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Shop for Hunting Equipment and Supplies. Everything from Deer Hunting Equipment to Duck Hunting Equipment.

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  1. Big Game Frenzy Trail Camera TV2100

    Big Game Frenzy Trail Camera TV2100


    Big Game’s new Frenzy Trail Camera is the essence of simplicity, with the features and modules of nothing less than top-of-the-line. A 5.0 MP resolution trail camera, The Frenzy delivers crisp, ultra-clear monochrome (by night) and full-color (by day) images. With a 50 foot flash range, this camera produces 30 frames per second video with 10, 30, or 60 second video lengths, as well as a burst of one, three, or five photos with a 10, 30, 60, or 300 second trigger delay; all videos and photos featuring time, date, temperature, and moon phase stamps.  The Frenzy Trail Camera runs on ten AA batteries, accepts up to a 32 GB SD card, and can be used in conjunction with the Eyecon Extenda-Life Battery Pack (all sold separately). Also included; a fully adjustable strap and deep bark-biters for a secure fit to any tree.

    Size 6” High x 3.5” Wide x 3” Deep
    Screen Size 1.7” High x 1.1” Wide x 2” Diagonal
    Color Black
    Construction Molded ABS with Non-Reflective Finish
    Detection Range 70'
    Daytime Image Quality 1.3MP – 5MP
    Nighttime Image Quality 1.3MP
    Infared Flash Yes
    Flash Range 50'
    Trigger Speed 1.2 Seconds
    Video 32 FPS
    Power 10 AA Batteries; Requires SD card (Up to 32 GB)
    LEDs 48
    Accessories Includes; (1) Adjustable strap and Deep Bark Biters
    Photo Features 10, 30, 60, or 300 Second Trigger Delay; 1, 3, or 5 Photo Burst; Time/Date/Temp./Moon Phase
    Video Features 10, 30, or 60 Seconds Video Length; Time/Date/Temp./Moon Phase
    Extra Features Adjustable camera head with laser sight; Backlit Screen; Optional Extenda-Life Battery; 1 Year Warranty
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  2. Morrell Bone Collector Double Duty Broadhead Target 135

    Morrell Bone Collector Double Duty Broadhead Target 135


    Morrell Bonecollector Double Duty 400 Broadhead Target. Designed for the crossbow and compound bow enthusiast! Made for broadheads only... stops bost fixed and mechanical broadheads from hard-hitting, high speeds up to 400 f.p.s.! Easy to remove too, though it's recommended that you soap your high-speed arrows.


    • Designed to Stop Speeds up to 400 FPS
    • Excellent for all Crossbows & Compound Bows
    • 100% Weatherproof
    • Stops both Fixed Blades & Mechanical Broadheads
    • Nucleus Center for Maximum Stopping Power
    • E-Z Tote Carrying Handle
    • Measures 18 x 18 x 16" 
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  3. Bulldog Targets RangeDog Archery Target w/ Outdoor Legs RDFPS

    Bulldog Targets RangeDog Archery Target w/ Outdoor Legs RDFPS


    The internals are the same as the legendary DogHouse targets but it has no target dots painted on it. It is designed for you to pin your one targets on it just like at the range.

    Replaceable faces are available for this target for $69.99. IF you ever wear it out simply staple on a new face and you're good for another 50,000 shots! This target is sold in three different models.

    OPTION 3 - Outdoor Legs. This option includes outdoor legs and all the hardware to set it up in under 3 minutes. The tie downs include length adjusters to make it simple to adjust the angle of the face and easy square it. At long distances you may even want it leaned back 10 - 15 degrees and with our adjustable system its a breeze! Dimensions: 36" x 36" x 12" - 50" Across, 65lbs

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  4. 5.11 Tactical 36" Shock Rifle Case 56219

    5.11 Tactical 36" Shock Rifle Case 56219


    Designed to protect your prized firearm without slowing you down, the 36&34; Shock Rifle Case provides professional protection in a highly mobile frame. A ruggedized 600D polyester outer shell repels moisture and abrasions, while a fully padded 300D polyester interior keeps your firearm safe and dry. The adjustable shoulder strap can be converted to backpack carry mode in seconds, while internal rifle retention straps and locking zippers keep the main compartment snug and secure. Additional features include an ID window and WriteBar™ for easy identification and overt 5.11 branding throughout.


    • Lightweight, professional, affordable
    • Highly mobile design
    • Fully padded interior
    • Integrated rifle retention straps
    • Locking main compartment zippers


    • Holds one 36&34; rifle
    • 600D polyester exterior
    • 300D padded polyester interior
    • ID window and WriteBar for easy ID
    • Overt 5.11 branding
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  5. Razor Hybrid Crossover Workout Exercise System

    Razor Hybrid Crossover Workout Exercise System


    Razor Hybrid Crossover

    • Revolutionary Razor Hybrid is an all-in-one system made for use at home, during travel, or in the gym
    • Professional grade rotating shaft with the ability to lock into four isolated strength training positions puts it into a class of its own
    • Attachment yolk for bands or a cable systems
    • 2 industrial strength wheels with rubber tread for traction
    • THREE YEAR Limited Warranty! 
    • User Manual

    Second Chance Lifestyle Workout DVD

    • Instructional DVD with Ben Booker as your personal trainer!
    • Build your best core ever while targeting specific muscle groups with this Core Strengthening workout DVD
    • This includes moves for the beginner, all the way up to the fitness professional

    Resistance Bands

    • 4 resistance bands* with various strength levels
    • 2 foot straps with attachment points for leg sculpting
    • A door stop and 2 handles with attachmet points

    Workout Log

    • The Full 12 week Program and daily training guide with 2 separate beginner and advanced programs all in one easy to follow Guide
    • Track your progress and keep your results on target
    • Learn Ben Booker’s Four F’s To Better Training – and a Better You: Flexibility, Form, Focus and Failure!

    Nutrition Guide

    • Complete Nutrition Guide with recipes and fitness tips on how to begin your Second Chance Lifestyle
    • Find out Ben’s 21 Habits in 21 Days for lasting success
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  6. Bear Archery Attitude Compound Bow Package 29/70 RTH

    Bear Archery Attitude Compound Bow Package 29/70 RTH


    The Attitude delivers speed, accuracy and impact with style and value only Bear could create. The efficient, smooth-shooting single cam system, matched to Bear Flared Quad Limbs, launches arrows at up to 310 fps. Offset string suppressors eliminate noise and vibration. The nimble 31-inch axle to axle length makes it light, agile and well-balanced. As either a stand-alone bow or a fully equipped, ready to hunt package, the Attitude offers fully satisfying performance at half the price you’d expect.


    • Bear flared quad limbs
    • Tight, high-precision limb pockets
    • Advance grip design eliminates hand torque for enhanced accuracy
    • Offset string suppression
    • Smooth Single EZ3 Cam system with rotating module
    • Adjustable draw in 1/2-inch increments
    Speed (IBO) 310 FPS
    Weight 3.7 LBS
    Brace Height 7 1/4"
    Axle to Axle 31"
    Peak Draw Weight 50 lbs/60 lbs/70 lbs
    Draw Length Range 25" - 32"
    Let-Off 80%
    Strings/Cables Bear Contra-Band HP
    Cable Slide Slide
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  7. Caldwell Matrix #101600

    Caldwell Matrix #101600

    The one rest that does it all.
    • Ulta rigid 2-piece sliding frame adjusts to fit any gun
    • Innovative new spring loaded elevation system allows for fast one handed, no wobble adjustment
    • Open central channel accomodates detachable magazines and lever action guns
    • Convenient storage compartment lid doubles as a handgun base

    The highly versatile Matrix combines great new features and rock solid stability in an affordable rest. Central tot eh design is the innovative, ultra rigid U-channel frame, quickly adjusting in length for the perfect fit with any gun while remaining perfectly stable. The two piece sliding frame incorporates an open central channel with plenty of clearance for hi-capacity detachable magazines (AR style guns) as well as lever action guns. A convenient storage area incorporated into the front of the base features a removable lid that adds additional clearance when detached but also doubles as a rubberized rear support surface for firing handguns when left in place.

    Another key feature is the all new innovative front elevation system. A spring loaded tension mechanism and height adjustment knob allow for fast, one handed elevation adjustments, keeping the front cradle wobble free throughout the entire vertical range. Overmolded front and rear supports protect the guns finish but are firm enough to prevent any give or play.

    Shooters will also enjoy the versatility of converting the Matrix into a compact front rest be removing the rear portion of the frame. Weather used a s a front rest or as a full length rest the Matrix provides stability that will deliver maximum accuracy potential.

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  8. CPI Designs Economy Dog Box Large Double Door, No Floor, With Divider EDBLGDDNF

    CPI Designs Economy Dog Box Large Double Door, No Floor, With Divider EDBLGDDNF


    Beagle and Bird Dog Boxes are made of all aluminum construction. Unlike our competitors, our dog boxes are made starting with a strong aluminum framework of 1" x 1.5" aluminum with open bar spacing on the front and sides. We then add .063 thick diamond plate to finish the top and close the back. The center divider is made from textured aluminum on a welded frame. The door latches are designed so that you can add your own padlock to keep your dogs safe.

    This dog box will fit full size trucks, most small pickup trucks, SUV's, and some ATV's.

    • Outside Dimensions: 48" wide x 48" deep x 24" tall
    • Double Door
    • No Floor
    • With Divider
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  9. Morrell Vital Signs Double Duty Fieldpoint Target 137

    Morrell Vital Signs Double Duty Fieldpoint Target 137


    Product Features:

    • Designed to stop speeds up to 400 FPS
    • 2 Year Warranty
    • Patented Nucleus Center for unmatched durability
    • 100% Weatherproof
    • E-Z Tote Carrying Handle
    • X-Tended Life Target
    • IFS (Internal Frame System) Technology
    • Easy Arrow Removal
    • Free Standing, No need for a stand
    • 94 Layers of Arrow Stopping Power
    • Shoot all four sides (Bull's-Eyes, Deer, Turkey & Bear)
    • Dimensions: 19" x 19" x 19"
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  10. OMP Adventure 2.0 Takedown Recurve Bow 54" OMPAD54

    OMP Adventure 2.0 Takedown Recurve Bow 54" OMPAD54


    Constructed from Ash, and featuring Hard Maple white fiberglass limbs, the Adventure 2.0 comes equipped with sight, stabilizer and plunger bushings installed. It is the ideal bow for backyard shooting, schools, clubs, camp programs and J.O.A.D. The Adventure 2.0 features heavy duty, aluminum limb pockets to ensure a secure fit.

    • Ideal for most archers from ages 7 - 12
    • Suggested Brace Height 6 1/2-7".
    • Dacron string included.
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