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  1. Velocity Archery Lionheart Black Compound Crossbow XB-300BRTS

    Velocity Archery Lionheart Black Compound Crossbow XB-300BRTS


    The all-new Lionheart features fiberglass limbs, a machined aluminum rail for accuracy, a 11.5 in. power stroke, and a composite stock for weight reduction. Reaching speeds up to 310 FPS, this unit packs plenty of punch for first-time hunters and veterans of the field. Each package includes: 6-Bolt Quiver, Four Bolts, Cocking Rope with Roller Assist, Padded Sling, Premium 3-Dot Red Dot Scope, Textured Power Grips, and a Patented Dry Fire Inhibitor.

    • Color: Black
    • Made in the USA
    • IBO Speed (FPS): 310
    • Length: 36.5 Inches
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  2. Southern Outdoor Technologies Sportsman's Condo 2 Person Hunting Blind SCSC2

    Southern Outdoor Technologies Sportsman's Condo 2 Person Hunting Blind SCSC2


    The SC-2 is Southern Outdoor's most popular model. This two-person unit encompasses all the features of the original SC-1 but allows you to share your hunting experience with friends and family.

    Moreover, it provides a safe and secure area from which to introduce your son or daughter to our storied hunting heritage.

    • Dimensions: 78” H x 48” W x 72” L
    • Weight: 306 lbs. (with optional base)
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  3. Great Day Inc. Load-A-Pup Platform Heavy Duty LP500HD

    Great Day Inc. Load-A-Pup Platform Heavy Duty LP500HD


    Here’s the safest, most effective way ever to get your “Huntin’ Dog” in and out of the boat when retrieving. The Load-A-Pup HD attaches to the transom or side of any hunting boat and adjusts to the perfect level to allow your dog to exit and enter with ease. The Load-A-Pup’s platform can be positioned at water level to eliminate the “boat-rocking” problems common to other systems.

    The Load-A-Pup is constructed of aircraft aluminum and weighs only 7 lbs. With use of super-strong aircraft suspension cables, it will handle any size dog. It folds completely flat and compact for easy storage when not in use. The 14” X 20” platform is the perfect size for the job and is designed with gripping ridges to provide sure-footing and protection from injury to the dog’s feet. The Load-A-Pup comes with a super-tough powder-coating in earth-tone gray for perfect concealment.

    Hook up a Load-A-Pup HD and make your next duck hunt pleasant for you and your water-dog!

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  4. Bulldog Targets Doghouse FF Archery Target DHFF

    Bulldog Targets Doghouse FF Archery Target DHFF


    This new breed of archery target has the same flat face as the Range Dog but with the compact dimensions & X-tra Penetration features of the Doghouse XP. How many times have you wanted to pin a target on one of those "Bag" targets and it just falls right off! It's easy to pin your target on the FF. This archery target is great for practicing on your FITA/Vegas target that you will be shooting at in the tournaments.

    Dimensions: 24" x 24" x 12" - 33" Across, 32lbs

    Lifetime Warranty Archery Target

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  5. Morrell Baseball Fieldpoint Target 920

    Morrell Baseball Fieldpoint Target 920


    Product Features:

    • For Adult & Youth Bows
    • IFS (Internal Frame System) Technology
    • X-Tended Life Target
    • 100% Weatherproof
    • 24 Layers of Arrow Stopping Power
    • Baseball Game on one side & Bull's-Eyes on the other
    • Dimensions: 28" x 12" x 28"
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  6. Robinson Outdoors Youth Tree Spider Micro Harness TSMHY

    Robinson Outdoors Youth Tree Spider Micro Harness TSMHY


    Product Features:

    • Lightly padded and flexible for added comfort and ease of movement
    • Easily adjustable shoulder straps ensure correct fit and extra comfort
    • Lightweight padded belt
    • Vertical Climbing Loops
    • Tree Spider® Leg buckles these buckles are quick connecting
    • Small
    • Lightweight
    • Rated at 4000lbs
    • New youth fit with youthful orange accents


    • 1 carabineer
    • 1 tree strap
    • 1 suspension relief strap
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  7. Convergent Hunting Bullet HP Bluetooth Electronic Game Call BHP-4000

    Convergent Hunting Bullet HP Bluetooth Electronic Game Call BHP-4000


    The Convergent Hunting Bullet HP Electronic Game Call was designed to be very rugged, plenty loud, exceptionally clear, and easy to use in conjunction with the Convergent Hunting Solutions Companion Mobile Applications.

    The Bullet HP has a working range of over 200 ft. (6 times the distance of standard Bluetooth). It uses internal lithium ion batteries which will last all day and are rechargeable so there is no need to ever purchase batteries. It has a built-in decoy controllable via the app. The decoy features dual directional, erratic movement that has proven very effective in triggering responses from even the most suspicious predators.

    Simply pair the Bullet HP with any Convergent Hunting Solutions mobile app running on your Android or Apple iOS device and you’re ready to hunt.
    Electronic calls have been around for a long time, but this is the first that takes full advantage of the latest technology and puts it all into a rugged, compact package that’s easy to carry and use.

    When closed, the unit is nearly impervious to the elements. Simply twist to open the call into its working state, to reveal the controls and decoy/ground stake storage area. The ground stake threads easily into the bottom, the magnetic decoy attachment drops onto the top, pair with your iOS or Android mobile device and you are hunting with the most technologically advanced game call on the market in just a matter of seconds.

    When you’re done hunting, the Bullet HP packs back up just as easily as it was set-up, by removing the ground stake, pulling the decoy and stowing both inside the call. Power-down, twist the call and push it back together into it’s weatherproof state, and you’re ready to hit the next stand.

    Convergent Hunting’s Mobile Apps are designed to work in conjunction with the “Bullet HP” (special purpose Bluetooth controlled speaker/decoy). Together, the Convergent Hunting apps and Convergent Bullet HP, combine the latest in technology to provide you with a complete calling platform that is unique, versatile, all wrapped-up in a high performance package. All sounds packaged in Convergent Hunting’s Mobile Calling Apps have been recorded in High Definition and are digitally mastered to provide you with sounds that will elicit responses from even the most wary animals.

    The apps are designed to be easy-to-use and powerful with expansion options so that you can continue to grow your sound library with the latest and greatest sounds as they become available.

    Large buttons for sound playback and decoy control make using the apps in the field very easy. 4 programmable preset call buttons allow you to keep your four favorite sounds “front and center” for quick use.

    A decoy button lets you easily control the Bullet HP’s decoy motor to further entice game into close range. Standard volume control and playback interface keep things simple and easy to use. Hunting hi-tech has never been so easy, or powerful! Search for the Convergent apps on Apple’s iTunes App Store or GooglePlay for Android devices.

    Product Features:

    • The “Convergent Hunting Bullet HP” utilizes an enhanced-range Bluetooth communication module. Couple this with an Off-PCB internal antenna (located in the cap of the product) and you get a greater range of communication between the call and your mobile device. The antenna is oriented for optimal communication from the REAR of the product. Approx. range is ~200ft (depending on terrain & conditions).
    • A powerful 10W audio amplifier drives a pair of powerful, highly water resistant speakers that develop a high fidelity sound intensity of over 100 decibels giving you plenty of power for long-range calling. In comparison, a typical Bluetooth speaker is approx. 80 decibels.
    • Rock solid Hermetic electronics enclosure construction with tongue-and-groove interlocking parts that is IP64 rated gives you a rugged product built to last and perform.
    • Internal, High-capacity Lithium-Ion battery pack provide 10 hours of continuous run time. This means you will never have buy batteries.
    • Smart charge is controlled via USB mini power port. Rapid charge (4 hours) when charging via external charger (included).
    • Pulse-Width Modulated (PWM) motor control for full RPM and dual-directional control of the decoy.
    • Magnetically coupled decoy socket for “blind” insertion. Easily set-up and take-down in the dark, or even while wearing gloves or mittens.
    • Sealed silicone rubber keypad with an easy to use, simple interface.
    • On/Off switch and Blue tooth pairing button with status LEDs.
    • Amplified 10W Audio output for connecting external speaker.
    • Easy-to-deploy slide mechanism with ¼ turn locking gets you up and calling fast.
    • Threaded stainless steel stake.
    • Extends to 20” tall (top of decoy) when in deployed position.
    • Flexible decoy stem creates “whiplash” effect to enhance decoy profile
    • Internal storage for decoy and stake.
    • Ultra-quiet, high torque motor.
    • Made of highly durable polycarbonate plastic with re-inforced speaker grill area for maximum impact resistance. UV treated to withstand exposure to the sun.
    • FCC Compliant.
    • UL-Approved external charger, Energy Efficiency Level V, meets California requirements.
    • Maximized internal cavity shape for improved sound porting and frequency response resulting in the very best sound quality being emitted from this game call.
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  8. LEM 12 lb. 12 3/4 HP Electric Grinder W780

    LEM 12 lb. 12 3/4 HP Electric Grinder W780



    • Grinds approximately 360 lb. of meat per hour
    • 110V motor with permanent lubrication and built-in circuit breaker
    • All-metal gears with roller bearings
    • Stainless-steel head, auger and motor housing


    • LEM #12 3/4 HP Electric Grinder
    • Meat stomper
    • Stainless-steel knife
    • Stainless-steel stuffing plate Stainless-steel stuffing plate
    • 3/16" stainless-steel fine plate
    • 3/8" stainless-steel coarse plate
    • 3/8", 3/4" and 1-1/4" stuffing tubes
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  9. Bulldog Targets Pug Archery Target DHTT

    Bulldog Targets Pug Archery Target DHTT


    Sometimes you just don't want to lug that big 24" target around the hunting camp. The Bulldog PUG archery target is the solution. Measuring 19" x 16" x 10"

    • The PUG is the ideal target for around the hunting camp!
    • Small but TOUGH
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  10. Morrell Vital Signs Combo Target 360

    Morrell Vital Signs Combo Target 360


    Product Features:

    • Stops Field Points, Fixed Blades & Mechanical Broadheads
    • Shoot all Six Sides for Maximum Life
    • Life Size Vitals
    • 2 Sides Whitetail, 1 Side Bear, 1 Side Turkey, and 2 Sides Bulleyes
    • Flex Back Self Healing Foam
    • Easy Arrow Removal
    • Dimensions: 18" x 18" x 18"
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