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Record Rack Golden Nugget 40lb

Record Rack Golden Nugget 40lb

Product Review (submitted on August 31, 2013):

This stuff isn't worth the ink that was used to print the bag! I bought two bags to try out in a gravity fed feeder. I have had it out for over 3-weeks now with a trail cam over it and the deer don't want anything to do with it. They walk right up to it, smell it and physically turn their noses up and walk away from it! The raccoons doesn't even want it. This stuff is a scam and isn't nothing more than rabbit pellets. It is a total rip-off!!!!!! Before I put this out.....I have 9 different bucks and 3 does coming in on a regular basis, now only 1 buck and 1 doe. Going back to what works and I should have known better than to try this crap! I just hope it's not too late for me to get them to start coming back in before hunting season opens!