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Bear Arms Field Ammo Can Box ACGRN

Bear Arms Field Ammo Can Box ACGRN

Product Review (submitted on April 7, 2013):

purchased to store my bulk ammo & couldnt be happier.
the box will hold loose, 500 Rd 7.62x 39max, 620 5.56/223, 350 rd 7.62/308,there was minor defofmation of the lid of the 7.62x39 when carried by the handle & none on the 5.56 or 308. I could have loaded more 5.56 & 308 In the boxes but realy dont want to over load them. Boxed 5.56 in 20 rd boxes will fit 480 rds.
Pistol calibers loose 40sw 650, 9mm 750, 45acp 550,with no deformation of lids
for long term storage pistol (not to be carried by handle)
40sw 900rds, 9mm 1000rds, 45acp 850rds
12 gauge 2 3/4" 125 rds (loaded neatly)
50 bmg 50rds.
The price on rural king was more than 1/2 off amazon (4.98 vs 10.13) Way to go rural king !!!!!!!