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Bedding - Housing - Containment

Bedding - Housing - Containment

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  1. Precision Pet, Outback log Cabin (Large), 2700-3LARGE

    Precision Pet, Outback log Cabin (Large), 2700-3LARGE


    Product Description

    • Assembles in three simple steps
    • A great mountain retreat just outside the backdoor
    • Available in a variety of sizes
    • Give him shelter that's as attractive as it is durable. Solid fir wood construction features a raised floor to keep him off the cold or wet ground.The Log Cabin features off-center design providing increased protection from the elements and makes it easier for him to turn around. He'll find the slant roof a great spot for catching a few rays.

    Product Features

    • Raised floor to keep your pet dry.
    • Solid wood construction.
    • Assembles in three simple steps.
    • Slant-roof design.
    • Assembly only requires a screwdriver & pliers.
    • Off-center entrance provides increased shelter from the elements.
    • Cedar colored stain on solid fir wood.
    • Dimensions: Large 45.5" L x 33" W x 33" H
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  2. Rugged Ranch Large Dog House DGHSLG

    Rugged Ranch Large Dog House DGHSLG


    The Large Dog House is made from naturally pest and rot resistant solid fir and comes equipped with an easy lift roof for ease of cleaning. Constructed with high quality durability to house dogs up to 50 pounds. The Large Dog House will attach with ease to the Universal Welded Wire Pen via the pop-out panel. The Large Dog House can also be used as a stand alone unit or together with the Universal Welded Wire Pen.

    • Lift-up Roof 
    • Great addition to Universal Welded Wire Pen for puppies and small dogs 
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  3. Pathfinder Red

    Gen7Pets G7 Jogger Pet Stroller (G2360)


    Product Description:

    There's no limit to where you and your pet can travel in the G7 Jogger Pet Stroller brought to you by Gen7Pets. The G7 Jogger can hold a pet up to 75 pounds and boasts all of our Smart-Features. Whether you are walking, or jogging the G7 Jogger easily maneuvers over rough or smooth terrain. Keep you and your pet's accessories handy with the parent accessory tray and cup holder and the zippered Smart-Basket. And make sure your dog or cat is safe and comfortable, with the thick poly-filled pad, two interior adjustable tethers and fully enclosed pet area.

    The G7 Jogger Pet Stroller includes all of our exclusive Smart-Features. The Smart-Canopy folds up under the canopy hood (instead of into the pet compartment), giving your dog or cat more space. The Smart-Zippers come pre-zipped with two zippers that allow for zipping and unzipping from both sides just like with a suitcase. No more threading a zipper like you do with a jacket every time you use it. The Smart-Reach handle, compared to similarly-sized strollers, provides a greater amount of kick space for convenient walking at any pace. The Smart-Basket safely stores your belongings with a rear zipper for easy access. The Smart-Fold mechanism lets you easily fold the stroller right from a button on the handle. The Smart-Wheels are made of durable EVA foam that will never run flat and the front wheel has ball bearings for a very smooth glide.

    Don’t forget to get your Smart-Comfort pad, made with our simulated soft angora that is amazingly soft to the touch and easy to clean. Your pet will love the cozy softness. Model G2025SA (Pathfinder Red) or Model G2360TB (Trailblazer Blue) (25” x 13”) is a great fit.


    • Smart-Zippers
    • Smart-Canopy
    • Smart-Basket
    • Smart-Reach
    • Smart-Fold
    • Smart-Wheels

    Product Features:

    • Parent tray with 2 cup holders and a large accessory tray with lid
    • Front convertible wheel that swivels on smooth surfaces and can be fixed for rough surfaces
    • Shock absorbers for a smoother ride
    • Rear wheel single action brake bar for extra safety
    • Removable thick poly-filled pad
    • Flat fold for convenient storage
    • 2 interior adjustable tethers for multiple pet containment and safety.
    • NO tools required.


    • Maximum pet weight 75 lbs.
    • Interior Dimensions 26" long x 14" wide x 22" high
    • Stroller weight: 24 lbs.
    • Overall Dimensions:
    • Colors: Pathfinder Red (red) or Trailblazer Blue (blue)
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  4. New Age Pet Thermocore Insulated Canine Cabin ECOH605XL

    New Age Pet Thermocore Insulated Canine Cabin ECOH605XL


    The ThermoCore Super Insulated Dog Houses provide extreme insulation from hot and cold weather. Made with ecoFLEX, a material comprised of post consumer recycled polymers and wood fibers, these product are the first in the outdoor dog house category that are truly green. Combining the best characteristics of polymers and wood, ecoFLEX dog houses are resistant to pests, rot, weather and moisture.

    Constructed with double wall paneling, the ThermoCore insulation keeps harsh weather out and provides a mild climate while your dog is inside. 

    ecoFLEX is “all weather proof”: the material resists moisture and moisture related damage (rot, warping, splintering, cracking)! All ecoFLEX dog houses come with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty


    • Exterior 46.5"L x 32.3"W x 31.3" H
    • Interior 41.7" L x 25.8" W x 26.8"H
    • Door 18" x 14"


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  5. Ideal Pet Products 80" VPP Vinyl Pet Patio Door 80VPP

    Ideal Pet Products 80" VPP Vinyl Pet Patio Door 80VPP

    From: $209.97

    This door was designed with your Ideal Pet’s sense of adventure in mind. We made sure this model would fit your vinyl sliding patio door with no fuss and make your life easier.

    Product Features:

    • Fits most existing sliding door locks
    • Single Clear Vinyl Flap
    • Single Pane Tempered Glass
    • Fits openings from 76 3/4" - 78 1/2"


    • Medium: 7" x 11 1/4" flap size, recommended weight 13-35 lbs
    • XL: 10 1/2" x 15" flap size, recommended weight 36-90 lbs
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  6. Midwest Loro Pearl White Flight Cage 1705007005 1P

    Midwest Loro Pearl White Flight Cage 1705007005 1P

    Midwest Loro Pearl White Flight Cage will allow your bird the freedom to fly and get the exercise he wants which will lead to a much happier and healthier bird. Assembly is simple with the interlocking panels and no need for tools. Features: Stainless Steel Outside Access Food Cups Wood Perch Breeder Box Access Door Locking Bird Resistant Door Latches Interchangeable Slide-Out Pan and Floor Grate Levels Learn More
  7. Jewett-Cameron Lucky Dog 6HX5WX10L European Style Kennel Kit CL 65155

    Jewett-Cameron Lucky Dog 6HX5WX10L European Style Kennel Kit CL 65155


    Lucky Dog™ European Panel system is the best of the best when it comes to safe containment for your pet. The clean lines of the panels, no sharp edges and black powder coat finish are perfect for any setting. Lucky Dog European panels and gate are 5 ft. wide and 6 ft. high. Our 2-1/2 in. vertical upright spacing, may not be ideal for your smaller breed and/or puppy, however it is suitable for all other dog containment needs. This modular panel system allows you to customize your layout to suit your pet’s needs for comfort and space. Always ensure your pet is properly trained to enjoy their personal space, prior to use. 

    Product Features:

    • Black tube caps in top of frame
    •  29 3/4 inch wide gate opening
    • Stabilizer bar welded at 33 inches from bottom
    • Entire panel is welded with no fittings
    • Infill vertical tubing has 2 1/2 inch  spacing
    • No Sharp edges for animal safety
    • 1 1/2 inch Panel legs for cleaning


    • 6 Feet High
    • 5 Feet Wide
    • 10 Feet Long
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  8. Advantek "The Ranch House" Auburn Dog House 21866A

    Advantek "The Ranch House" Auburn Dog House 21866A


    Product Features:

    • Finely constructed with environmentally friendly insect-resistant and rot-resistant fir lumber
    • Weatherproof asphalt roof
    • Attractive auburn color compliments any home
    • Raised footing and naturally insulating fir construction keeps dog warm and dry
    • Ideal for a smaller dog up to 20 pounds
    • L: 42" x W: 21" x H: 24"
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  9. Midwest Critter Nation Double with Stand 162

    Midwest Critter Nation Double with Stand 162


    This habitat is idea for ferrets, chinchillas, hedgehogs, sugar gliders...or any of your other small critter friends. The Critter Nation Double is easy to put together and does not require any tools for assembly. The double doors allow owners to easily access the pets and clean. The Critter-Proof dual locking door latches that provides secure, easy one-handed operation.


    • Height Adjustable Shelves with Removable Plastic Insert for Easy Cleaning
    • Multiple Attaching Points 
for Accessories - Hammocks, Tubes, Toys...
    • Appropriately Angled Ramps 
Specifically Designed for the Pets Safety
    • 1/2" Horizontal Bar spacing allows your Critter to Easily Climb around their Critter Nation
    • Sturdy Square Tube Frame & Wire Construction 
for Maximum Critter Security
    • Platinum Gray Hammertone Finish 
Attractive & Durable - Blends Well with Any Décor
    • Easily Maneuverable Stand with Locking Caster that Raises Cage to Convenient Height & Provides Storage Area
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  10. Primetime Petz Contemporary Designer Gate 35"

    Primetime Petz Contemporary Designer Gate 35"


    Designer Gate Collection is an assortment of decorative freestanding wooden pet gates featuring the most sought after designs in home décor. Safely contain your pet and maintain the beauty of your home with the Contemporary Designer Gate 35” which features a trendy and elegant Greek-key pattern that will look right at home in any space. With three wide panels, capable of spanning narrow and wide areas up to 81.5 inches, this 35” tall gate keeps small and medium sized pets safely contained to an area of your choosing. Rubber pads on the bottom of the gate prevent sliding and keep floors safe from scratching. Support feet are included for increased stability and sturdiness. Finished in a gorgeous Walnut, this gate is lightweight for quick and easy relocation and folds down in seconds for simple, convenient storage. Add a stunning compliment to your home’s existing décor while safely containing your pet.

    Item dimensions: 81.5”L x 12.5”W x 35”H

    Product Features:

    • Three panel decorative pet gate
    • Spans openings up to 81.5”
    • Support feet included
    • Folds down for easy storage,
    • Lightweight for easy relocation
    • Rubber pads keep floors safe from scratching
    • Beautifully finished wood compliments any décor
    • Versatile hinge design lets owner customize pets roaming space
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