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Southland 18" Rear Tine Tiller 196cc SRTT196E

Southland 18" Rear Tine Tiller 196cc SRTT196E

Product Review (submitted on April 6, 2013):

this thing seems like a good deal. it has tons of shortcomings, but the most serious is that this is the first rear tine tiller I have ever owned that doesn't pull itself forward. I have used troy bilt and mantis and never was there any issue. this thing the wheels just turn and turn but it won't pull itself unless the depth is set so low that you just want to maybe aerate your lawn. also for those thinking it might still be a good can NOT move this without either being in gear with the tines SPINNING, or by manhandling the wheels on the axle. that's right folks the wheels are held on to the axle by a cotter pin and there is NO NEUTRAL. so the instructions tell you to pull the pin, slide the wheel in on the axle and then put the pin back in. yes you read that right, slide the wheel that is supporting the weight of the tiller, hope you have a good back. the handle is also not adjustable so when the tines bite in you need to lean down to compensate. terrible