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Sporting Goods

Sporting Goods

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  1. Coghlan's Dry Pouch 4" x 6" 1350

    Coghlan's Dry Pouch 4" x 6" 1350


    Coghlan’s Dry Pouch® keeps your valuables safe on the water! Great for camping, boating, kayaking, and more!

    • Hermetically seals out water with secure dual locking tabs
    • Touch screen sensitive plastic
    • Includes a neck strap and a carabiner for attachment.
    • Floats
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  2. Dead Down Wind e2 3D Broad Spectrum Body & Hair Soap 12 oz. 1211N

    Dead Down Wind e2 3D Broad Spectrum Body & Hair Soap 12 oz. 1211N


    Knock out body odor, residual or contact odors with cleansing power that helps prevent it from reforming. Our 3D Broad Spectrum Body & Hair Soap cleans, protects and keeps on working on the body's major scent areas even after the shower. Formulated for skin, hair and scalp with skin nourishing ingredients. Huntress Approved!

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  3. Rigid Industries Marine D-Series Dually Flood LED Light - Pair 60211

    Rigid Industries Marine D-Series Dually Flood LED Light - Pair 60211


    Big Power in a Small Package - The Rigid Industries D-Series LED Light is one of the most versatile lighting products on the market today. It produces extremely high output while consuming very little power. Its compact size and shape allow the D-Series LED Light to fit almost anywhere and be used for virtually any lighting application. The D-Series Duallys have gained steam in use as fog lights, scene lighting applications, as well as marine spreader lights.

    Marine Grade - The Marine Series products are given special attention due to the elements they will be exposed to in a marine environment. The aluminum housing receives a chromate conversion coating that acts as a corrosion inhibitor against elements such as salt. Rigid then gives the housing a high quality, UV-resistant powder coat finish. Rigid uses 316 marine-grade stainless steel hardware that receives a coating that's been tested for over 1,000 hrs of corrosion resistance. The mounting bracketry included with our marine products is also 316 stainless steel. This product does not include a wire harness or switch, due to the fact that most installations on marine equipment are custom and require smaller holes and unique components.

    Hybrid Optics - Rigid's patented Hybrid optics system is the most powerful, most efficient LED optics system on the market. Utilizing a combination of lens and reflector, the Hybrid optics system captures the maximum amount of light emitted from the LED and projects it exactly where you want it.

    20º Flood Pattern - The Flood version of the Hybrid optics system is a great option if you're looking for a good area light. While offering just over half the distance of the Spot version, the Flood provides twice the area coverage. The Flood is perfect for those looking for an area light at an affordable price.

    Quality Construction - Rigid's circuitry is designed in-house to be more powerful, be more efficient, and generate less heat. The durable aluminum housings feature custom, over-sized heat sinks which keep the temperature down and allow the LED's to run cooler and brighter. All Rigid Industries LED lights receive a high quality powder coat finish, a custom-molded rubber seal, and an unbreakable, scratch resistant lens. Rigid Industries LED lights are engineered to withstand whatever you, the road, or nature can throw at them.

    • Patented Hybrid Optics
    • 20° Flood Pattern
    • 50,000+ Hr LED Lifespan
    • Instant On / Off - No Warm Up
    • RoHS Compliant
    • Over / Under Voltage Protection
    • Cast Aluminum Housing
    • Durable Polycarbonate Lens
    • Integrated Thermal Managament
    • GORE® Pressure Equalizing Vent
    • Designed, Engineered & Assembled in the USA


    Watts 20
    Amp Draw 1.45
    LED's 4
    Raw Lumens  1568
    Lux @ 10m 174.2
    Beam Distance 264.0 m
    Peak Beam Intensity  17,422 cd
    Mount Type Surface
    Finish Color  White
    LED Color  White
    Optics Hybrid - Flood 
    Family D-Series
    Sold As Pair
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  4. Culprit Baits 7.5" Worm June Bug Fishing Lure (Multi-Pack) C720-48

    Culprit Baits 7.5" Worm June Bug Fishing Lure (Multi-Pack) C720-48


    A proven leader for more than two-and-a-half decades, the Original Culprit Worm has outperformed all others-continuing a tradition of catching more and bigger bass. Its "kicking" tail and unique color selections gives anglers the extra edge.

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  5. G5 Outdoors Montec 100 Grain 112

    G5 Outdoors Montec 100 Grain 112


    The Montec™ Broadhead’s foolproof design combines tough one-piece, 100% stainless steel construction specifically designed for hunting. Made with G5 patented MIM manufacturing MonoFlow™ technology for unsurpassed durability and penetration. This broadhead features strong multi-tapered blades, a cut-on-contact nose, and easy-to-sharpen edges. All G5 broadheads are 100% spin tested for maximum accuracy. With no components to assemble or replace, simply screw it on and shoot. This simple to use, high performance broadhead is what every hardcore hunter is looking for.


    • 100% Steel Tough
    • Cut on Contact Design
    • Diamond Cut Sharpness
    • Comes in 85, 100 & 125 grains
    • One-Piece construction
    • 100% Spin Tested
    • Pre-Season Models Available
    • 1” to 1 1/8” cutting diameter
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  6. Whitetail Institute Imperial No-Plow 9 LB

    Whitetail Institute Imperial No-Plow 9 LB


    Sometimes, the best spots for food plots can be the toughest places to maneuver heavy equipment. If you can get there by 4-wheeler or foot and the area gets 3 to 4 hours of sunlight a day, Imperial No-Plow can give you a hardy, fast-growing crop of highly nutritious and attractive forage. No-Plow is a high-protein annual that can provide up to 9 months of attraction and nutrition for optimal deer growth and antler development -- and preparation can be done with as little as hand tools.

    • Includes specially selected cereal grains, annual clovers, brassica, radish and lettuce
    • Highly attractive annual forage specifically designed for areas hard to access with farming equipment (logging roads, remote clearings, etc.)
    • Can be planted either in a fully prepared seedbed, or with minimal ground preparation sufficient to establish good seed-to-soil contact
    • EXTREMELY drought and cold tolerant
    • Establishes quickly and grows rapidly
    • Tolerates as little as only 3-4 hours of broken or filtered sunlight a day

    Imperial No-Plow can go where your tractor won't.

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  7. Kwik Tek Airhead Super Slice Towable AHSSL-1

    Kwik Tek Airhead Super Slice Towable AHSSL-1


    SUPER SLICE will take your breath away! AIRHEAD's high performance inflatable deck tube is an Airhead exclusive towable. It has an oversized topside neoprene body panel and 6 deluxe handles with neoprene knuckle guards. The 30-gauge virgin PVC bladder is fully encased by a rugged double-stitched nylon cover. SUPER SLICE is equipped with a heavy duty Kwik-Connect and Boston valve for the ultimate in convenience. It's tapered in back to only 6 inches, for easy boarding from the water.

    • Low profile deck tube
    • Tapered construction makes it easy to climb on from the water
    • Thick front and thinner back prevents “submarining"
    • Neoprene body pad
    • Heavy-Gauge PVC Bladder with RF welded seams
    • Double-Stitched Full Nylon Cover
    • Deluxe nylon handles with neoprene knuckle guard
    • Kwik-Connect tow point for fast hook-ups
    • Boston Valve for convenient inflating and deflating
    • Boarding Handle
    • 3 Rider capacity
    • 70 inch diameter (deflated size)
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  8. Kwik Tek Airhead Pongo Bongo Beverage Pong Table AHPB-1

    Kwik Tek Airhead Pongo Bongo Beverage Pong Table AHPB-1


    Beverage pong is a very popular game these days. There’s no better place to play on a hot day than in the water! PONGO BONGO is a floating inflatable game table equipped with 12 cup holders on each side. Kids love carnival games and will play PONGO BONGO for hours. Durable heavy gauge vinyl construction. Hang it from a ceiling in your game room or tether it to a moored boat or dock with the 4 molded rope holders welded to the sides. When you’re done playing, turn it over and use it as a pool float or air mattress. Ping pong balls included!

    • Inflatable beverage pong game table
    • 12 cup holders on each side
    • Kids love carnival games and will play PONGO BONGO for hours
    • Durable heavy gauge vinyl construction
    • Hang it from a ceiling or tether it to a dock with the 4 molded rope holders
    • Turn it over and use it as a pool float or air mattress
    • Speed Safety Valve for fast inflating and deflating
    • 2 Ping pong balls included
    • 88in. x. 40in. (Inflated Size)
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  9. Rapala Fire Tiger Countdown 3.5" Fishing Lure CD09FT

    Rapala Fire Tiger Countdown 3.5" Fishing Lure CD09FT


    Consistently reach suspended fish at any depth with the CountDown® method. The controlled depth technique was introduced to the world with this lure, and to this day is the standard by which all others are measured. Whether the fish are suspending at certain depths near the weed tops or on bottom structure, the CountDown can get you to them consistently. The CD01 size is specifically designed for smaller fish, such as Trout and Panfish.

    This lure is designed for depths of 6' - 10' Learn More
  10. Pro-Shot Silicone Cloth SILC

    Pro-Shot Silicone Cloth SILC


    Silicone Cloth 14" x 15" -210 Square Inches

    This Silicone cloth has become a shooters favorite, made of double napped 100% American cotton flannel and double treated with pure silicone.

    Removes fingerprints, potentially corrosive epidermal oils, polishes, and cleans. Packaged in a reclosable poly bag.

    After use place cloth back into reclosable poly bag to help cloth stay moist after use.

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