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Outdoor Sports

Outdoor Sports

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  1. Lifetime 54" Adjustable Basketball Hoop with Glass Backboard 90179

    Lifetime 54" Adjustable Basketball Hoop with Glass Backboard 90179


    The Mammoth basketball hoop is Lifetime Product's top-of-the-line basketball system. It is designed with all the best innovative features, top-quality materials, and super heavy-duty construction. Covered by a lifetime limited factory warranty in US and Canada (backboard not covered).

    Basketball Backboard

    The Mammoth's 54" steel backboard and tempered glass surface gives this system the professional look and provides the ultimate in rebounding performance.

    Basketball Extension Arms

    Colossal steel extension arms provide superior backboard support and a generous 35" span from the front of the pole to the backboard to create plenty of playing room beneath the basket.

    Basketball Rim

    The high-performance Spring-Flex™ rim features a continuous net hook wire, securing the heavy-duty all-weather nylon net to the rim with minimal intrusion. Double-compression springs allow the rim to spring back from a slam dunk.

    Basketball Adjustment Mechanism

    The Mammoth Pump™ features a revolutionary pneumatic height adjustment mechanism which allows for effortless one-hand adjustment of the backboard from 7.5 to 10 ft simply by pulling a handle.

    Basketball Anchor Plate

    The unique bolt-down design of our Mammoth systems uses an anchor plate and 4 J-hooks that are cemented down in the ground. The bottom of the basketball pole is then bolted down on top of the J-hooks. The bolts are inserted into slots, rather than holes, to allow for precision adjustments in straightening the pole. This bolt-down design allows for excellent rigidity and precision leveling, as well as later removal of the system if necessary.

    Model: 90179
    Steel Frame Backboard: 54 in. x 36 in. x 2 in. Powder-Coated Steel Frame with Clear Playing Surface
    Pro Glass Playing Surface: 10mm Tempered Glass with Fade-Resistant Graphics
    Spring-Flex™ Rim: 18 in. Rim Made of 5/8 in. Solid Steel with Wrap-Around Steel Brace - 160g Net
    Backboard Height Adjustment: Mammoth Pump™ Adjust Mechanism Allows Triggerless Height Adjustment from 7.5 ft - 10 ft in Infinite Increments
    Extension Arms: 35 in. Offset from Backboard Playing Surface to the Pole
    Pole: 11 gauge 5 in. Square One-Piece (Bolt-Down) 5 in. x 5 in. Square Powder-Coated Steel
    Warranty: Lifetime Limited Factory Warranty in US and Canada
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  2. Disney Frozen Slope Racer Sled 64-7270

    Disney Frozen Slope Racer Sled 64-7270


    Product Features:

    • Disney Frozen Slope Racer Sled
    • This durable molded plastic piece with grooved seat for sitting, molded-in-one "D" shaped handle for gripping as you slip and slide down a snowy slope
    • Each has a colorful scene from the Disney Frozen movie
    • Great for hours of hill-riding fun


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  3. Wiffle Ball and Bat

    Wiffle Ball and Bat


    Product Description

    Comes with 1 Wiffle ball and 32" bat

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  4. Pelican Kid's Storm Snowboard SAI110PTB05

    Pelican Kid's Storm Snowboard SAI110PTB05


    Wicked design shows what’s possible with this 45-inch board equipped with adjustable toe bindings.

    Product Features:

    • Freestyle design
    • Adjustable toe bindings
    • In-mold graphic design
    • Dimensions: 44.875" L x 9.75" W x 3.85" H
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  5. Pelican Baby Sled LEI33PA06

    Pelican Baby Sled LEI33PA06


    The molded design positions your baby upright and buckled in for the entire ride around the block.

    Product Features:

    • Ergonomic seat
    • High backrest
    • Safety harness
    • Pull rope
    • Injection molded
    • For ages 0-24 months
    • Dimensions: 31" x 18.5" x 10.25"
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  6. Pelican Snow Glider Sled LBT48PC12

    Pelican Snow Glider Sled LBT48PC12


    Simplicity for two or three riders, economical, and versatile.

    Product Features:

    • Thermoformed
    • 4 molded handgrips
    • Non-skid footrests
    • Large capacity
    • Dimensions: 47.75" L x 22.5" W x 4.75" H
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  7. Daisy Slingshot Model B52 998152-442

    Daisy Slingshot Model B52 998152-442


    The B52 provides all the support you need for extra power and accuracy. Features molded sure-grip handle and solid steel frame with extra-wide fork. Flexible wrist support provides steady, stable support, then folds away for compact storage. Surgical-grade tubing and rugged release pouch. Shoots 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" steel or glass shot.

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  8. Pure Fitness 40 Lb. Weighted Vest 8634WV

    Pure Fitness 40 Lb. Weighted Vest 8634WV


    Weighted vests have become popular tools to help lose weight, build endurance, gain muscle strength and improve cardiovascular conditioning more efficiently. Designed for optimum comfort, the Pure Fitness® Weighted Vest is perfect for adding resistance to your workout, whether it be for aerobics, sports conditioning, or training for military, fire-rescue or law enforcement.

    Our 40lb. Weighted Vests features 43 sand-filled weights (.88 lbs/.4 kg each) that are easy to insert or remove, and conform to your body contours.  Our 20lb. Weighted Vest features 16 sand filled weights (1.15lbs / .05kg each).   Both vests are designed with  fully adjustable closures to fit most adults, and features reflective trim for safer running or jogging at night.

    Product Specs: • vest size: 15.75” x 11” x 4.3” (40cm x 27.9cm x 10.9cm) • weight capacity: 40 lbs. (18.14 kg)

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  9. Daisy Model 10 BB Gun 992010-403

    Daisy Model 10 BB Gun 992010-403


    With stained solid wood forearm and stock, steel barrel and forearm band, this gun is a 400-shot lever action BB repeater and, yes, it has the leather thong and saddle ring.


    • ACTION: lever-cocking, spring air
    • SIGHTS: blade and ramp front, adjustable open rear
    • SAFETY: trigger block
    • MAX. MUZZLE VELOCITY: 350 fps
    • OVERALL LENGTH: 29.8
    • CALIBER: .177 cal. (4.5mm) BB
    • STOCK/FOREARM/GRIP: stained solid wood stock and forearm
    • BARREL: smooth bore steel
    • MAX. SHOOTING DISTANCE: 193 yards
    • CAPACITY: 400 shot
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  10. Lifetime 44" Portable Poolside Basketball Hoop 1301

    Lifetime 44" Portable Poolside Basketball Hoop 1301


    Summer fun doesn’t get any better than a basketball hoop for a swimming pool! This basketball hoop for a swimming pool can easily adjust to six different heights between 4ft and 6.5ft using a telescoping height adjustment feature. Lifetime’s basketball hoop for pools has a portable base which is filled with sand or water for stability.

    No concrete installation required. Water is easier to manage as far as filling, moving, and draining the base. Sand provides more rigidity and is more suitable if you want your system to withstand higher winds, aggressive play, and leaking.

    Lifetime’s basketball hoop for pools is made of our patented high-impact polyethylene (HDPE) plastic and powder-coated rust resistant finish. Take the fun of swimming to the next level with our Lifetime basketball hoop for a swimming pool. Major components made in the USA. Full assembly required.

    Covered by a 5 yr. limited factory warranty in US and Canada.

    Model Number 1301
    Type Portable 27 gal. (102 liters) roller base
    Footprint Dimensions 43 in. (1 m) x 30 in. (76 cm)
    Backboard Playing Surface 44 in. Impactt® of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic with frame pad and fade-resistant graphics
    Rim Blue 18 in. (45.7 cm) Classic Rim of 5/8 in. (1.5 cm) solid steel with 1/2 in. (1 cm) steel braces and 1.7 oz. (50g) all-weather
    Height Adjustment Telescoping adjustment from 4 ft to 6.5 ft. (1 m to 2 m) in infinite increments
    Pole 2 pc. Blue 3 in. (7.6 cm) round powder-coated steel pole
    Weight of the System 52 lbs. (23.5 kg)
    Warranty  5 yr. Limited Factory Warranty

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