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Bear Arms Field Ammo Can Box ACGRN

Bear Arms Field Ammo Can Box ACGRN

Product Review (submitted on June 12, 2014):

Product is good size for enough ammo for a day at the range. It looks good and not hockey. But, there are two flaws:

1) Gasket will not stay in place. Dab it with a substantial glue.
2) The box is light. Ammo is heavy. If you load it substantially full, you are going to use it past it's limits. If you load it within it's load capacity, it does great.

Your using it will determine by "feel" how much is too much.

That said, it will do OK about 5/8 full of loose ammo. And, that much ammo is a pretty good day of shooting for one gun. Bring a separate field box about 5/8 full of ammo for each type of gun and you will have a VERY busy day shooting...

The remainder of the room in the box can be for shooting glasses and ear protection... Have fun and --safe shooting!