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Spectra 7 way Canine Vaccine

Spectra 7 way Canine Vaccine

Product Review (submitted on July 16, 2012):

I gave my dogs the 7 way and within 1 hr my great dane/boxer mix's face was swollen, his eyes were nearly shut, his jowls were 4xs their size as well as his nose. Luckily I had benadryl on had and gave him two, he weighs 135 lbs. He has a reaction to the lepto in the 7 way. Apparently, great danes are allergic as my dogs brother's brain swelled and he died within a week. It is best to give the 5 way shot and no lepto. Would be nice if Rual King offtered the 5 way but at our store in Benton, Ill. the do not. Be very careful with the 7 way with lepto with certain dogs. I got blessed, but could have killed my dog from that. 3 of my other dogs a bloodhound, a chi chi and a mix shiztzu/lab were not affected!