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Cats & Dogs Accessories

Cats & Dogs Accessories

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  1. PetArmor for Dogs 23-44 lbs. Flea & Tick Medication 01156

    PetArmor for Dogs 23-44 lbs. Flea & Tick Medication 01156


    PetArmor for Dogs acts fast and is effective, long lasting, waterproof and easy to use for the control of adult fleas, ticks and chewing lice on dogs and puppies. It contains the active ingredient fipronil. Used as directed, it can help prevent reinfestation while also controlling sarcoptic mange infestations. PetArmor for Dogs kills, controls and prevents infestations of adult fleas (prior to egg laying), brown dog ticks, American dog ticks, lone star ticks and deer ticks (that may transmit Lyme disease), as well as chewing lice.
    Apply PetArmor for Dogs topically only on dogs and puppies aged 8 weeks or older, including breeding, pregnant and nursing mothers as indicated. PetArmor for Dogs with fipronil should be applied every month. Do not treat with more than one pesticide product at a time. Don't forget to consider your dog's age.
    Keep treated pets apart from each other or other pets for 24 hours after treatment and until the product is dry to prevent pets from licking the product off one another.

    Applying the Product:

    • Remove product tubes from the package.
    • Separate one tube from the others.
    • Hold the tube with notched end pointing up and away from the face and body. Use scissors to cut off the narrow end at the notches along the line.
    • Invert tube over dog and use open end to part your dog’s hair.
    • Squeeze tube firmly to apply all of the solution to the dog’s skin as a spot to the dog’s back between the shoulder blades.
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  2. Prevue Pet Dog Replacement Tinkle Turf 50G

    Prevue Pet Dog Replacement Tinkle Turf 50G

    From: $14.97

    Prevue pet products replacement tinkle turf system 500 for dog breeds creates a designated potty area for your pet - perfect for when going outdoors is not an option. Tinkle turf protects floors and furniture, makes an ideal training tool for young pups and is easily transportable when traveling with your pet, great for dog and owner alike. Ideal for travel, city living, busy schedules or anytime going outdoors is not an option, the turf can be used both indoors and outdoors. Soft, realistic quality turf is 1/2-inch in height and constructed with a flow-through backing material, allowing liquid to drain into the tray base.Do not use harsh detergents or cleaners for turf. Hand wash or brush with warm water and mild dish washing liquid, and rinse thoroughly. Let turf air dry fully before replacing in tray. Turf is not machine washable. Do not place turf in washing machine or dryer.

    Product Features:

    • Convenient and portable dog potty - simple, lightweight, easy to clean
    • Realistic quality, soft synthetic turf, with anti-microbial odor control
    • Certified lead-free turf and pan system protects your flooring
    • Ideal for training, travel or home
      Length (in.)  Width (in.)  Height (in.)  Ideal Sizing for breed
    Small 21.6" 15.1" 1/2" Chihuahua, Boston Terrier, Mini Poodles,Yorkie, Pomeranian, etc.
    Medium  28.2" 18.6" 1/2" Beagle, Cocker Spaniel, Dachshund, Bulldog, Blue Heeler, etc.
    Large 40" 27.2" 1/2" Golden Retriever, Lab, Husky, Boxers, etc.

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  3. Super Heavy Duty Dog Tie Out Cable 20' 380820

    Super Heavy Duty Dog Tie Out Cable 20' 380820

    Regular Price: $15.99

    Special Price: $14.99

    Did your parents ever tell you to go outside and run around to burn off some energy?  Well here is your solution for fido to burn off some energy.  This extra heavy cable tie out has a break strength of 4200lbs.  It is made of galvanized aircraft cable and is coated in a UV vinyl. 

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  4. Precision Pet X-Small 19" Dog Crate Replacement Pan 3111-POGRC2000

    Precision Pet X-Small 19" Dog Crate Replacement Pan 3111-POGRC2000


    The Precision Pet® Dog Crate Replacement Pans are designed to fit any Precision Pet® wire crate. The pans are made from durable heavy plastic that can handle heavy wear. These pans have a non-porous surface that's easy to clean as well as a wide lip to prevent spill-over.


  5. Designed to fit all Precision Pet® wire crates
  6. Made from durable heavy plastic for heavy wear
  7. Non-porous surface that’s easy to clean
  8. Wide lip that prevents spill-over
  9. 19 Inch: Measures 17.5"L x 11.5"W x .98"H Fits Crates: (19” L x 12” W x 14” H)
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  • Tidy Cats Scoop 24/7 Performance 40 10709

    Tidy Cats Scoop 24/7 Performance 40 10709

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  • Medium 36"x24" Pet Crate Replacement Pan

    Medium 36"x24" Pet Crate Replacement Pan

    • Durable Plastic Pan for Crates.
    • 36"x24"
    • Replacement pan for your medium Rural King brand dog crate
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  • SmartyKat Scratch Roll 10076

    SmartyKat Scratch Roll 10076


    This Multi Level scatcher offers a feel good surface at all angles. Your cat can also use this scratcher as a fun hangout. Satisfies your cat's need to scratch. The Scratch Scroll multi-surface scratcher is a perfect balance of fashion and function. Cats go head-over-heels for the variety of scratching surfaces and angles plus the exchangeable snap-in toy dangling below. You will love the SmartyKat Scratch - Scroll both for its sculptural good looks and for its effectiveness as a furniture-saving scratch alternative. 

    Product Features:

    • 1Multi-surface scratcher with Snap2It toy
    • Mix of feel-good scratching surfaces and angles
    • Double-duty as a fun hangout
    • Exchange snap-in feather toy for other Snap2it (sold separately)
    • Scratcher core made from recycled material


    • 9 inches wide
    • 11 inches long
    • 7 inches high 
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  • Guardian Gear Camo Dog Leash 6' X 1" ZA675 66

    Guardian Gear Camo Dog Leash 6' X 1" ZA675 66


    Rugged and durable Guardian Gear® Camo Dog Leads are the practical yet stylish accessories for pets that love the outdoors. 

    • Made of durable, woven nylon
    • Heavy-duty nickel-plated swivel snaps
    • All Guardian Gear Leads are guaranteed for life

    Material: Nylon; Nickel-plated swivel snaps
    Size: 1"W x 6’L

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  • Kong Extreme - Large K1

    Kong Extreme - Large K1


    KONG Extreme represents the most durable version of the original KONG toy. The ultra-strong, ultra-durable, black rubber compound is recommended for the most powerful chewers.

    • Perfect for stuffing with KONG Stuff'N treats
    • Helps reduce boredom and separation anxiety for powerful chewers
    • Unpredictable bounce for games of fetch
    • Used worldwide by police, drug enforcement and military K-9 teams
    • Also used by Schutzhund and AKC competition trainers
    • Made in USA
    • Size: Large
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  • Grriggles Medium Black Spare Tire US5181517

    Grriggles Medium Black Spare Tire US5181517


    Grriggles is a great chew toy for dogs that never gets tired of chewing. Made with high quality, heavy duty, durable, non-toxic rubber. Grriggles raised treads and pawprint design helps to clean teeth and massage gums. As an extra fun bonus, attached to the tire is an exciting tug rope for added interaction. The tug rope makes it wasy to throw, pull and also flosses pet's teeth! Grriggles is the perfect toy! Grriggles spare tire toy cleans teeth as your pet plays! A rough and rugged toy for your dog to chew and tug Raised rubber pawprints help to clean teeth Attached rope "tow cable" keeps the fun rolling alongSize: Medium measures 7 1/4" in diameter x 14"L (including tug rope)

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