk-through door for easy pass through
    • Works well in any floor plan
    • Beautifully finished wood compliments any decor
    • Folds down to store in seconds, lightweight for ease of use
    • Extension kits available for endless containment possibilities
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  3. Endura Flap Thermo Sash 3e with Small Flap Pet Door 07PPC06

    Endura Flap Thermo Sash 3e with Small Flap Pet Door 07PPC06


    The Endura Flap Thermo Sash 3e installs, without the use of tools, into the track of your sash window.  It features a beefy aluminum frame, LoE dual-pane glass and the energy efficient Endura Flap Pet Door.   The Endura Flap Pet Door is manufactured to be flexible, safe, and energy efficient in all climates. The transparent, dual-pane flap seals tightly against the outside weather using a patented system of magnets. When closed, the flaps siginificantly reduce air conditioning and heat loss. There are up to seven width adjustment ranges, each with a three inch adjustment range, to fit a variety of sash windows (be sure to measure from the furtherst points left and right to get an accurate measurement).  Opening height is another inmportant measurement to ensure your window fits:  Small flap requies 18.5" clearance, Medium flap requires 22.5" clearance, Large flap requires 26.5" clearance and Extra Large requires 30.5" clearance.  All doors come with locking cover and installation instructions.  Tools are not required for installaton!

    Product Features:

    • Choose from 3 color frames
    • 6"w x 11"h Pet Door Flap
    • Variety of width adjustment  sizes


    • 25: Adjusts from 25- 28" wide
    • 28: Adjusts from 28- 31" wide
    • 31: Adjusts from 31- 34" wide
    • 34: Adjusts from 34-37" wide
    • 37: Adjusts from 37- 40" wide
    • 40: Adjusts from  40-43" wide
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  4. Rugged Ranch Durango Powder Coat Dog Kennel DG510PCK

    Rugged Ranch Durango Powder Coat Dog Kennel DG510PCK


    The 5'x10'x6'H Durango Powder Coat Kennel is made with 6ga 2"x4" welded wire. One of the strongest built kennels on the market it is built to last. Preferred by kennel professionals!

    • Modular design so you can add panels or gates to meet your needs 
    • 5'W x 10"L x 6'H 
    • Available in Powder Coat or Hot Dipped Galvanized finish
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  5. Endura Flap White Pet Door, Door Mount, Double Flap 03PP 2

    Endura Flap White Pet Door, Door Mount, Double Flap 03PP 2

    From: $309.97

    Endura Flap Pet Doors for Walls are manufactured to be flexible, safe, and energy efficient in all climates. The transparent, dual-pane flap seals tightly against the outside weather using a patented system of magnets. These doors actually have two, dual-pane flaps for added energy efficiency. When closed, the flaps siginificantly reduce air conditioning and heat loss. Each unit permanently installs into your door 1 3/4" to 2 1/4" thick and includes a locking security panel.

    Comes with: Interior and exterior frame, security panel, mounting hardware and installation instructions.


    • Small: 6x11"
    • Medium: 8x15"
    • Large: 10x19"
    • Extra Large: 12x23"
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  6. High Tech Pet Power Pet Large Patio Panel, Low-E, Tall Height PX2-STE

    High Tech Pet Power Pet Large Patio Panel, Low-E, Tall Height PX2-STE



    Product Description:

    Specially Designed for Extreme Weather Climates, this Low-E Glass Dual Pane Sliding Glass Patio Insert turns any sliding glass door into a fully automatic pet door. Combines High Tech Pet's Patented Fully Automatic Pet Door, with dual-pane, Low “E” glass for wind resistance and high energy efficiency. Turns any sliding glass door into a fully automatic pet door. This is a Dual Pane Power Pet door pre-installed in an aluminum framed glass insert that fits into your sliding glass patio door. Power Pet is the only electric pet door slim enough for a practical patio door installation.

    Made of high quality aluminum and tempered glass coated with an industrial quality powder coat finish, the patio door insert easily fits into your sliding glass patio door track. It features a spring loaded top section for quick, perfect installation. Your patio door slides shut against the insert and locks with our security locking bolt. Engineered for performance, value, design and reliability, and motor driven, activated by a tiny ultrasonic collar. When your pet approaches, the translucent door panel, made of a new super-strength resin, quickly and quietly powers upward, disappearing into the stylish housing. Because the panel moves up and down rather than swinging out, it mounts in hermetically sealed grooves for air-tight closure, making it impossible for an intruder to kick the panel out. The result is the most secure pet door against intruders and stray animals. Your pets are empowered to come and go as they please. Their animal friends are politely asked to stay out.

    Product Features:

    • Recommended for pets up to 100 lbs. (For animals up to 30lbs. see Model PX-1SRE)
    • Full Power, Motorized Operation
    • Installs Right Alongside Your Existing Sliding Glass Door
    • 2-1/2" Adjustment Range for a Perfect Fit
    • Double Pane Energy Efficient Glass for Extreme Climates
    • Pet Activated
    • Directional Sensor System
    • AC or Optional Battery Operation
    • 4 Way Access Control
    • Dual Range Controls
    • Automatic Dead Bolt Lock
    • Automatic Safety Retract System
    • Keeps Out Strays
    • Increases Home Security
    • Lowers Heating and Cooling Bills


    • Model: 'Power Pet Large Automatic Sliding Glass Door Low-E Pet Door - Extra Tall Height'
    • Door Adjustment Range: 3"
    • Door Height: 93-1/4" - 96/1/4"
    • Door Width: 16"
    • Door Depth: 4"
    • Pet Opening Width: 12-1/4"
    • Pet Opening Height: 16"
    • Ship Weight: 66lbs.
    • Rise: 6"
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  7. Midwest Collapsible Cat Playpen 130

    Midwest Collapsible Cat Playpen 130


    Midwest Collapsible Cat Playpen 130 is made of gauges wire materials coated with Black ElectroCoat. Approximately the carrying weight of this playpen is about 30 to 47 lbs, depending on the sizes of the playpen. Mostly they are lightweight and you can carry them anywhere you like. Its doors are very convenient to use: some of them designed with swing open, front access doors and large door openings to provide easy access to your cat and its litterbox.


    • Swing Open, Front Access Doors
    • Secure-Lock, Dual-Point Door Latches
    • Roll & Lock Casters
    • Wide Expanse, Height Adjustable Resting Benches
    • Slide-Out Pan Floor
    • Collapsible Fold Down Design
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  8. SportDog Tek 2.0 Add-A-Dog Location Collar TEK-2L

    SportDog Tek 2.0 Add-A-Dog Location Collar TEK-2L


    The TEK-2L Add-A-Dog Collar allows you to add a Location Only collar to your existing TEK 2.0 system. In terms of range, accuracy and reliability, the TEK 2.0 Tracking System surpasses every other system on the market.

    Product Features:

    • DryTek™ Waterproof and Submersible Up to 25 Feet
    • 24 Hours Battery Life At 3 Second Update Rate
    • Included Desktop Software
    • Expandable up to 21 Dogs
    • Compatible with TEK-V2LT and TEK-V2L
    • 1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty


    • GPS Collar on Black Collar Strap 
    • Charge Cradle 
    • Adapter
    • USB Cable 
    • (2) Dog Color ID Band  (Pink and Gren)
    • Basic Training DVD and Manual Included
    • Quick Start Guide
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  9. Jaguar

    Pet Gear Happy Trails Lite NO-ZIP Pet Stroller PG8030NZ


    Product Description:

    Pet Gear has really “raised the bar” with their new Happy Trails Lite NO-ZIP stroller. No zippers means no hassle when trying to open and close the stroller. Our new NO-ZIP technology means that you can easily gain access to your pet without fumbling with difficult zippers! The Happy Trails Lite NO-ZIP stroller also features an elevated paw rest. Your pet can easily look out of the stroller by using the front bar for support. The new panoramic view window allows your pet to remain safe inside of the stroller without missing any sights while you stroll!

    Capacity = 25 lbs.

    Product Features:

    • Easy-locking, NO-ZIP Entry
    • Elevated paw rest
    • Panoramic view window, top window and viewing area
    • 600 Denier water-resistant material
    • Large storage basket
    • Parent tray for keys, water, etc.
    • Wheel size: 7" back, 6" front
    • Interior tether, removable waterproof liner
    • Rear safety brakes, front shock absorbers
    • Stroller height to handle 40"
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  10. New Age Pet ecoChoice Rustic Lodge Dog House ECOH203

    New Age Pet ecoChoice Rustic Lodge Dog House ECOH203

    From: $124.97
    Product Features:
    • Flat roof
    • Side door
    • Well ventilated
    • Easy to clean
    • Raised floors
    • Step in design
    • Eco-friendly – made from recycled materials
    • Weather resistant, moisture and humidity resistant, rot proof, insect proof
    • Maintenance free
    • Paintable and stainable– Accepts latex paint without priming and be stained with repeat applications of oil based stain
    • No tools required for assembly 
    • Easy to assemble and disassemble- the entire structure can be brought inside for a thorough cleaning
    • Easy- to-clean - gaining access to the inside of the structure to clean is a 30 second process with no tools, cleaning only requires mild detergent
    • Longer life cycle – ecoChoice based structures will easily outlast 2 wooden structures and some climates, the ecoFLEX products will outlast 3 or even 4 traditional wooden structures
    • Stable - doesn’t warp, twist or crack from changes in temperature and humidity making assembly easier and further extending life
    • Splinter-proof - making it safer for your pet
    • Natural color – The color is not a stain or surface preparation and does not wash off, it does not oxide and turn gray over time
    • Double wall construction –panels are constructed with inner and outer walls connected by an interior web making them stronger than a similar thickness of wood, lighter weight and with dead air providing a minimal level of insulation 
    Item Specifications:
    Recommended for dogs up to 40lbs
    Exterior: (29.4” L x 36.2” W x 25.9” H)
    Interior: (31.1” L x 20.2” W x 21.6” H)
    Door: (11.5” W x 15.0” H)
    Model Number: ECOH203M

    Recommended for dogs up to 140lbs
    Exterior: (32.9” L x 42.1” W x 29.7” H)
    Interior: (37” L x 23.4” W x 25.2” H)
    Door: (16.0” W x 19.5” H)
    Model Number: ECOH203XL
    XX-Large (JUMBO)*:
    Recommended for dogs up to 200 lbs
    Exterior: (46.4" L x 38.4" W x 37.5" H)
    Interior: (41.3" L x 29.7" W x 33.5" H)
    Door: (19.5" H x 16.0" W)
    Model Number: ECOH203JMB
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