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Bedding - Housing - Containment

Bedding - Housing - Containment

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  1. Tarter 6' x 5' Heavy Duty Dog Kennel Front Panel with Door DKFHDG5

    Tarter 6' x 5' Heavy Duty Dog Kennel Front Panel with Door DKFHDG5


    There is no other kennel that comes close to the quality, durability, and outstanding good looks of the Elite Kennel™ from Tarter. Our finest kennel, this unit is designed for rugged outdoor use in difficult environments. Each panel is heavy-duty 1-3/4" tubing and filled with sturdy 8-gauge 2" x 4" wire. The front panel features a durable door that creates a 2-1/2' x 5' 8" opening, complete with slam latch. Whether for your favorite hunting dogs year round or as a secure outdoor getaway for everyday household pets, there's no kennel that matches the Elite Kennel for style and durability. The complete kennel measures 6' tall x 5' wide x 5' long and weighs 273 lbs.

    NOTE:  This door panel is for the front of the kennel being described. The full kennel is sold separately.

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  2. Midwest Feline Nuvo Grand Jubilee 135J BR

    Midwest Feline Nuvo Grand Jubilee 135J BR


    Feline Nuvo Grand Jubilee 135J BR has a lot of entertainment for your cat like hanging toy balls with bell and multiple platforms wrapped in sisal. A cozy den with pillow creates a nice retreat when playtime is over. MidWest Homes for Pets is proud to offer a colossal version of our popular multi-tier cat furniture, Feline Nuvo®. Feline Nuvo® Grand features an oversized, extra-sturdy design that is ideal for large or multiple cats. With ultra-soft brown faux fur and sisal-wrapped supports, the collection has a neutral palette ideal for all home decor. Designed with a cat’s lifestyle in mind, each style of Feline Nuvo® offers a variety of play and lounging options and is the perfect addition to any home. The sisal-wrapped supports provide a tough, resilient scratching and grooming post to fulfill your cat’s needs, while the plush fabric easily wipes clean of fur and accidents.


    • Oversized Furniture Ideal for Large or Multiple Cats
    • Three Sizes Offer Varied Heights and Entertainment
    • Ultra-Soft Brown Faux Fur with Sisal-Wrapped Supports
    • Extra Sturdy, Multi-Tier Design Provides Perfect Retreat for Lounging and Play
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  3. Prevue Pet Gray Catville Tower 7240

    Prevue Pet Gray Catville Tower 7240


    Catville Tower Gray 7240 encourages your cat to be healthy, happy and active! Watch as kitty engages in energetic activity – playing with the dangling toy, scratching the sisal covered posts or climbing in, out, over and around the Catville Tower. Cats will happily curl up in any one of the four hideaways - an elevated penthouse nook, one mid-level plus two lower-level secluded view dens, each with super-soft plush bedding to satisfy all of your cat’s sleeping needs. An additional plush hammock provides the ultimate in lounging pleasure. Integrated short climbing ramp leads to a plush-mat activity area with playfully hanging puff-ball toy and escape floor. Three isolated scratching posts encourage exercise as your cat scratches and stretches along the sisal covered posts toning muscles while grooming nails and strengthening paws. Durable, extra long, cloth rampway designed for active jumping, pouncing, climbing and running provides ample opportunity for play and all dens feature a doorway on each side, making them perfect for games of hide & seek. With areas for playing, napping, lounging, scratching, perching and hiding felines love the full range of amenities created to satisfy behavioral instincts while discouraging destructive behavior and alleviating boredom. Prevue’s Catville Tower Gray 7240 is a multi-level, multi-purpose, attractive home where multiple cats of any age and activity level will thrive on endless options for sleep or play. Sturdy, yet lightweight, our tower comes with easy to follow, step-by-step, assembly instructions and measures 64" Long, 46" Wide, 56" High. Fabric components may be hand washed and air dried as needed.

    Product Features:

    • Dimensions: 64" L x 46" W x 56" H
    • 3 Scratching posts
    • Super-soft plush bedding
    • Climbing ramps
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  4. Midwest Big Dog Crate 54" x 35" x 45" 1154U

    Midwest Big Dog Crate 54" x 35" x 45" 1154U


    The Midwest Big Dog Crate 54" x 35" x 45" 1154U is the perfect home for your large pet!


    • Corner Drop-Pin Construction
    • Easy to Assemble
    • Durable Black Electro-Coat Finish
    • Safe & Secure Slide Bolt Latch(es)
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  5. Rugged Ranch Durango Galvanized Dog Kennel DG510GVK

    Rugged Ranch Durango Galvanized Dog Kennel DG510GVK


    The 5'x10'x6'H Durango Galvanized Kennel is made with 6ga 2"x4" welded wire. The galvanizing process takes place after it is welded so the whole panel including the inside of the tubing is completely dipped in Zinc. Preferred by kennel professionals!

    • Modular design so you can add panels or gates to meet your needs 
    • 5'W x 10"L x 6'H 
    • Available in Powder Coat or Hot Dipped Galvanized finish
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  6. Midwest Hen Haven Chicken Coop 62COOP

    Midwest Hen Haven Chicken Coop 62COOP


    Midwest Hen Haven Chicken Coop 62COOP will keep up to four of your chickens safe in this weather resistant coop. Plenty of room to roam, the coop is easily transportable around your yard to give chickens fresh pecking ground. The galvanized wire mesh provides adequate air flow as well as protection from critters outside. The open air run features an easy-lift top with a secure, predator-proof latch, allowing only you access to your chickens for cleaning, feeding, or releasing them for a day of free-range exploration.


    • Houses Up to Four Chickens
    • Unique and Attractive Gray-Tone Wood Grain Finish
    • Weather Resistant, Durable, and Easy to Clean
    • Spacious Fenced Run for Exercise and Pecking
    • Secure Latches and Wire Mesh Provide Protection From Predators
    • Ramp Provides Access to Elevated Living Area with Roosting Bars, Nesting Area
    • Easy-to-Clean Removable Floor Tray
    • Secure Locking Roof Opens for Full Interior Access and Egg Collection
    • Quick and Easy Assembly
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  7. Prevue Pet Kitty Power Paws Multi-Platform Scratching Post with Tassels 7150

    Prevue Pet Kitty Power Paws Multi-Platform Scratching Post with Tassels 7150


    KPP Multi-Platform Posts with Tassels 7150 provides a dedicated place for scratching and stretching, alleviating destructive behavior to household objects. At 37” tall the durable jute wrapped post ensures your cat gets a full vertical stretch and healthy exercise while keeping nails groomed and paws strong. Padded platform levels give cats additional opportunities for jumping, pouncing and lounging while a sturdy rope and feather tipped tassels engage your cats in play. Great for multiple cat homes! Prevue Pet's KPP Multi-Platform Posts with Tassels 7150 assembles easily and will last for years to come. Sturdy circular base is 21 1/2” in diameter, posts measures 3 7/8” in diameter, top platform measures 17 ½” in diameter with a total height of 37”.

    Product Features:

    • Total Height: 37"
    • Base Diameter: 21 1/2"
    • Post Diameter: 3 7/8"
    • Platform Diameter: 17 1/2"
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  8. Midwest Ferret Nation Double with Stand 182

    Midwest Ferret Nation Double with Stand 182


    The Midwest Ferret Nation Double with Stand 182 has double doors that allows for easy cleaning and feeding.  The ferret-proof dual locking door latches that provide secure, easy one-handed operation.



    • Height Adjustable Shelves with Removable Plastic Shelf Trays for Easy Cleaning

    • Multiple Attaching Points 
for Accessories - Hammocks, Tubes, Toys...
    • Appropriately Angled Ramps with Reversible Happy Feet Ramp Covers
 Specifically Designed for Ferret's Safety
    • Sturdy Square Tube Frame & Wire Construction 
for Maximum Ferret Security
    • Gray Quartz Hammertone Finish 
Attractive & Durable - Blends Well with Any Decor
    • Easily Maneuverable Stand with Locking Caster that Raises Cage to Convenient Height & Provides Storage Area
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  9. Brinsea KatKabin DezRez Double Door Outdoor Cat House KKZDD

    Brinsea KatKabin DezRez Double Door Outdoor Cat House KKZDD


    To provide an escape route from unwanted intruders, the double door Katkabin® has a front and a rear door and comes complete with a washable KatKushion and two clip-on KatFlap doors.

    The KatKabin® DezRez, a luxurious outdoor cat house, gives your cat all the comfort and safety it is used to indoors, the KatKabin® DezRez is an ingenious and quite simply wonderful home from home for your fabulous feline. Standing above the ground, it provides a warm, cosy and shaded insulated outdoor cat shelter for napping, stretching and relaxing. Your cat is protected from the weather and is safe and relaxed until you return in a sturdy and purpose-made home. The opening also has a conventional clip-on cat flap that can be attached or removed depending on the season or your cat's preference.

    The KatKabin® is available in a beautiful range of colours that can either blend in or stand out in your garden, outdoor area or home. Wherever you choose to put yours, this certainly is one cat house which will make a stunning design statement!


    • Developed to withstand the widest range of temperature extremes
    • Made from high grade, fade-resistant materials
    • Feet fixing holes enable the KatKabin® to be fixed to any surface
    • Rear holes for air ventilation
    • Innovative oval design helps the air to circulate inside rather than being trapped at the top as in other shapes
    • Two removable KatFlap doors supplied 
    • Washable KatKushion supplied 
    • Optional washable fleecy Winter Warmer – lines the internal body of the KatKabin® to keep your cat warm and snug even in the coldest conditions - available separately or as part of the Premium Combination KatKabin
    • Optional waterproof, low energy EcoGlow Pet Warming Pad - provides much needed warmth in frigid conditions. Available separately - see our accessories selection. 
    • Overall dimensions: L: 22" (55cm) x W: 16" (41cm) x H: 13" (32cm)
    • Internal dimensions: L: 17" (43cm) x W: 15" (38cm) x H: 11" (28cm)
    • Door opening: W: 6.5" (16cm) x H: 7" (17.5cm)
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  10. Midwest Canine Camper Sportable Portable Tent Crate

    Midwest Canine Camper Sportable Portable Tent Crate

    From: $119.97

    The Midwest Canine Camper Sportable Portable Tent Crate has been designed to allow you to more easily travel with your pup.  The portable tent crate is simple to set-up and fold-down with a no tool assembly.   Canine Camper Sportable features many unique and strategically designed components including a stability U-Shaped wire, sheepskin pad, easy-zip door, water-resistant material, and durable mesh windows.  The steel frame uses a stability U-Shaped wire to secure the tent in an upright position, while the synthetic sheepskin pad creates a comfortable and soft cushion for pets lounging needs. The secure, easy-zip mesh door creates a trouble-free tent crate for pet owners to use. Water resistant material protects your pet in outdoor conditions and provides for easy cleaning after use.  Large mesh windows provide ventilation and visibility to keep pets cool in warm weather while pet owners enjoy outdoor activities. Reinforced corners create a long lasting crate by resisting wear and tear from use. After rigorous field testing and thorough research, MidWest Homes for Pets is proud to present the Canine Camper Sportable.


    • Water-Resistant Material
    • Synthetic Sheepskin Pad
    • Sturdy, Folding Steel Frame
    • Secure, Easy-Zip Mesh Door
    • Easily Collapses for Travel


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