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Sporting Goods

Sporting Goods

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  1. Rigid Industries M-Series 50 in. Flood LED Light 850112

    Rigid Industries M-Series 50 in. Flood LED Light 850112


    The Ultimate in Marine LED Lighting - The Rigid Industries M-Series, like the iconic E-Series, sets the bar for the marine LED lighting industry through continuing advances in technology and superior engineering. Available in a wide range of lengths and configurations, Rigid's flagship is the light bar of choice for everything from professional fishing boats to ski boats to commercial vessels. These lights are also commonly used on snow plows and other vehicles that are exposed to road salt. The M-Series light bar is designed to project light at extreme distances while consuming very little power. It features an extruded aluminum housing and polycarbonate lens that is sealed against the elements for years of trouble-free operation.

    Watts 275
    Amp Draw 19.93
    LED's 100
    Raw Lumens 23000
    Lux @ 10m  832.0
    Beam Distance 576.9 m
    Peak Beam Intensity  83,200 cd
    Mount Type Surface
    Length 50 in.
    Finish Color White
    LED Color White
    Optics Hybrid - Flood 
    Family  M-Series

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  2. Daisy Model P-51 Slingshot 998151-506

    Daisy Model P-51 Slingshot 998151-506


    Product Description

    The sleek, molded pistol-grip handle of the P51 provides a strong, sure grip. Flexible wrist support steadies and improves aim. Durable, surgical-grade tubing and rugged release pouch delivers plenty of power. Shoots 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" steel or glass shot. Daisy’s PowerLine Slingshot Model P51 is appropriate for adults and those over 16 years of age under adult supervision

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  3. Evolved Habitats Throw And Gro No Till Forage 5 Lb 70505

    Evolved Habitats Throw And Gro No Till Forage 5 Lb 70505


    Create a personal food plot to attract and hold deer where you want to hunt. The plants in Throw & Gro No-Till Forage can be planted without discing so that you can plant in areas not accessible to heavy equipment.

    Coverage: 20 lbs plants 1 acre; 43,560 sq ft or 48 yards by 100 yards (approx 1 football field)

    Planting Times: Throw & Gro contains forage plant seeds that can be planted in the Spring and Fall.

    Seeds in Throw & Gro...

    Forage Tetraploid Ryegrass:
    Tetraploid rye-grass produces a higher quality forage with more protein and sugar content than any other ryegrass. We have selected only the best tetraploid ryegrass varieties so that you will have larger, more palatable plants that will continue to vigorously grow to provide a more nutritious food plot for your deer.

    Forage Clovers:
    The best of the fast growing forage clovers have been selected to give your herd a reliable source of nutrition. These annual clovers grow more quickly than other clovers and have the potential to grow well over 24” in height, providing your deer herd with tons of palatable forage. These forage clovers’ consistent high level of protein (up to 35%) and their mineral content make it a forage that deer both need and prefer.

    Forage Rape Brassica:
    The best yielding New Zealand forage rape brassica to deliver the highest levels of protein and mineral content of any annual forage available on the market today, providing up to 38% protein. This forage rape has been adapted to an extremely wide range of soils and weather conditions and will provide abundant large-leaf forage into the winter months. Average mature plant height is 24“ tall. Once mature, they begin fixing more sugars in their leaves and become a huge attractant to deer.

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  4. South Bend Co Black Fishing Snap Swivels Size-12 (7 Pack) BSS-12

    South Bend Co Black Fishing Snap Swivels Size-12 (7 Pack) BSS-12


    These fishing Swivels are a great tool for any angler. These swivels allow you to change lures or hook quickly without having to retie your line withe every lure causing extra line with changing out lures.

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  5. Tink's Red Fox Urine Cover Scent 4 Oz. W6245

    Tink's Red Fox Urine Cover Scent 4 Oz. W6245

    • A powerful cover scent to help cover human odor
    • Natural in most whitetail woods
    • Use on boot pads and drag rags to help cover your tracks
    • Easy to use pump spray
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  6. Kwik Tek Airhead Matrix V2 Double Rider Towable AHMX-V2

    Kwik Tek Airhead Matrix V2 Double Rider Towable AHMX-V2


    Get way up on edge with MATRIX! These U-shaped winged towables roll way up on edge when riders shift their weight. The wings also make them a joy to tow, they slide effortlessly across wakes. No expense was spared in MATRIX's state-of-the-art construction. They're thicker at the front to prevent submarining and thin at the back to make it easier to climb on from the water. The deluxe handles have neoprene knuckle guards. Two oversized neoprene pads are strategically located to protect knees and elbows. The durable 30 gauge RF welded PVC bladder is completely wrapped in double-stitched 840-denier nylon. A heavy-duty Kwik-Connect provides easy hook-ups and the Boston valve makes it easy and fast to deflate and inflate.

    • U-shaped winged towable
    • Thick front & thin back prevent submarining and make boarding easy
    • Heavy-Gauge PVC Bladder with RF welded seams
    • Double-Stitched Full Nylon Cover
    • Deluxe nylon handles with neoprene knuckle guards
    • Boston Valve for convenient inflating and deflating
    • Kwik-Connect tow point for fast hook-ups
    • 2 Rider capacity
    • 74 in. x 64 in. (deflated)
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  7. Pro-Shot .30 Cal. Rifle Bore Brush 30R

    Pro-Shot .30 Cal. Rifle Bore Brush 30R


    Pro-Shot Benchrest Bore Brush

    Brass Core and Bronze Bristles (Benchrest Type) Designed for competition shooters to withstand frequent use. Construction consists of a high quality brass core and coupling with bronze bristles. Pro-Shot’s Benchrest Quality Brush has been used for many years with several world records to its credit. This bore brush is exceptional for bore cleaning with superior cleaning ability and it will not harm the bore. All Pro-Shot Benchrest Bore Cleaning Brushes have a specific size for each caliber with each brush being oversized for extended life.

    American Standard #8-32 thread.

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  8. Coghlan's Multi-Grill Shaker Spice 0072

    Coghlan's Multi-Grill Shaker Spice 0072

    Regular Price: $4.99

    Special Price: $4.24

    Four popular herb and spice combinations for the grill, each with its own flip-top shaker lid. Combinations are recommended for Seafood, Steak or Chicken.

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  9. Rigid Industries Marine SR-M Flush Mount Spot LED Light 9622

    Rigid Industries Marine SR-M Flush Mount Spot LED Light 9622


    Marine Grade - The Marine Series products are given special attention due to the elements they will be exposed to in a marine environment. The aluminum housing receives a chromate conversion coating that acts as a corrosion inhibitor against elements such as salt. Rigid then gives the housing a high quality, UV-resistant powder coat finish. Rigid uses 316 marine-grade stainless steel hardware that receives a coating that's been tested for over 1,000 hrs of corrosion resistance. The mounting bracketry included with the marine products is also 316 stainless steel. This product does not include a wire harness or switch, due to the fact that most installations on marine equipment are custom and require smaller holes and unique components.

    SR-M (Single Row Mini) - The Rigid Industries SR-M LED Light is one of the most versatile lighting products on the market today. This compact LED light can be used for virtually any lighting application - from off-road to agriculture. The SR-M utilizes the same technology as the D-Series, but is half the size and incorporates half the number of LED's. The size and shape of the SR-M LED Light allows it to fit almost anywhere. Its cast aluminum housing and polycarbonate lens are sealed against the elements for years of trouble-free operation.

    Flush Mount - This particular model is specifically designed to be recessed into a truck bumper, a utility bed, the hull of a boat, or any application where you need the light to look clean and be out of the way. Once installed, the light is only 1/4" tall, which means you can have all the benefits of the surface mount lights in an OEM quality, flush installation.

    Hybrid Optics - Rigid's patented Hybrid optics system is the most powerful, most efficient LED optics system on the market. Utilizing a combination of lens and reflector, the Hybrid optics system captures the maximum amount of light emitted from the LED and projects it exactly where you want it.

    10º Spot Pattern - The Spot version of the Hybrid optics system projects light over great distances in a concentrated beam. It's the most powerful spot-style LED light in the industry. This light is perfect for high speeds or any situation where you need extreme distance. The Spot offers a wider beam with less waste than the competition while maintaining higher center intensity than any other system available.

    Spreader Light - Bright lights that are designed to cover a wide area. Used on many types of marine applications from Sail boat masts and off shore fishing boat towers to light up the fishing area or deck. Power boats, fishing boats and other boating platforms also use spreader lights are used to light up decks, underneath gunnels and anywhere you need to light up a large area. Similar to the power of a flood light, the spreader lights provide more of a “cloud” of light to help give you more coverage using less power.

    • Patented Hybrid Optics
    • 10° Spot Pattern
    • 50,000+ Hr LED Lifespan
    • Instant On / Off - No Warm Up
    • RoHS Compliant
    • Over / Under Voltage Protection
    • Cast Aluminum Housing
    • Durable Polycarbonate Lens
    • Integrated Thermal Managament
    • GORE® Pressure Equalizing Vent
    • Designed, Engineered & Assembled in the USA

    LED Colors Available:

    • Amber
    • White


    Watts 10
    Amp Draw 0.72
    LED's 2
    Raw Lumens 784
    Lux @ 10m 245.0
    Beam Distance 313.0 m
    Peak Beam Intensity  24,500 cd
    Mount Type Flush
    Finish Color White
    Optics Hybrid - Spot
    Family SR-M


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  10. Bestway Kids Series Snorkel Mask Set 24018

    Bestway Kids Series Snorkel Mask Set 24018


    Explore below with the Bestway Kids Series Snorkel Mask Set!

    Product Features:

    • Polycarbonate lens
    • Double feathered edge skirt for precision leak-resistant fit
    • Fully adjustable head strap
    • Soft, comfort-fit snorkel mouthpiece
    • Includes 1 mask and 1 snorkel
    • For ages 3-6 years



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