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Country Road Rabbit Pellets 16% 50 lb. 5421

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Pricing Varies By Region. Please Contact Your Local Store for Pricing.

Country Road Rabbit Pellets 16% 50 lb. 5421

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Pricing Varies By Region. Please Contact Your Local Store for Pricing.

Specially designed mini-pellet for growing and breeding rabbits. A complete feed to provide a consistent diet to the rabbit and save you time and labor.

Product Features:

  • Added yeast culture to support a healthy gastrointestinal tract
  • Mini pellet to stimulate intake and provide a firm, cohesive pellet to help reduce dust and waste
  • Balanced protein, amino acids and vitamins
  • Yucca Schidigera Extract to help control manure odor
  • Highly palatable alfalfa base

Feeding Directions:

  • Feed by weight - not by volume
  • Weigh the feed in the container you will be using

Management Tips:

  • Pellets may be fed free choice (kept before the animal at all times) or hand fed (limited amounts). Feeding free choice is recommended for weaned bunnies and for does with litters to help save labor and encourage healthy growth.
  • Hand feeding is recommended for breeding animals, with amounts limited to keep the animals from becoming overweight. Monitor condition closely and adjust feed amounts accordingly.
  • If hand feeding, the number of feedings per day is a matter of preference. It is important to feed the animals the same number of times each day at nearly the same times of day.
  • Fresh, clean water and salt blocks or spools should be available at all times.

Guaranteed Analysis (Min/Max):

  • Crude Protein 16.00%
  • Crude Fat 2.50%
  • Crude Fiber 16.00% 17.50%
  • Calcium 1.00% 1.50%
  • Phosphorous 0.60%
  • Salt 1.00% 1.50%
  • Sodium 0.24% 0.40%
  • Vitamin A 4,000 IU/lb
SKU 4671287
Model 5421
Weight 50.0000
color No
size No
Width No
In Store Only No
Price $11.99
Rural King provides a defect or damage warranty within 30 days of receipt. All Manufacturing Return Policies Supersede Rural King's Return Policy.

Customer Reviews

rabbit food Review by Don

great food. i buy a bag a month. my rabbits love it., .no issues no off colored pellets. no dust . just pure pellets always smells so fresh.been buying for a few years. and no issues great feed , grows out young ones good.

(Posted on 12/29/2016)

Good product at a good price Review by Tresa Morris

I'm feeding over 100 rabbits every day, and have no issue with this feed (I feed about 300# a month). Grow-outs finish out on time every time, does are breeding every month and holding condition with no suplements, and my bucks look fantastic.

Never any issues with being able to get it, or with freshness.

(Posted on 8/30/2016)

Good Protein Boost for Goats as well... Review by SJoseph

One of my daughters had a rabbit and we fed these to it with great success.
Later, I was looking at the label and the ingredients, and thought how this would be good as a protein boost for my dairy goats that I was milking at the time.
They really liked it! And the milk quality and quantity improved as well.
Now I have meat goats and still use this as a ration along with sweet feed.

(Posted on 3/29/2016)

Good basic Feed at a great price Review by Jamie

I've been using this product for months now. I feel it is a good quality feed. My rabbits enjoy it and they are all very healthy. I have a rabbitry of around 35 rabbits and this is good food at the best price around.
I do also feed my rabbits hay and some fresh herbs and greens and veggies often for a balanced diet.

(Posted on 7/29/2015)

Not so great... Review by SOMEBODY

It may be low price but MY rabbits seem to enjoy Manna PRO select series rabbit pellets better.

(Posted on 3/13/2015)

So much food dust - not worth it. Review by Joanna

I was happy to come across this food as I like Rural King and buy my rabbits hay there. The price was great so I hoped for the best.
Well, I will definitely never buy again. Usually in the bottom of a large back of rabbit pellet food there is some food "dust" as I call it. With this pellet food the whole bag was so much this way. Every scoop there was a lot of food dust and it just created so much waste that wasn't eaten and collected in the food bowls. The rabbits liked the taste but not worth it. I will go back to Producers Pride. Same price but so much less waste.

(Posted on 2/7/2015)

Poor Quality Control Review by Brian

I have used this feed for some time with my herd. After noticing a few yellow and or pink pellets in the mix I started paying attention to each scoop. So many off colored pellets in these bags and no way of knowing exactly what my rabbits were eating led me to switch them to manna pro. No issues at all and overall pelts look better, kits are growing out better ect.

imho stay away from this brand, pay the extra dollar a bag and know you are getting a better product that doesn't have random who knows what kind of pellets mixed in.

(Posted on 7/26/2014)

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