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Sporting Goods

Sporting Goods

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  1. MTech Aluminum Crossbow 6.25" Crossbow Bolts 12 Pack DX-A6

    MTech Aluminum Crossbow 6.25" Crossbow Bolts 12 Pack DX-A6


    MTech Aluminum Crossbow Bolts 12 Pc. 6.25" overall. Aluminum body crossbow bolts. Since these are heavier these are made for the 70 & 80lb models.

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  2. Big Game Stagger Step Single Tree Stand Step CR0101

    Big Game Stagger Step Single Tree Stand Step CR0101

    Regular Price: $14.99

    Special Price: $11.99

    Stagger-Steps are a packable ladder system that can be installed on uneven or slanted trees.

    Product Features:


    Lightweight and stackable design allows the user to transport ladder sections to and from the field with ease.


    1: 1" Cam-Buckle strap per section


    One step section


    • HEIGHT: 31" Tall per section
    • WIDTH: 9" Wide
    • WEIGHT: 4 Lbs. per section
    • WEIGHT RATING: 300 Lbs.
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  3. Carbon Express De-Cocking (Unloading) Bolt 55604

    Carbon Express De-Cocking (Unloading) Bolt 55604

    • Made from 100-Percent woven wrap layered glass
    • Built to withstand ground impact
    • Comes equipped with and ultra dense steel front end tip that keeps the arrow from burrowing into the ground
    • Includes moon and flat nock
    • It will discharge on all models of crossbows
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  4. Reliance Luggable Loo Seat Cover 9880-03

    Reliance Luggable Loo Seat Cover 9880-03


    Already have a pail? Need to replace the seat to your existing Luggable Loo? The Luggable Loo Seat & Cover fits any standard size 5gal./19L pail converting it into a portable toilet. The seat uses a simple snap-on feature to secure itself to the pail.

    • Length: 13.00 Width: 1.50 Height: 14.00
    • Weight: 1.10lbs
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  5. Tink's All Season Smokin' Sticks Deer Lure - 6 Pack W6105

    Tink's All Season Smokin' Sticks Deer Lure - 6 Pack W6105

    • Smokes for approximately 2 hours
    • Scent will stick to everything it comes in contact with
    • Each stick contains 10 different scents to attract deer
    • Contains 6 per pack
    • For best results use with Tink's Smoke Stack
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  6. Wildgame Apple Crush Mix 5lb Deer Attractant

    Wildgame Apple Crush Mix 5lb Deer Attractant


    Deer go wild for the sweet aromas and delicious taste of ripe juicy apples and now Wildgame Innovations is bringing the orchard to you in an easy to use and powerful deer attractant we call APPLE CRUSH!

    Hunters everywhere have experienced the renowned power of apples to draw deer in for decades. However, apples are difficult to find in the wild and most hunters don’t have fresh apples readily available for their hunting location. We’ve heard time and time again about the demand for a highly attractive supplement with REAL fresh apples and now have answered that calling.

    We take fresh all-natural ripe apples and slice ‘em, dry ‘em and CRUSH ‘em with an irresistible sweet mix of proteins and fats into the ultimate deer attractant. Whitetail will come from all over to seek out this tasty and nutritious treat that will bring out even the most cautious of bucks. Use this real apple power-powder on your next hunting trip and CRUSH that trophy buck you’ve been waiting for!


    Troughs/Feeders: To use Apple CRUSH™ in a trough, start by adding Apple CRUSH™ as an attractant/supplement and increase the amount to match their consumption. Apple CRUSH™ can be mixed with corn/grain mixes to increase the overall nutrition as well. Mix 5-10 lbs with up to 50 lbs of grain.

    Apple CRUSH™ will work in most automatic feeders as a feed topper. Start by adding Apple CRUSH™ to corn, soybeans, protein, or other grains by carefully stirring together to avoid any clogging as products disperse. However, we recommend ground strips/piles or troughs for optimal results.

    Ground Sites: Cut open bag and simply pour in thin strips that are 2-3 inches deep and 2-5 feet long in an area you would like to use for attracting/ feeding. Apple CRUSH™ can also be poured into a pile in your hunting area. As consumption increases, increase the amount poured each time.

    Apple CRUSH™ can also be poured and/or sprinkled out to drastically enhance any food plot as a food plot topper....just be sure to place it where you want ‘em to be! If Apple CRUSH™ gets wet it will crust over but will still be effective, as game will hoof the product up similar to a mineral site.

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  7. Velocity Archery Badger 6.5" Crossbow Bolts 6 pk PXB-6506

    Velocity Archery Badger 6.5" Crossbow Bolts 6 pk PXB-6506


    Don't let your stock of badger bolts run low! Sold in a 6 pk or 12 pk.


    • 6.5 inch
    • 145 grain
    • Aluminum

    Note: Use ONLY with Badger Pistol Crossbow.

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  8. Expedite Clip-on Doves - 4 Pack 81418-5

    Expedite Clip-on Doves - 4 Pack 81418-5


    Just clip these decoys around you in the trees, on fences, or wherever and start hunting! Heavy duty clip for secure mounting, realistic body detail and coloration makes these decoys appear authentic and really draws doves in. Comes four to a pack.

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  9. Grip Tools Survival Knife 46678

    Grip Tools Survival Knife 46678


    Everything needed to survive the outdoors while hunting, fishing, hiking, or camping.

    • Precision sharpened 8'' stainless steel blade with saw back.
    • Aluminum handle stores the survival kit that Includes:
    • Built-in compass
    • Sewing kit
    • Safety pins
    • Buttons
    • Fishing line with hook
    • 6 matches with paper
    • Includes lanyard and knife storage sheath,
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  10. Code Blue Grave Digger Whitetail Buck Urine 8 oz. OA1171

    Code Blue Grave Digger Whitetail Buck Urine 8 oz. OA1171


    Bucks are no different from humans when it comes to defending their homes from intruders. They sense another buck in the area and their immediate reaction is to check it out, size it up and make it move on. Grave Digger Buck Urine with Time Released Scent from Code Blue gives bucks a nudge in the right direction. Grave Digger Buck Urine is perfect for freshening an existing scrape or creating a mock scrape.

    Strong Attractant Delivers Results

    Its powerful, long-lasting scent – up to 30 days – will convince the trophy buck in your area that another buck is pushing into his turf. Naturally, he won’t appreciate that gesture and will start making all the signs for the intruder to stay away like scrapes and rubbing.

    Grave Digger hunting dirt contains the same powerful Code Blue scents used in the field. But it’s blended in the soil – designed to stay strong for up to 30 days, retain its scent when wet and resist moisture and freezing.

    Scent Delivers Benefits in the Field

    The long-lasting scent is a bonus to hunters; the scent’s staying power means fewer trips to your site – and that means less chance of spooking the deer with human odor. In fact, Grave Digger’s scent lasts up to 30 days and won’t wash away in wet conditions! Moisture actually forces the scent to the surface keeping the scrape active.

    Before you leave the woods, you might want to give the buck a nudge in the right direction, such as starting a scrape with the heel of your boot (free of human odor, of course, after you’ve used our EliminX line of scent eliminators) and mixing the buck hunting dirt inside. When your trophy starts to dig at the site, the smell will get stronger – the more they dig, the better it smells.

    You’ll come back to find that your trophy buck has dug a little deeper, scraped the branches a little more and been a bit more eager to spread his own scent around the trees in your area with his antlers, saliva and urine. And you might find that other deer have come to investigate the scent, leaving their own individual scent and scrapes.

    Using Buck Urine hunting dirt can help create the hot zone of activity that you want from your site. And it’s a good thing when bucks come to you, instead of you having to track them.

    Unique Blend Is Right for You

    Unlike other soils and scents, the attractant found in Code Blue’s hunting dirt comes from one deer. A blend might send the buck in the other direction, thinking he’s being crowded out. One scent means the buck thinks he’s dealing with just one foe. It might seem like a lot of trouble for one buck. But when using the right attractant means coming home with a trophy buck, you’ll be glad you chose Grave Digger Buck Urine buck hunting dirt.

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